Dabbing Temperature Guide

What temperature should I set my enail to?

Best Enail Temperature Guide


You finally made the right decision, you've purchased a brand new enail. Your dabs will taste better, with each session being more efficient and effective. An Electric Dab Nail allows you to achieve your desired dabbing results with the appropriate amount of concentrates. A more efficient dabbing session means less waste, ultimately saving you megabucks!

Selecting the right temperature for your enail is crucial for maximizing your consumption experience while minimizing waste. It comes down to finding the proper balance between the dab size being placed inside the banger or dab nail. Along with, the ability of that nail or banger to consume that dab size efficiently. Within the following discussion we will assume your dab size and banger size will remain the same and only the enail coil temperature is changing.

Before we get into the secret sauce of dabbing, for first time users here are some electric enail setup, enail instructions, and quick links:

Now that you've got your enail setup it's time to dive into the best temperature for dabs!

  • Rule #1 - Setting your enail temperature too high can lead to an unpleasant experience. If your enail temp is too high it can cause "splashing" when your dab is placed into your banger. Like the splashing of hot oil when something cold is placed into a frying pan. This causes waste and causes an excess amount of wax to be pulled through the neck of your banger.
    • Hot Dabs can also burn your throat ending in a terrible coughing fit. Coughing with your mouth on the dab rig can lead the water to push out of your dab rig and into the banger. This will waste your entire dab and in some cases cause the banger to break because of thermal shock.
    • Depending on how high your dabbing temp is, your dab can burn onto your banger. Increasing the likelihood of chazzing (small banger fractures) which decreases the lifespan of your enail banger.
  • Rule # 2 - Set the e nail temp too low and you’re sure to have an underwhelming experience. There's many benefits to taking low-temp dabs but there is also a chance that your dab temp is just too low. The clouds will be disappointing, the terpene and cannabinoid consumption will be minimal if anything, and your dab will merely pool in your quartz banger or nail. A pooling dab leaves a mess without the success of a satisfactory experience.

So here's the ultimate question, what temperatures should you be dabbing at? What is the perfect dab temperature? What is the best temp for my enail? The real question is what is the best dab temp for me? and we'll answer that for you here.



In general, proper dabbing temperature begins at 450 Degrees Fahrenheit and goes up to 700 Degrees Fahrenheit. Now finding the temperature that you enjoy within that range can be a bit tricky.

When dabbing with a desktop enail the temperature will remain constant throughout the dab, unlike when using a dab torch to heat a quartz bangerwith. So with an enail dab, if the dab starts hot, it will end hot as well.

We recommend waiting 1-2 minutes after the enail coil has reached temperature, for the banger to reach that same temperature. This wait time can fluctuate depending on which type of dabbing material you are using as well as the style of your banger/nail! For instance titanium nails heat the fastest, taking about 30 seconds.

Terp slurper bangers take around 3 minutes to heat to an appropriate dabbing temperature. This is because the middle chamber also needs to be heated, not just the bottom dish!

Dabbing Temperature Ranges:


Low Temp Dabbing:

  • For those looking for a low-temp dab experience, we recommend beginning with a dab temperature of 420-475 Degrees. Typically a minute after the coil has reached the set temperature, the quartz enail banger will also reach the set temperature. After trying a dab at 475 degrees and you find that experience to not be strong enough. You can raise your banger enail temp in increments of 25 Degrees until you find your sweet spot. Utilizing directional or spinner carb caps with dab inserts (such as terp pearls) can increase the vaporization rate (cloud size) of your dab without increasing the temperature of the coil.

Medium-Temp Dabbing:

  • For those looking for a medium-temp dab experience, we recommend beginning at 475 Degrees Fahrenheit up to 525 Degrees. After trying a dab at 525 degrees and it is not potent enough or too strong. Then we recommend to raise or lower the temperature in increments of 10 Degrees until you find your ideal dab temperature.

High Temp Dabbing:

  • For those looking for a high-temp dab experience, it is our recommendation to begin with 525 Degrees up to 600 Degrees Fahrenheit . After trying a dab at 600 degrees, if you find that to be too strong or not potent enough. We recommend raising or lowering the temp in increments of 10 Degrees until you find your perfect temp dab.

Dabbing over 600 degrees is usually less than ideal and it opens you up to potentially harmful compounds. When certain components of cannabis undergo combustion (burning) it can result in undesirable health problems like respiratory issues. Higher temperature dabs can produce large clouds, but high temps will also reduce your dab vapor quality and effects.

Whether it be a high-temp, mid-temp or low-temp dab, using an enail will allow you to achieve your exact desired temperature. Now it's up to you to figure out which dab temperature suits your dabbing style best!

Terpenes & Cannabinoids:

Both dry herbs and concentrates contain terpenes. They evaporate from plants differently than THC and other cannabinoids. The lifespan of terpenes relies on factors such as extraction methods, storage conditions, and consumption techniques. The reason terpenes are important is because they play a role in the effects as well as the taste of your dabs.

Terpenes each have a boiling point. When they reach a certain temperature, they activate and then break down. We'll focus on the terpenes that activate and evaporate at around 400 degrees for dabbing.

Top 5 Terpenes and Their Boiling Point

  • Pinene - 311 Degrees
  • Caryophyllene - 320 Degrees
  • Myrcene - 334 Degrees
  • Limonene - 349 Degrees
  • Linalool - 388 Degrees

In the realm of dabbing, exploring different temperature ranges with your enail dab kit can unlock unique experiences. The low-temperature range, spanning from 420 to 475°F, caters to those who appreciate the nuances of terpenes in their dabs. This range is especially suited for extracts rich in terpenes, as they vaporize between 270 and 390°F. Dabbing below 450 degrees with your electric nail allows for full flavor and results in a gentle gradual high.

At 400 Degrees terpene vaporization takes precedence over cannabinoids, for a flavorful dab with a mild high. Bumping it up to 450 degrees strikes a balance between vapor and keeping those terpenes around. Delivering pronounced flavor and noticeable psychoactive effects.

Many dabbers prefer a mid-range dab temperature around 500 - 550 degrees. It's a perfect dab temp for those seeking a more balanced experience. At 500 degrees you experience full flavor and efficient vaporization, resulting in a well-rounded, rapid-onset high.

As the temperature climbs above 550 degrees, your vapor thickens. However, this leads to the loss of some terpenes while the psychoactive effects become more pronounced!

Cannabinoid Boiling Points:

  • Delta 9 - 315 Degrees
  • Delta 8 - 350 Degrees
  • CBD & CBN - 360 Degrees
  • THCv & CBC - 428 Degrees

Cannabinoids interact with receptors in our bodies located in our nervous system. An example of a cannabinoid is Delta 9 THC, which is the psychoactive cannabinoid that is present when dabbing! Other cannabinoids, like the ones mentioned above, create different responses within your nervous system. Some cannabinoids help with anxiety, inflammation, pain management and more!

Precise Temperature Control - Enail Dabbing Temperature

Saturation Rate VS Vaporization Rate

The key to a good dab is finding the right balance between how fast your banger vaporizes and how much concentrate you are placing inside. Kind of like cooking with a hot pan, if the pan is hot, a drop of water will quickly vaporize. But if you pour in a lot of water, it'll take longer to heat and produce less vapor.

Here are some Great Blogs that give you a better explanation on how to properly size your dab based on your quartz banger!

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