Titanium Enail FAQ

In our Titanium Enail Resource section, we delve into the advantages and disadvantages of titanium enails and discuss the best methods for dabbing with them. If you're unsure about which size titanium enail is best for you, we provide detailed information to help you decide.

We break down each component of titanium enails, explaining the different models, from shallow dish to deep dish, and sizes ranging from 20mm to 30mm. We discuss the different coil styles available to be used with titanium enails, from barrel coils to axial enail coils and hybrid enail coils. There's a lot to learn and it may be intimidating but we break it down for you so you can be as empowered as possible to get the best enail setup for you and your needs. Be sure to explore all the resource pages available in this section. If there's anything we haven't mentioned, please let us know, and we'll address it right away!

Titanium Enail with 25mm Enail Coil Deep Dish Nail

What is a Titanium E-Nail, and What Types Are Available?

A titanium e-nail is designed to vaporize concentrates using three key components: a titanium dab nail, an e-nail controller box with a power cord, and an e-nail coil.

Titanium nails come in various sizes, differing in diameters and depths. The dish can be either "shallow," measuring 12mm in height, or a deep dish, measuring 20mm. The diameter options include 22mm, 25mm, and 30mm. Choosing the appropriate depth and diameter for your dab nail depends on the size of your dabs.

Selecting the right-sized dab nail based on your dabbing preferences enhances efficiency and reduces waste. For larger dabs, opt for a titanium nail with a wider diameter and deeper dish.

Which is Better: Titanium E-Nail or Quartz E-Nail? Is Titanium Superior to Quartz for E-Nails?

Determining whether a titanium e-nail is superior to a quartz e-nail depends on various factors including your dabbing preferences, heat retention needs, and compatibility with dab inserts. Titanium e-nails are known for delivering excellent high-temperature dabs. They heat up quickly and retain heat well, making them efficient for consistent use.

Titanium dab nails are highly durable, capable of withstanding significant wear and tear without cracking or breaking under intense heat. Additionally, they are easier to clean due to their non-porous nature compared to quartz.

However, titanium does have some drawbacks. Its rapid heating can lead to overheating issues, and it can sometimes impart a metallic taste to your dabs due to the material or oxidation. Seasoning the nail can help mitigate this. Titanium is also more expensive than quartz and is limited in terms of compatibility with dab inserts like terp pearls and carb caps.

Conversely, quartz e-nails are prized for delivering some of the best-flavored dabs. They come in various styles and offer options for inserts that enhance the dabbing experience. Quartz retains heat well but cools down faster than titanium, making it ideal for lower temperature dabbing. However, quartz takes longer to reach the desired temperature compared to titanium and can degrade over time due to constant heating and cooling, leading to potential cracking or breaking. Despite being less durable, quartz bangers are relatively inexpensive to replace.

Are Titanium E-nail Kits and Hybrid E-nail Kits the same? What distinguishes a Titanium E-nail from a Hybrid E-nail?

A titanium e-nail and a hybrid e-nail are distinct dabbing setups primarily differing in the type of dab nail used. A titanium e-nail includes a nail made entirely of titanium, both the body and the dish. In contrast, a hybrid e-nail features a nail with a titanium body and a dish made of quartz, ceramic, quartz-coated ceramic, or SiC.

The idea behind a hybrid e-nail is to combine the strengths of both materials. It offers the robust construction and durability of titanium along with the rich, flavorful, low-temperature dabs provided by quartz. This setup is ideal for those who want the taste quality of a banger without the concern of it breaking.

What is the Top-Rated Titanium E-Nail?

The ideal titanium e-nail depends on your specific dabbing preferences. Some users may prefer a shallow dish for smaller dabs, while others might favor a deeper dish. With a variety of styles and sizes available, finding the "best e-nail" can be a bit daunting.

To assist you in making the right choice, we've included a guide below. This guide will help you determine your dab size and preferences, ensuring you select the most suitable e-nail for your needs.


How Do I Select the Best Titanium E-nail for My Needs?

Selecting the right titanium enail depends on your dab size. For beginners, a 20mm shallow dish is ideal. If you typically dab more than 0.15 grams, a medium dish of 25mm to 30mm is recommended. For large dabs above 0.3 grams, a deep dish enail is the best choice. Refer to our titanium dish dabbing size chart above for a more detailed explanation!

Is my Titanium E-nail compatible with any Dab Rig?

The versatility of a titanium enail lies in its compatibility with various dab rigs. Titanium dab nails come in different joint sizes—10mm, 14mm, and 18mm—available in both male and female connections, offering flexibility for different rigs. However, it's advisable to consider a smaller dab rig to enhance cooling efficiency. To ensure stability and safety, it's crucial to support the weight of your titanium nail and enail coil adequately, reducing the risk of the rig tipping over.

For optimal filtration with minimal cooling, a recycler rig is highly recommended to pair with your electronic nail. When choosing a dab rig, prioritize thick, high-quality glass to withstand the heat from your titanium nail without risking joint damage. Some dab enthusiasts opt for silicone dab rigs, especially during longer sessions, as they pair well with titanium nails.

Titanium Enail Frequently Asked Questions

The best temperature for a titanium enail would be the same as any enail. Dab temperature ultimately depends on preference but we suggest shooting for a dab that is around 550 degrees Fahrenheit. You can always adjust your temperature higher or lower depending on the experience you're looking for. Check out our Dabbing Temperature Guide for a more detailed explanation on dab temperature!

While it is important to note that titanium is more responsive to heat than quartz. If you set a titanium enail to the same temperature as a quartz enail, you'll find the titanium nail will be hotter initially.

