Best Electric Nectar Collectors of 2024: Top Five List!

Electric Nectar Collectors are always evolving, incorporating new features and cutting-edge technology. The market introduces new options regularly, making it challenging to keep track of them all!

Amidst this extensive selection of devices, the question arises: "Which electric nectar collector stands out as the best choice?"

Check out this list that showcases each device's distinct features. It'll help you find the perfect electric nectar collector based on its capabilities. Considering your dabbing preferences, budget, and other factors are essential to making a smart purchase!

Top Five Electric Nectar Collectors of 2024!

Honorable Mentions:

VapeBrat Electric Nectar Collector Enail: LCD Enail Pro

Electric Nectar Collector Enail Dab Kit

The VapeBrat Nectar Collector Enail soared to the top of this list for its standout feature: precise temperature control. With an enail controller box paired with a nectar collector, you have the power to fine-tune your dabbing journey.

Delivering high temperatures with precise settings from 0 to 1000 degrees. Just set your enail to your preferred temperature, and watch as your nectar collector tip heat up, ready for action.

This Nectar Collector Enail comes bundled with a titanium tip and a glass dab straw sporting a glycerin coil. The Glycerin-filled glass is your ticket to smoother, cooler dabs from your dab nail! This nectar collector design cools down the dab vapor as it travels through the glycerin.

It also features digital display to easily track and control your set and actual coil temperatures. However, it's worth noting that this setup is a bit bulkier and less portable compared to other wax vapes. If you need a more portable option look into pocket sized nectar collectors like the Lookah Seahorse Pro Plus.

Huni Badger E-Nectar Collector Dab Pen

Huni Badger Electric Dab Pen

The Huni Badger is a super sturdy well thought-out electric nectar collector offering quick heating under ten seconds. Powered by a 18650 battery and crafted for easy one-handed use with a single-button. This device creates dense clouds using its ceramic tube tip coil (HuniTip) with an automatic 60-second safety shut-off.

The Huni Badger includes a magnetic tip cover with a glass container for dabbing and storing wax while on the go. The kit features adapters that can function as mouthpieces or attach to optional water bubbler attachments for water filtration. If you're seeking a high-end collector that doesn't require frequent tip replacements, the Huni Badger is a great choice.

Lookah Seahorse Pro Plus Black Electric Nectar Collector

Lookah Seahorse Dab Pen Pro Plus

The Lookah Seahorse Pro Plus now comes with the Quartz Tube Coil and is compatible with 4 different coil tip options.

You can interchange various coil tips and tanks with this device. Like the Seahorse IV Quartz Coil, Seahorse Pro Quartz and Ceramic Coils, and Wax Tanks, thanks to its 510 thread coil connection. Allowing you to switch up your dabbing experience based on preference!

The included Quartz Tube Tip offers a better vaporizing experience, reducing burnt wax with their quartz bottom. This coil tip heats evenly and at higher temperatures. Ideal for massive clouds without compromising taste because of its larger contact surface area and airway.

Operating in automatic or manual modes with three temperature settings. The Seahorse Pro Plus maintains a 30-second sesh mode, ensuring convenience and swift dabs on the go. Its magnetic Tip Cap provides protection against debris, while USB-C charging ensures speedy and reversible charging!

Boundless Terp Pen E-Nectar Collector - Black

Boundless Terp Pen Electric Dab Straw

The Boundless Terp Pen is a discreet electric dab straw resembling a writing pen. This is definitely an incredibly portable option and it is also not button powered. Inhale to activate, apply the tip to your wax and control intake by inhaling longer.

After 10 seconds, automatic shutoff kicks in. Replace the magnetic cap for convenience. The Boundless Terp Wax Pen is ideal for micro-dosing throughout the day, offering long battery life.

The Terp Pen features an exposed ceramic coil, unlike other pens, enabling direct concentrate application without buttons. It effortlessly fits onto most 10mm dab rigs for smoother hits. For use, insert the Terp Pen mouthpiece-first into your 10mm water pipe, choose between hot or cold dab preferences, and enjoy the simplicity!

Rokin Stinger Electric Nectar Collector with Water Bubbler Black

Rokin Stinger Dab Pen with Water Bubbler

The Rokin Stinger offers powerful dabbing in a handheld device, surpassing older wax vaporizer technology. The Stinger's design resembles the Seahorse Pro but offers a smoother experience with its glass bubbler mouthpiece.

Featuring a heated ceramic tip and a detachable water-filtration chamber. This device heats swiftly with its 1100 mAh battery, offering prolonged dabbing sessions without recharging.

Its sturdy metal build and easily refillable water chamber ensure comfortable dab temperatures and improved concentrate flavors. The Stinger enables dabbing directly from containers or silicone dab mats.

What is the Best Electric Nectar Collector?

I notice you're still searching for the "ultimate e-nectar collector."

The reality is there isn't a single "best" option. It's about finding a nectar collector that suits your specific needs and dabbing style!

This category isn't one-size-fits-all; while some prefer quartz, others lean toward ceramic. Beyond just the coil, certain features might make one device more appealing than another!

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