How to Fix My Electric Nectar Collector or Electric Dab Rig


Electric Nectar Collector and Electric Dab Rig Troubleshooting Guide

How to fix My Electric Dab Rig?

Why Isn't My Electric Dab Rig Charging? 

Why Isn't My Electric Nectar Collector Charging?

  • Sometimes the battery on a device might be completely dead when you first receive it, the device may need to be left on its designated charger for at least an hour to get the device to power on. 
  • If the LED light or the display does not illuminate immediately when the device is plugged into a charger this does NOT mean it is defective, this means that the battery needs to be sufficiently charged before powering these components. 
  • On occasion a charging issue may be due to a faulty charging wire, charging box, or the outlet it is plugged into. These types of devices should never be plugged into a power strip, please use a wall outlet instead.

Why Isn't My Electric Dab Rig Turning On? 

Why Isn't My Electric Nectar Collector Turning On?

  • When I get asked this question, my response almost always is, "how are you turning it on?". After the battery on your device is sufficiently charged it will not turn on by itself. Most devices require a series of button clicks that turn the device on and off, this is especially useful for when a device is placed in your pocket (this pertains mostly to electric nectar collectors) it will not fire on its own if the button is accidentally pressed. 
  • Most devices are turned on and off by clicking the power/fire button five times (5) fast, these button clicks must be fast (within a 2 second time frame), in order to get the device to turn on. If the button clicks are too slow the device will NOT turn on. 

- You can refer to the user manual that came with your device to see how many button clicks are required to turn the device on or off. If you misplaced your user manual take a look on the manufacturers website, you should be able to find a user manual download or a link. 

Why Isn't My Electric Dab Rig Heating Up? 

Why Isn't My Electric Nectar Collector Heating Up?

  • Usually if an atomizer or coil is not heating up your device will notify you that there is a short circuit issue with a series of flashes. On most devices, the LED lights will flash three times. 

There are three things that can cause a short circuit issue:

1. The atomizer/coil is screwed on too tight or it is screwed in incorrectly. 

This is an easy fix, unscrew the atomizer or coil and screw it back onto the base of your device. Make sure the threading is not off.

How To Make Sure The Threading is Not Off When Screwing In a Coil Or Atomizer: Trust me, it is very apparent. If the threading is somewhat off you will see that the atomizer or coil is a bit slanted while sitting on the device. 

2. The connection points on either the atomizer/coil or the base of the device are dirty.

Start by unscrewing the atomizer/coil, then inspect the connection points on the bottom of the atomizer/coil and the base. If there is any excess residue, use a cotton swap dipped in isopropyl alcohol to clean it off. Allow all parts to completely dry before reassembling.

Improper maintenance of an atomizer/coil will cause build up that is impossible to remove, this will ultimately effect taste as well as your atomizer/coils lifespan. Improper cleaning/water damage is also another reason why an atomizer/coil may fail, under no circumstances should an atomizer or coil come into contact with large amounts of water or any other liquids, unless the manufacturer specifically states it is safe to submerge these items. 

- Be sure to refer to the user manual for instructions on how to properly clean your devices atomizer/coil.

3.  The atomizer/coil is worn out and needs to be replaced. 

The most common reason an atomizer/coil wears out is because the user is running continuous heating cycles back to back, this can sometimes cause the heating element to deteriorate. Overtime, with this sort of usage, the heating element becomes weak and eventually breaks. If the flow of electricity within the heating element is disrupted, your atomizer/coil will no longer be responsive causing a short circuit error to occur.

Atomizer/coil abuse can be unintentional, "flooding" is one way this can happen. An atomizer/coil can be worn out prematurely when the temperature set on the device is too low to vaporize a large amount of concentrates (flooding). Saturation. Rate. Is. Key. Whatever kind of device you are using, whether it be an electric nectar collector, electric dab rig, an enail, a standard bucket banger with a torch, YOU MUST make sure the dabbing surface is at a hot enough temperature to vaporize the amount of concentrates you are placing on top/inside of it or else you will run into potential problems, some big and some small.

Example: If your electric nectar collector is at the lowest temperature setting, it will not be able to vaporize a large amount of concentrates at one time, causing the coil clog or flood. To fix this example of flooding, the user would have to ramp up the temperature of the device and run a few heating cycles back to back to get all of the excess concentrates burned off. Although this can potentially fix a clog/flooding issue, but it can also potentially damage your coil causing a short circuit to occur.

These are the most basic troubleshooting questions and answers, you may be experiencing further issues related to a defective device. If you have additional questions or need further assistance with your device, please contact us directly either through our live chat, email (, or by phone. 

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