Titanium e-nails are great for dabbing! The durability and heat retention of titanium make titanium electric nails a popular choice. Unlike quartz, titanium nails are tough and can endure heavy use without cracking or breaking. Ensuring a longer lifespan for your setup and consistent performance over time.

Moreover, titanium nails excel at retaining heat, which is essential for smooth and predictable dabbing sessions. They maintain their temperature longer, resulting in even vaporization of concentrates and better flavor preservation across the nail's surface. Typically as soon as the dab touches the dab nail or banger, the area the dab comes in contact with cools down slightly. This changes the vaporization rate of the dab and one of the reasons dabbing with a torch is so uneven. When combining the constant heat of an enail with the heat conductivity of a titanium nail, the vaporization rate stays at peak performance level relative to other dabbing surfaces.

Additionally, titanium e-nails offer precise temperature control via enail controllers, allowing users to customize their sessions. Titanium electric enail heats quicker than quartz, reducing waiting time, and are simpler to clean because they don't absorb. Despite the higher initial cost, their durability and efficiency make them a wise choice for beginners and experienced dabbers.

You can check out the Disadvantages of using a Titanium Enail Here.

A Titanium e-nail controller might display an error code for a number of reasons. Most of the time your electric dab nail needs a coil replacement. Overtime, the thermocouple located inside your enail coil wiring will go bad causing the need for a replacement coil.

Titanium e-nails, especially when exposed to high temperatures, might impart a subtle metallic taste to your dabs. This could change the natural flavor of your dabs, affecting your overall experience. This might make it less appealing to users looking for cleaner flavors.

Taste is subjective, while some users might not notice or mind the subtle difference caused by a titanium dab nail. Others may find the changes in flavor to be a drawback when compared to other materials like quartz or ceramic. (Which might offer a cleaner taste profile)

Over time, titanium nails can oxidize, changing the surface of the titanium. This oxidation can change the taste of your dab. Sometimes giving off a flavor that interferes with the original terpene profile of concentrates. This results in a more unpleasant taste.

Switching your titanium enail to a quartz can be an easy task, depending on what type of enail coil you currently have.

If you have a 20mm barrel enail coil you can purchase a 20mm dual size quartz banger.

If you have a 25mm axial enail coil you can purchase any 25mm enail banger available.

If you currently have a flat coil or a hybrid coil we recommend purchasing an enail coil kit. An enail coil kit comes with a quartz banger, an enail coil, and compatible dabbing inserts. The reason for this recommendation is because a flat coil or hybrid coil will not heat a quartz banger efficiently.

Maintaining a titanium nail's functionality and preserving flavor purity requires regular cleaning. Here's a simple step-by-step guide to effectively clean your titanium nail:

  • Iso Swabs: For cleaning in between dab sessions be sure to utilize isopropyl alcohol and cotton swabs to thoroughly clean the dab nail until clean and dry.

For extensive cleaning…

  • Allow Cooling: Ensure the titanium nail has cooled down completely before starting the cleaning process to prevent accidents.
  • Soak: Utilize one of our many cleaning solutions with Dr Buzzkill’s Dunk Tank, or any other durable jar. Submerge the titanium nail in this solution and let it soak for 20-30 minutes to dissolve stubborn residue.
  • Scrubbing: After soaking, use a dab swab to clean the surface of the nail. Make sure to reach all areas to remove any remaining buildup. If that buildup remains you can carefully utilize a dab tool to remove it, without scratching the nail.
  • Rinse: Rinse the titanium nail with warm water to eliminate any traces of the cleaning solution or alcohol residue.
  • Drying: Allow the nail to air dry completely to prevent potential rusting before using it again.
  • Optional Seasoning: If preferred, after cleaning, you can season the titanium nail to establish a protective layer.

Regularly cleaning your titanium nail after each use ensures optimal performance and preserves the flavor of your concentrates. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive materials that may cause damage to the nail.

Properly seasoning a titanium nail involves more than just cleaning off residues. Seasoning enhances flavor, boosts durability, and creates a non-stick surface. Here's a different approach to properly seasoning a nail:

  • Cleanse the Nail: Start by thoroughly cleaning the titanium nail using rubbing alcohol or mild soap and warm water. Ensure it's completely dry before proceeding to the next step.
  • Heat Treatment: Use a butane torch or enail to heat the titanium nail until it reaches a red-hot state. This process effectively burns off any manufacturing residues or impurities present on the surface.
  • Cool Off: Allow the nail to cool down entirely, ensuring it returns to room temperature before moving forward.
  • Apply Concentrate: While the nail is still warm but not excessively hot, apply a small amount of concentrate (wax or oil) onto the surface. This initiates the formation of a seasoned layer.
  • Seasoning Technique: Reheat the nail until the concentrate melts into the surface, ensuring even distribution by rotating the nail.
  • Repeat as Needed: Depending on the nail's quality, you might need to repeat this process to achieve optimal results.
  • Final Cooling: Allow the nail to cool down completely before using it for dabbing purposes.

Using a titanium enail is much like using any enail! For a more detailed step by step instruction you can read through this enail beginner's guide!

A titanium nail stuck to an enail coil sounds like a sticky situation but it's an easy fix. Leftover dabbing residue typically causes the dab nail to stick. You can heat your titanium nail with a torch or the enail coil to loosen up the stuck material. Be sure to use a glove or silicone fingertips when doing so to prevent being burned by a hot nail or coil.

If your enail coil doesn't sit perfectly flush with your titanium dab nail, it is typically acceptable. This is because both components expand and contract with heating and cooling. However, if you notice a gap larger than 1-1.5mm, your enail coil won't efficiently heat your titanium nail. Indicating a mismatch in sizes between the nail and coil. You can bend the coil slightly to fix the gap, also be sure you are connecting your dab nail to your enail coil the right way.

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