Nectar Collector Enail FAQ

What is a Nectar Collector Enail?

A Nectar Collector enail combines a standard nectar collector with a custom titanium tip and enail coil. The standout feature of this enail kit is its precise temperature control, managed through an enail controller box. This method of dabbing significantly outperforms traditional torch dabbing and electric nectar collectors, thanks to its ability to maintain consistent and precise dabbing temperatures.

Nectar Collector Enails operate as all-in-one electric dab nail kits, eliminating the need for a separate dab rig. Often referred to as dab straws, nectar collectors are much more portable than standard enail dab rigs. They also require less effort, as you simply touch the heated tip to your concentrates, rather than loading a dab tool, dropping it into a quartz banger, and using a carb cap or torch. This simplicity and efficiency make nectar collectors a highly effective dabbing option.


How to Fill & Setup A Nectar Collector Enail?

Filling a Nectar Collector Bubbler:

Filling a nectar collector is straightforward. First, locate the percolator inside your nectar collector. Turn the bubbler upside down and fill it until the water is just above the perc. Test the resistance by inhaling through the mouthpiece. If your inhales feel labored or you're getting water in your mouth, remove some water. If the perc isn't making enough bubbles, add more water.

Setting Up a Nectar Collector Enail:

Setting up a nectar collector enail might seem confusing initially since it's different from a regular enail. Follow these steps to ensure you install all parts correctly:

  1. Remove your enail controller and power cord from the box. Connect the power cord to the controller and plug it into a wall outlet. Do not plug an electronic nail into a power strip.
  2. Connect your enail coil to the enail controller.
  3. Locate the titanium nail included in your kit. The domed bottom will unscrew from the titanium nail. Unscrew the domed piece of the tip and slide your enail coil over the nail.
  4. Screw the domed piece back onto the nail to hold your enail coil in place.
  5. Fill your nectar collector with water if it is designed for water use.
  6. Connect your nectar collector glass to the nail and secure the nail to the glass by using a keck clip.

After the initial setup, turn on your enail controller box. Choose your desired temperature using the up and down arrows. The temperature on the controller will blink while the coil heats up. Once the coil has reached the set temperature, wait 30-60 seconds, then you can start dabbing.

Dabbing with an enail nectar collector has a bit of a learning curve. Avoid dunking your nail into your concentrates. Instead, use the "edging" method: gently touch the edge of the nectar collector nail to the concentrates. As it melts, the vapor from your dab gets drawn into the opening of the titanium dab nail.

Avoid saturating the hole of the titanium nail completely with concentrates. Touch only a small part of your dab with the nail, then drag it away to let the right amount vaporize. Repeat this process until you're satisfied with your dab.


What Temperature Do I Use for My Nectar Collector Enail?

Dabbing temperatures for a nectar collector are similar to those of a titanium enail. For low-temp dabs, aim for 420-475°F. For mid-temp dabs, go for 475-525°F. High-temp dabs fall between 525-600°F. Lower temperatures bring out more flavor, while higher temperatures produce larger clouds. If you're not sure what you prefer, start at 450°F and adjust by 10-degree increments until you find your sweet spot.

How to Properly take a Dab from a Nectar Collector?

Using an enail nectar collector requires some practice. Instead of submerging your nail directly into the concentrates, gently touch the edge of the nectar collector nail to them. As your dab melts, the vapors are drawn into the opening of your titanium dab nail.

Dunking your titanium nail will cause it to clog. The nail's opening is designed for open airflow, allowing vapor to travel through the nectar collector and up to the mouthpiece. Only the sides of the opening should touch the dab, not the center.

The key to a perfect dab lies in balancing the nail's vaporization rate with the saturation rate. The ideal balance produces sweet, milky, smooth, and effective dabs. Over-saturating the nail won't release enough vapor, while overheating it will burn the dab.

Once you've found that sweet spot, you'll know! As you dab, the nail cools when it touches your concentrate. The first point of contact cools the fastest. By changing the area of the nail that touches the dab, you maintain a high vaporization rate.

What are the Advantages to Using an Enail Nectar Collector?

Using a nectar collector enail offers several benefits. One of the biggest advantages is its efficiency. Unlike other dabbing methods, where you load and place your dab into the banger, with a nectar collector, you simply touch the nail to the dab. This allows you to control the amount you use during the dab, letting you decide how much or how little you want at any given moment.

