Enail Dabbing Do's and Don'ts: Top Things You SHOULD Do

Top Things You SHOULD Do With an Enail

We previously went over all the things you shouldn't do with an enail, if you missed it - you can check it out over here. Now, let's dive into the "do's" so that you are using your new e-nail effectively and safely:

Preheat the Nail:

Before placing your dab on your nail, give the e-nail enough time to reach your desired temperature. Once the enail control box reaches temperature, wait a minute or two for the banger or nail to be heated to temperature.

This ensures that your dab will vaporize evenly and fully. Skipping this step can waste your dab. If your nail isn't hot enough it will cause your dab to pool on the surface. Allowing the nail to reach temperature helps guarantee a satisfying and controlled dabbing experience.

Start Low and Slow:

Start with a low temperature around 500 degrees on your e-nail and raise it or lower it when you're experimenting. You should raise or lower your temperature in increments of 10-20 degrees until you find your "sweet spot."

Starting at a lower temp helps prevent overheating and possible combustion of your dab. This approach not only offers a smoother and more flavorful dab but also reduces the harshness on your throat and lungs. Lower temps also help to conserve your material for a longer-lasting experience.

Use Quality Equipment:

When purchasing an electric dab nail it is crucial that you are investing in reliable and high-quality equipment. Be sure you are purchasing an e-nail setup from a reputable brand. Quality equipment not only guarantees safety but also allows you to purchase replacement parts and accessories for your enail.

Investing in a well-known enail brand not only ensures easy access to replacement enail coils and kits. It also unlocks a world of versatile dabbing possibilities!

Take VapeBrat Enails, for instance. They offer an array of exciting options. From Nectar Collector Enail Coil Kits to various sizes of Quartz Banger Enail Coil Kits, and even Terp Slurper Enail Coil Kits! The possibilities are endless!

With the ability to grab an enail coil kit, you have the freedom to customize your dabbing experience to your liking. All without the need to purchase an entirely new electric nail!

A high quality electric nail provides more accurate and precise temperature control. Aside from that they are more durable and consistent, allowing you to enjoy your concentrates to the fullest!

Keep it Clean:

Regular cleaning and maintenance is key to getting optimal performance and flavor from your electronic nail. Clean both your dab nail and glass dab rig regularly to prevent residue buildup.

Residue can accumulate on the dab nail / quartz banger and other components like your dab tool and carb cap. This will affect temperature accuracy and the taste of your dab. A clean setup ensures that you're getting the best taste and effects from your concentrates.

Use a Carb Cap:

A carb cap is a small but super impactful tool that can completely change your dabbing experience. Placing a carb cap over your nail helps to retain heat for a longer period of time. This creates a convection effect within the dab nail dish or quartz banger.

This increased heat retention ensures that your concentrate vaporizes evenly and efficiently, resulting in better flavor and more vapor production. Using a dab cap is a simple yet effective way to get more out of each dabs.

Think of a carb cap as your dabbing companion that brings your experience to life. It's not just a lid; it's a game-changer. When you use a carb cap, such as a directional or a spinner cap, it creates a little wind tunnel inside your banger. This gentle breeze guides and swirls your dab all over the hot surface, ensuring every bit turns into glorious vapor.

Plus, it's a guardian against hot spots and pooling, saving your precious dabs from going to waste. It's like having a skilled conductor ensuring every note of your favorite song gets played perfectly!

Experiment with Temperatures:

Different concentrates, dab size, and personal preferences call for different temperature settings. Experimentation is key to finding the ideal temperature that suits your taste and desired effect.

Lower temperatures often preserve the terpene profile, resulting in a more flavorful experience. While slightly higher temperatures provide a more intense effect. Explore a range of temperatures around 450-650 degrees to uncover what works best for you.

Time Your Dab:

Once your concentrate is on the nail, consider timing your dab. Timing your dabs understanding the connection between saturation rate vs. vaporization rate. This includes finding the optimal dose for your preferred temperature so that you aren't wasting your dab.

This allows you to extract the most flavor and effects from your material. Over time, you'll develop a sense of how much concentrate you should use based on temp for the best results.

By following these do's, you'll be well on your way to mastering the art of using an e-nail for a safe, enjoyable, and flavorful dabbing experience.

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