Reclaim Catcher

Reclaim Catcher FAQ

A reclaim catcher serves as a connector piece between a quartz banger or dab nail and a dab rig. A dab catcher collects the extra wax material that otherwise might be pulled into your dab rig. The presence of reclaim can be super wasteful during your dabbing procedure.

Reclaim catchers work by letting the extra oil drip into a silicone jar while the vapor goes in to the dab rig. However, they don't collect all the reclaim produced. However, they effectively gather a lot, keeping your rig cleaner for a longer period.

Reclaim refers to the residual material leftover after dabbing, similar to resin leftover from flower consumption. Here are five primary reasons for reclaim:

Overloading Your Banger: Adding too much wax into your quartz banger is the simplest way to cause reclaim. Understanding the temperature of your banger's surface. Also, how quickly it vaporizes at different temperatures is important to prevent waste.

This basically means, if you add a large glob of wax to a dab nail that is too cool it will not vaporize fully and cause reclaim to form.

Excessive Rig Inhalation: Pulling too hard from your dab rig can lead your wax to be drawn down into the neck of your banger. This can occur because you have too much water in your dab rig or the airflow is too restricted.

Hot Dabbing: Dabbing at higher temperatures may cause initial wax droplets to splash. This splashing can lead to easy reclaim suction into the banger's neck.

Low-Temperature Dabs: Dabbing at low temperatures might not fully vaporize your dab, causing users to inhale more forcefully. This can lead to more reclaim buildup.

Incorrect Carb Cap or Inserts: Using the wrong carb cap or insert with your banger can cause problems like a dissatisfying dab and ultimately wasting your wax.

Reclaim catchers are innovative devices in the world of dabbing accessories. These small, yet crucial components serve a dual purpose: they enhance the smoking experience while also promoting efficiency and cleanliness.

The primary function of a reclaim catcher is to capture and collect the excess concentrates that typically escape during the dabbing process. When concentrates are heated on a dab nail or quartz banger of a dab rig, not all of it vaporizes instantly. Some of the material condenses back into a liquid form as it cools and would normally be lost inside the rig. This is where the reclaim catcher comes into play – it intercepts this excess material before it enters the water chamber of the rig.

Reclaim Catchers serve a few key purposes:

  • Efficiency and Savings: By capturing the unvaporized concentrates, reclaim catchers help conserve material. Users can reclaim this collected material for later use, ensuring minimal waste and offering a huge savings in the  long run.
  • Cleanliness and Maintenance: Reclaim catchers keep the main water chamber of the rig cleaner for longer. This reduces the frequency of cleaning required and preserves the overall aesthetic and more importantly functionality of the rig.
  • Flavor Preservation: By preventing excess material from entering the water chamber, reclaim catchers help maintain the purity and flavor profile of the vapor. This ensures a more enjoyable and consistent smoking experience.

Reclaim catchers are typically made from heat-resistant materials like glass or quartz and come in various shapes and sizes to fit different rigs. They are easy to install, usually attaching directly to the nail or banger, and can be just as easily removed for cleaning and reclaiming the captured material.

In this section you will learn everything there is to know about reclaim catchers. From sizes to styl;es, materials and more! Reclaim catchers are a small but significant innovation in the world of dabbing accessories, offering an efficient, clean, and flavorful experience for dabbing enthusiasts. Do not overlook this necessary accessory!

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