Nectar collector enails help prevent wasted dabs by eliminating the risk of misjudging your tolerance with a huge dab. They are also more portable compared to using an enail dab rig, as they come in all-in-one kits. These kits offer precision temperature control, allowing you to fine-tune your dabbing experience to your preference.

Typically, these enail dab kits come with a titanium dab nail. While titanium might not always offer the best flavor, the efficiency, portability, and ease of use make nectar collector electric nails an excellent value for your money!


Nectar Collector Enail Vs. Electric Nectar Collector, Which One is Better?

A nectar collector enail and an electric nectar collector share a similar concept, as both feature a heated dabbing tip powered by electricity to maintain a stable temperature. The key difference is their power source: an electric nectar collector runs on a battery, while a nectar collector enail operates using a wall outlet and a controller box.

Electric nectar collector wax pens are ideal for dabbing on the go, requiring no tools other than a dab jar. Nectar collector enails, though portable and easy to move between locations, are better suited for home use due to their reliance on a wall outlet.

E-nectar collectors often have a plastic or metal body with a disposable coil, necessitating frequent maintenance and weekly coil replacements depending on usage. In contrast, a nectar collector enail is built with four durable components designed to last for years, requiring only cleaning and possibly an annual enail coil replacement.

Despite their higher initial cost, nectar collector enails are more economical in the long run. The cost of disposable coils can add up to around $360 per year, while an enail coil replacement costs about $40-$60 annually, if needed.

Nectar collector enails offer precise temperature control, allowing for customized settings, whereas electric nectar collectors typically provide three temperature options: low, medium, and high. Additionally, nectar collector enails deliver more power than electric nectar collectors, ensuring a consistent temperature and higher vaporization rate, making them capable of handling larger dabs.

Nectar Collector Enail Frequently Asked Questions:

Using a nectar collector and using a dab rig provide a similar experience. Most nectar collectors offer water filtration of dab vapors, dab rigs also do the same.

Some dab rigs have more intricate percolators that perform better than those found on nectar collectors. Dab rigs typically have a larger frame, use more water, and have varying designs. The additional water used with a dab rig can sometimes cause extra reclaim buildup from overcooling.

Enail dab rig setups work with various types of dab nails, including titanium nails, quartz bangers, terp slurpers, and more!

On the other hand, nectar collectors use just enough water to make your dab smooth but not enough to cause excess reclaim. Nectar collectors use less water since they are smaller in size, their size adds to their portability.

A nectar collector typically has a basic percolator compared to dab rigs, and they all share a "straw-like" design. Dabbers mainly use titanium nails with nectar collector enails, though ceramic and quartz options are also available.

Several brands now offer nectar collector enails, with VapeBrat leading the way. Other brands like HighFive have also joined in. These enail nectar collectors come in various styles, mainly differing in their bubbler design.

Options range from standard single percs to frozen nectar collector bubblers and recycler bubblers. If you have throat sensitivity, consider choosing a recycler or frozen nectar collector for a smoother dabbing experience.

Many different types of concentrates can be used with a nectar collector enail. Each type will offer its own distinctive dabbing experience:

  • Wax:
    • Start with a low temperature when vaporizing wax with a nectar collector enail to avoid burning your dabs. Wax is known for its whipped texture that vaporizes easily.
  • Shatter:
    • Shatter is a solid concentrate that breaks and crumbles apart into pieces. It needs steady consistent heating to melt it evenly and bring out its full flavors.
  • Budder:
    • Budder has a velvet buttery texture and melts effortlessly when heated. It provides a rich flavorful vapor when used with a nectar collector enail.
  • Live Resin:
    • Live Resin is extracted using a fresh-frozen method, which preserves more terpenes. These additional terpenes enhance the fragrance and flavor of the dabbing experience. Using an enail nectar collector at lower temperatures helps preserve subtle scents and flavor notes.
  • Rosin:
    • Rosin is popular because its extraction method uses zero chemicals, resulting in a cleaner and pure concentrate. Rosin only requires just a little heat to release its full flavor profile.
  • Crumble:
    • Crumble is easy to handle and dab with an enail nectar collector because of its brittle, dry consistency. It'll provide a potent dab and melts evenly.

For optimal dabbing results, adjust the temperature on your enail controller according to your concentrate type. Try different temperatures to find the ideal balance of flavor and vapor that matches your preference and the consistency of your dabs.

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