Best Electric Dab Rigs of 2024 - Top Five List

In the past year we have had so many advancements when it comes electric dab rigs! With numerous devices to choose from, we're faced with that age-old question. Which electric dab rig is the best?

The below list will highlight each device and its unique features. Also, which dab rig might be the best - option for you based on its capabilities! Getting a clear handle on your dabbing preferences, budget, and other factors is key to making an informed purchase!

Top 5 Best Electric Dab Rigs of 2024

  1. Focus V Carta 2: Dry and Wax Electric Dab Rig
  2. Puffco Peak Pro 2 Onyx Electric Dab Rig
  3. Dab Rig Electric - Paramour 4 Pro Smart Rig: Onyx
  4. Dr Dabber XS: Mini Electric Dab Rig
  5. Induction Dab Rig: Felho Alpha+ Electric Rig - Black

Honorable Mentions:

What is the Best Electric Dab Rig?

Ah, the same question is still resonating in your head isn't it?

The most honest answer is, there isn't a "best electronic rig". It doesn't exist! Dabbing preferences vary from person to person. What truly counts is finding an electric rig that suits you best!

Here are some key factors you should consider when purchasing a new e-rig to make sure it fits your needs best.

What are the Things I Should Look for in a Electric Dab Rig?

Temperature Control:

High quality electronic dab rigs will feature precise temperature control. This allows you to fine tune your dabbing experience to fit your preference. The less expensive options will typically have preset temperature settings.

If temperature control matters to you when dabbing, consider investing a bit more in a higher-quality device. However, keep in mind this decision depends on your budget!

Dabbing Surface/ Material : Chamber - Atomizer

Consider the style of atomizer paired with the new electric rig when making your purchase. For example the Carta 2 comes with a Quartz Coated Ceramic Atomizer. While the Puffco Peak comes with a Ceramic Chamber. Both materials are different and will give you a unique dabbing experience!

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Replacement Parts: Atomizers and Glass Attachments

When checking out a new electric dab rig, it's important to ensure that you can easily find replacement parts. Avoid the disappointment of a broken glass rendering your rig useless and essentially becoming an expensive paperweight.

Choosing a reputable, well-known brand ensures easier access to replacement parts if necessary. This advice also holds true for replacement coils, atomizers, or chambers.

Annual Costs:

Maintaining an electric rig is generally affordable every year. But if you have to replace coils often, it can get expensive.

Premium-priced e-rigs usually have durable, well-crafted atomizers. A brand's commitment to quality often hinges on the atomizer's functionality and design. For example, Carta 2 or Puffco Peak Pro atomizers can last about 6 months if you clean them regularly. However, the Lookah Unicorn Mini's coil might only hold up for about a week, depending on how much you use it.

Additional Attachments:

The real magic of an electric dab rig comes into play here. Sometimes, the initial stock options that come with an e-rig might not be your absolute favorite. Having different choices for atomizers, water bubblers, or various styles of carb caps can completely transform your dabbing sessions.

As these devices become more popular, you'll find a wider range of accessories available to improve your electric dab rig experience. This is especially helpful for users who used to avoid such devices because they lacked customization options for dabbing.

Having these extra accessories lets you adjust your dabbing experience more easily. Allowing you to tailor your dabbing precisely to your liking!

    • Water Bubblers: The addition of a water bubbler can offer better filtration with the use of less water. We always recommend using a recycler for dabbing since it'll make your dabs smoother without cooling it down too much. This in turn produces less reclaim saving you money in the long run!
    • Vortex Carb Caps: A Vortex also known as a spinner carb cap allows for the use of terp pearls with your electric rig. They can also help you adjust your airflow more easily!
    • Atomizers: A simple switch to a new atomizer can completely upgrade your entire electric dab rig. It might offer a different dabbing surface, better airflow, or improved heating. Buying a different type of atomizer can provide you with a new experience without the need to buy a new rig. With technology evolving, having additional options regularly released by the manufacturer can keep you to date with advancements!

Battery Life & Portability:

If you prefer dabbing on the go, consider choosing a compact e-rig with a durable battery. Some electronic rigs also offer wireless charging options!

Conversely, if you tend to dab at home and often forget to charge your device. Selecting a rig that supports pass-through charging could be a game-changer for you!


Lastly, and importantly, remember to factor in your budget when buying an electric dabbing device. A higher-quality device often comes with a higher initial cost but can save you money in the long term.

If your budget doesn't permit occasional splurges, consider purchasing from a highly reputable manufacturer known for their top-notch devices. Often, the technology from pricier devices trickles down to more affordable ones, minus some extra features. This way, you can get the most value for your money!

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