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  • Q: What is an E-nail?
  • A: An "E-nail" is an Electronic Nail used for Vaporizing different types of oils and concentrates. It can be used for aromatherapy purposes as well as concentrate consumption.
  • Q: What is a Portable E-nail?
  • A: A "Portable E-nail" is an Electronic Nail used for Vaporizing which is battery powered and does not require an electric connection. 
  • Q: What is a Desktop E-nail?
  • A: A "Desktop E-nail" is an Electronic Nail used for Vaporizing which is typically requires an electric connection. There are some battery powered desktop e-nails, however they are considered "desktop" due to their size. 
  • Q: What is a an E-Nectar Collector?
  • A: A "E-Nectar Collector" is an Electronically Heated "Straw" which can be used for aromatherapy or concentrate consumption. As they rise in popularity there are different styles emerging, from integrated to non-integrated battery styles, those which come with optional bubbler attachments, carrying cases and so much more. 
  • Q: What is a a Reclaim Catcher?
  • A: A Reclaim catcher is an additional banger looking adapter which sits between the banger joint of the pipe and the banger you are using. With its silicone bottom which is easily removed, the reclaim falls onto the silicone, easily being removed and reclaimed!


  • Q; Why is my order status Awaiting Processing?
  • A: To prevent credit card fraud and age fraud, each order must be reviewed before processing, once reviewed by our specialist your order status will change. When your order status reads "Awaiting Payment" the funds have already been put on hold from the card given and will be captured once the order has been approved. Your order status will then change to Awaiting Fulfillment. 
  • Q; Why is my order status Awaiting Fulfillment? 
  • A: Your order has been processed and to be shipped within hours. The items you ordered are awaiting picking in our warehouse and packing by our shipping specialists. Once the items have been picked packed and shipped you will be receiving your tracking number.
  • Q; Why is my order keep getting declined?
  • A: Please correct your billing address and attempt to process your order once again. The billing street address and zip code must match that which is on file with that card. 
  • Q; My card got charged but i didn't get an order confirmation? why is this?
  • A: Due to strict regulations in our industry we attempt to have the most secure checkout process possible. If your card was charged but your order was not completed, it is because some portion of your billing address is incorrect. Please correct your billing address to match that which your bank has on file for you, then the order will process successfully.
  • Q; My order was declined but the funds have been put on hold with my bank, When will the funds be back on my card?
  • A: The funds will be available back on your card by the next morning. 


  • Q: Where is my package?
  • A: As soon as each order has shipped a tracking number is attached to the order. Please track the package via the tracking number provided to see where the package currently is.
  • Q: My package hasn't moved for days, is there anything I can do?
  • Ever since Thanksgiving we have seen an unprecedented demand regarding shipping, between the holiday rush, already strained shipping systems because of the increased demand due to the coronavirus, and then topped off with the most recent release of vaccine's, all shipping companies are completely overwhelmed. We ask politely for your patience and have instated a new program offering store credit for any shipping costs on any order that has been delayed more than 2 business days beyond the 5 business days delivery period. Please contact a rep if this has been the case for your order to receive your store credit. 
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