Yocan Magic Stick: Black - Electric Nectar Collector

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  • Yocan Magic Stick: Black - Electric Nectar Collector
  • Yocan Magic Stick: Black - Electric Nectar Collector
  • Yocan Magic Stick: Black - Electric Nectar Collector
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Yocan Magic Stick Electric Nectar Collector 

The Yocan Magic Stick Electric Nectar Collector looks comparable to the Yocan Loki, however it is more compact in size and it features an upgraded easy to clean glass mouth piece!

The inside design of the Yocan Magic Stick Electric Nectar Collectors, much like the Yocan Lokiactually has dual air paths running along the left and right side of the device. The Dual Air Path allows for more air to flow freely through the device giving you those larger more pronounced clouds you may be looking for. 

As previously seen on the Loki and the Falcon Mini, the Magic Stick comes equipped with the newly redesigned XTAL Tips, these tips are made up of a crushed quartz heating tip, ceramic housing, and a gold plated stainless steel coil base. Besides the XTAL Tips newer lush look, Yocan has now embedded the heating element so that your waxy concentrates never come into contact with any hot metals. When your wax touches exposed hot wires your wax tends to burn more than vaporize, resulting in harsh, less flavorful dabs. This shows us that Yocan is taking a step in the right direction and deterring from their older style coils like the Dual Quartz Rod Coils that were once so popular. The new Tips also feature 5 airflow holes around the firing pin, in addition to the Dual Air Path, the extra airflow holes help to balance out your hits, and a larger quartz tip for a wider surface area to vaporize more concentrates at one time.

The Yocan Magic Stick operates on two modes, one automatic and one manual. The automatic mode also called the "Session Mode", is where you would double click the button to preheat your tip, which then follows a 15 second hold. This hold, keeps the temperature of the coil the same for seconds at a time allowing you to take continuous dabs for 15 seconds while the coil tip remains hot. The manual mode, known as "On-Demand Mode" is where you would press the button wait for the tip to get hot, then dip the tip into your concentrates. On-Demand Mode is simple, however it is especially useful for those quick on the go dabs.

There are three preset temperature settings on the Magic Stick, which is standard for electric nectar collectors of this size. You would want to use the lower temps for more flavorful dabs and the higher temp for those more full, massive rips. It also has 400mAh battery with USB-C charging capabilities, charging your device in under an hour. The Magic Stick also comes with a Tip Cap to protect your XTAL coil from getting any debris inside of it, potentially damaging it prematurely while you are on the go. Just throw the super portable and compact Yocan Magic Stick in your pocket and you're good to go!


  • Battery: 400mAh
  • Height: 5.1 Inches
  • Charging Type: USB-C
  • Material: Aluminum Alloy and Zinc Alloy
  • Crushed Quartz XTAL Tip
  • 510 Thread Connection


  • Two Operating Modes
    • Manual - Press Button and Dip Coil
    • Automatic - Preheat and Session Mode Function
  • Dual Air Path - Two Isolated Air Paths for More Vapor 
  • Updated Coil Design for a More Flavorful Experience
  • Portable and Travel Friendly
  • Made of High Quality Metals for Durability
  • Easy To Clean Glass Mouthpiece


  • 1 x Yocan Magic Stick Electric Nectar Collector
  • 1 x XTAL Tip
  • 1 x Type-C Cable
  • 1 x Instruction Manual​

Quick Tip:

Maintaining a Nectar Collector

Once you’ve gotten the hang of operating a nectar collector, whether it be electric or manual, you’ll need to maintain it. Ultimately, cleaning it after each use will keep the actual cleaning process simple, fast, and efficient, but if you can’t do that, try to clean it after each third or fourth use.

Cleaning an e-nectar collector is rather straightforward via two methods:

  • Over-saturating the coil will decrease the coils vaporization rate (decreasing the cloud size). It is always recommended to slightly touch the edge of the concentrates with the coil tipnever dipping it into concentrate.
  • Ideally after each session you may want to run a cleaning cycle, this will prevent gunking of your coil while increasing the lifespan and taste. A cleaning cycle (a frequent clean method) is done by running your device to its max temperature until there is no vapor rising from the coil, meaning the is no excess concentrates remaining on it or in it.
  • To clean your e-nectar collector, soak a long cotton swab  in our Formula 710 Cleaning Solution or any other cleaning solution then clean the airway of your device to remove any remaining reclaim.

Proper Storage of your nectar collector will elongate your products lifespan. Some coils and devices are more fragile than others, keeping your device in a safe case is recommended. So, find a safe spot to store your nectar collector where it will not risk breaking.

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