Discussion Board

We're super excited to announce the launching for our new community discussion boards! You will find different boards on each product page and blog, as well as our main discussion board at www.E-nail.com/discussion-board

Share your ideas and learn from others to achieve the most efficient and enjoyable experience possible! From purchasing to consuming, utilizing our community of experienced waxheads will save you money in every which way!

To prove that we'll be starting you off with a $3 store credit for your first post on a discussion board for any product page or blog! Ask a question, make a statement, whatever it is, just be you.

Our Community

Over the past 17 years in this industry we have learned the most important component to our store is you, the community. Sharing your experiences while merging them with our knowledge and own experiences has created a Wax Head Heaven.

We would like to thank you for your input in creating our own slice of paradise.
To further the impact we all can have, we have introduced our discussion boards. Where everyone can share their experiences, do's and dont's. Letting us all learn from one another to create the best experience possible.

As always you'll have access to our 17 years of experience, so please ask away!