Electric Nectar Collectors

An electric nectar collector is a type of dabbing device used to vaporize concentrates. Nectar collector pens prioritize convenience, portability, and ease of use in their design. They resemble a slender and portable dab pen-like device.
These portable vaporizers consist of a heating element powered by a battery that heats a dab pen tip. Otherwise, known as a coil. Users touch the heated tip to their concentrate, allowing your wax to turn into vapor. You breathe in the vapor through the mouthpiece to feel its effects.
E-nectar collectors typically offer 3 temperature settings, so users can easily adjust the heat to their preferred experience. They also feature easily replaceable coil tips for super clean and full flavored dabs.
These devices are well known and liked because they're portable, easy to use, and efficient at vaporizing concentrates. They provide a convenient way to enjoy your dabs while out and about, without requiring a bulky dabbing setup.

Electric Nectar Collectors FAQ

In an electric nectar collector, three main components work together: the battery powers the coil or "tip". You dip the tip into your concentrates to vaporize them, then inhale through the mouthpiece. 

These devices are perfect for on the go dabbing, since they are more compact.

You can enjoy various kinds of concentrates using an electronic nectar collector.

Many of the more popular electric dab straws on the market that offer many different types of coil types. This gives you the option to switch out your coil based on the type of wax material you are using.

Cleaning an electric nectar collector is pretty straight forward and simple. First step is to disassemble your device, if you are able to. We recommend cleaning the air-path with a cleaning brush dipped in isopropyl alcohol and replacing the coil tip. 

For heavy users, consider replacing the coil tip weekly for optimal performance. Click here to learn more!

Like electric dab rigs, e-nectar collectors also have plenty of safety features. Most feature an auto cut off ranging from 10-30 seconds whether in manual mode or auto mode. Cut off means the device will automatically stop pushing power to the heating element.

This safety feature is in place so that you do not burn through your wax, and so the device will not get hot enough to cause a problem!

You can change the temperature settings on your electric nectar collector to match the texture of the wax you're using. You can also change the setting to fit your personalized dab preference.

Lowest setting for lower temperature dabs and the highest setting for high temp.

You can replace most parts on an e-nectar collector. For instance, it is important to regularly replace the coil tips for proper function.

Most electric dab straws are incredibly portable, measuring in at around 6 inches. These dabbing devices are known to be smaller in size and convenient to carry in your pocket!

The battery on an electric nectar collector can vary in size, the most common would be a 650mAh battery. The heat setting chosen and the number of dab sessions directly impact how long your battery lasts. Running your collector at a lower temperature during sessions helps your battery last longer between charges.

As a rough estimate, your electric nectar collector should last around 5-10 sessions prior to needing a charge!

Using an electric nectar collector has lots of advantages compared to other dabbing devices. The main reason is its size, ease of use, and portability. Since they are smaller in size they offer more discreet dabbing sessions for on the go dabbers. 

The coil tips used on e-nectar collectors are usually cheaper than electric dab rig atomizers or similar devices. However, the coil tips need to be changes more frequently than other devices. This is something some uses may find as a benefit while others may not!

The more popular electric nectar collectors on the market have multiple different coil options to choose from. Each coil has a particular material which vaporizes your wax differently!

Each coil material and structure will definitely produce a different dabbing experience!

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