Electric Dab Nails Under $180 - Top Five List!

Looking for a cheap enail option? Look no further! Below, we'll cover the key factors to consider when searching for a top-notch electric dab nail priced under $180.

For everyday dabbers, e-nails offer unparalleled temperature accuracy, ensuring a consistent and enjoyable dabbing experience. Renowned for their user-friendly nature and precise temperature control, electric nails have become a favorited device amongst the dabbing community. With the constant evolution of dab nails and accessories, selecting the ideal budget-friendly electronic nail can be daunting.

In this article, we'll explore cost-effective electric dab nails suitable for both newbies and seasoned dabbers. Lets get into the distinctive features of each enail to uncover the perfect match. We curate each of our e-nail kits to suit your dabbing preferences, budget, and needs!

Top Five Electric Dab Nails Under $180!

Once you have an enail, even one as inexpensive as the VapeBrat Copa, you can completely transform your dabbing experience on a budget by investing in an enail coil kit. Instead of committing to a complete enail kit, consider the cost-effective option of an enail coil kit. It's a great way to save money while still exploring and experimenting with your dabbing setup.

Honorable Mentions - Enail Coil Kits:

VapeBrat Copa Enail - Micro E-Nail Quartz E-banger Bucket Kit - $109.99

Cheap Enail Kit

The VapeBrat Copa Enail Kit is a standout among our collection of top-tier electric nail kits. Known for its easy-to-use design. This kit has earned praise as one of the best choices for beginners diving into the world of dab enails.

Designed for convenience, the VapeBrat Copa Enail features a dual-size enail banger. This type of banger fits both 14mm and 18mm female dab rigs. This versatility allows you to use your enail with a wide variety of rigs. Giving users plenty of options for their dabbing sessions!

If you're a fan of quartz for its purity and sometimes use titanium nails (not included), you're in luck. The VapeBrat Copa comes with a 20mm barrel enail coil that fits both 20mm bangers and 20mm titanium nails. Providing you with the flexibility you need for any dabbing preference!

VapeBrat Titanium Enail: Micro E-Nail, Titanium Nail, 20mm Barrel Coil - $109.99

Titanium Enail Kit Cheapest Enail

When buying an enail kit, versatility is always a plus. The VapeBrat Micro Titanium Enail stands out for its extreme adaptability. Engineered to fit any rig size, its titanium nail body effortlessly accommodates both male and female rigs. Also catering to various joint sizes including 10mm, 14mm, and 18mm!

Equipped with a 20mm diameter coil. The VapeBrat Titanium Enail Kit seamlessly pairs with other 20mm diameter bangers or dab nails.

VapeBrat Enail - Micro E-Nail Quartz E-banger Bucket Kit: 25mm Bucket - $119.99

Best Quartz Enail Kit

The VapeBrat Micro Enail is a portable powerhouse designed for the ultimate dabbing experience. This kit includes a micro enail controller box featuring simple push-button on and off switch. With a removable 6ft power cord, offering a temperature range from 0-1000° F

The Bucket Enail Banger provides a wide dabbing surface equipped with an oclamp ensuring the coil stays in place. Its flat top design creates a tight seal for lower temperature dabs and smoother hits. Enhancing your dabbing ritual, this enail banger is paired with a Directional Carb Cap. Its unique nozzle directs airflow for even dab distribution on the heated surface.

Opaque Banger Enail - VapeBrat Micro 25mm Enail with Opaque Quartz Banger - $149.99

Enail with Opaque Quartz Banger

This exceptional desktop enail dab kit comes with an innovative opaque quartz enail banger. Which heats to temp quickly and maintains heat for longer sessions. Made of top-quality opaque quartz it offers instant dabs.

While eliminating the need for constant reheating, thanks to its impressive 90-second heat retention. Its sturdy, opaque bottom ensures reliable heating, changing the game for quartz banger enails.

Completing the set are a bubble directional carb cap and a quartz banger dab insert. The bubble cap creates an airtight seal, directing vapor in a spiral motion the user for enjoyment. The dab insert allows for flawless low-temperature dabs, maintaining consistent heat for a full flavor and desired effects.

Designed to meet the demands of all dabbers, this kit elevates your dabbing to new heights. With its state-of-the-art controller with advanced temperature control and a user-friendly interface. Its time to embrace a new era of premium dabbing!

VapeBrat LCD E Nail: Terp Slurper Enail - 35mm - $179.99

Terp Slurper Enail Kit

The VapeBrat Terp Slurper Enail Kit is a powerful setup that combines a Terp Slurper Banger with a 35mm Enail Coil. Providing super flavorful and super smooth dabs.

With the VapeBrat LCD Enail Controller Box, you can reach high temperatures quickly. Its LCD display provides precise temperature readings, ensuring consistency. The digital display shows both the set temperature and the actual coil temperature for added accuracy.

Included in the kit is a terp slurper banger and a marble set. Enhancing low temp efficiency and adding visual appeal to your dabbing experience. Marbles pill sets improve airflow and ensure thorough vaporization of your dabs. The kit also includes a 35mm Terp Slurper Axial Enail Coil for efficient heat transfer to the terp slurper dish!

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