Reclaim Catcher Styles: Whats the difference?

Different styles of reclaim catchers bring their own unique advantages. Reclaim catchers serve multiple purposes across various applications. From cooling your dab vapor to simplifying cleaning tasks, and maintaining the purity of your dab rig.

The choice of a particular style mainly relies on personal preferences. Also, the specific design of your dab rig, and the kind of dabbing experience you desire.

Reclaim catchers are convenient add-ons for dab rigs, devised to salvage excess concentrates that might end up going to waste. Dab reclaimers have a diverse range of styles, each with its distinct design and function. Let's explore the different types of dab catchers below:

Dropdown Reclaim Catcher:

Recognizable by its downward extension from your dab rig's joint, this style serves multiple purposes. A Drop down reclaimer helps distance the heat source from your dab rig to avoid any accidental heat spilling over and cracking your glass. They additionally help to balance your rigs for enail coil usage, and improve the line of sight of your dab nail when dabbing.


Short Banger Neck Joint:

With a reduced neck length, this reclaimer connects your quartz banger to your dab rig. This style catches reclaim effectively while maintaining a more compact design. It suits users preferring a closer gap between the banger and the rig. Especially with smaller rigs or mini dab rigs, keeping the balance intact.

Tall Banger Joint Neck:

With a taller neck, this style significantly extends the banger away from your dab rig. The extra extended distance between the dab nail and the rig actually allows for more cooling of your dabs. The added space also collects more reclaim, potentially lessening the need for frequent cleanings. This style provides a different line of sight adding to its convenience.

Curved Pipe Joint Neck:

This design's curved neck puts on quite a distance between your quartz banger and rig, assisting in cooling your vapors. The curve captures reclaim proficiently and its simple to keep clean and tidy. Its diverse bends and ease of cleaning are wonderful features.

Bubble Pipe Joint Neck:

This style has a bubble-like shape integrated in its neck. This style creates an extra chamber for reclaim collection, simplifying cleaning. The bubble can add an aesthetic touch to your dab rig and it can cools your dab vapor slightly. The cooling happens because of its bubble shape which allows for a stacked vapor effect!


Straight Pipe Joint Neck:

This style is simple and direct, it features a straight pipe joint to connect your banger or dab nail to your dab rig. A straight pipe joint neck reclaimer offers an straight path for dab vapor and reclaim collection. Many prefer this dab reclaimer design for its simplicity and easy cleaning.

As you explore the tons of reclaim catcher styles, remember that each brings its own unique advantages to the table. From cooling vapor to simplifying cleaning tasks and preserving the cleanliness of your glass dab rig. These accessories play a crucial role in enhancing your overall dabbing experience.

Your personal preference drives the choice of a reclaim catcher style in the end. Not to mention, the intricate design of your dab rig, and the kind of dabbing experience you seek. Whether you opt for a dropdown, short banger neck joint, tall banger joint neck, curved pipe joint neck, bubble pipe joint neck, or straight pipe joint neck. Each style offers distinct benefits tailored to different preferences and requirements.

So, embrace the diversity of reclaim catcher styles, experiment with what suits you best. Elevate your dabbing sessions to new heights of convenience and enjoyment. The journey of exploring these different styles opens doors to a more personalized and refined dabbing experience. Dab Reclaim Catchers are where every hit becomes a delight to savor.

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