Mastering an Electric Nectar Collector Enail: Revamp Your Dabs

Mastering an Electric Nectar Collector Enail:Revamp Your Dabs

What is a nectar collector enail?

A nectar collector enail, is a nectar collector or dab straw connected to an electric dab nail. The enail coil connects to the nail, and you use the dab straw to filter your vapor instead of a dab rig. A nectar collector enail is a specialized device used for consuming cannabis concentrates, also known as dabs. It combines two popular dabbing tools: the nectar collector and the electronic nail (enail).

Here's a breakdown of its components and how it works:

Nectar Collector: A nectar collector is a more portable version of a full sized glass dab rig. It typically consists of a body and a tip (usually made of quartz, or titanium). Without the use of an enail the tip is usually heated with a torch. The tip is then dipped into your dab vaporizing it on impact ready to inhale!

Electric Nail (Enail): An enail is an electronic heating element used for dabbing. It replaces the traditional method of using a torch to heat a dab nail. Enails let you control the temperature precisely, making sure the heat is steady and accurate for vaporizing.

A Nectar Collector Enail Combines These Two Components: The nectar collector enail pairs a special titanium tip with an enail coil. This allows users to heat the tip to the desired temperature without the need for an external torch!

How it Works:

The user sets the desired temperature on the enail, which heats the nail to that specific temperature.

The heated nail is then applied to the concentrate, vaporizing it.

The user inhales the vapor through the mouthpiece.

Advantages of Using a Nectar Collector Enail:

Precise Temperature Control: Enails allow users to set and maintain specific temperatures, providing consistent and controlled heating for a better dabbing experience.

No Need for a Torch: The enail eliminates the need for a butane torch, which can be intimidating or inconvenient for some users.

Safer: It reduces the risk of accidents associated with using an open flame for heating.


While nectar collector enails offer convenience and safety, they do require a power source and are typically used in a stationary setup. They may not be as portable as traditional nectar collectors.

Overall, a nectar collector enail is a modern and efficient tool for enjoying concentrates, offering a more controlled and hassle-free dabbing experience.

Using an electric nectar collector with an enail is a convenient way to enjoy your concentrates.

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to use it:

Set Up the Enail: Attach the Nail: Connect the nectar collector's nail to the enail coil.

Prepare Your Concentrate: Place a small amount of your concentrate (wax, shatter, etc.) on a heat-resistant surface, like a dab mat. You can also use a silicone container or a glass dab jar!

Plug in your enail controller box into an outlet and power it on. Adjust the temperature to your preferred setting. For a better flavor and smoother dabs, aim for a temperature between 450 to 600 degrees.

Heat the Nail: Turn on the enail and set it to your desired temperature. Wait for the nail to reach the desired temperature. Most enails have a display that will show the current temperature.

Dabbing Process: Hold the electric nectar collector in one hand. Carefully touch the heated nail to the concentrate, allowing it to vaporize. Inhale slowly through the nectar collector mouthpiece while doing this.

Cleaning and Maintenance: After use, let the nail cool down before attempting to clean it. Use a cotton swab dipped in isopropyl alcohol to clean off your tip after every session!

Safety Precautions: Be cautious when using any heating element. Always handle the heated parts with care to avoid burns.

Remember, practice makes perfect. Using an electric nectar collector with an enail can be a convenient and fun way to dab, with a little practice.

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