Electric Dab Rig (Erig) FAQ:

‚ÄčElectric Dab Rig FAQ:

Our goal is to educate, so you can choose the Electric Dab Rig which is best for you. It's important that you understand the basics before making a purchase. The more educated on the subject you become, the more you will be able to utilize some of the amazing technology which has been created over the past few years.  If you have any questions which are not answered here, feel free to contact us via chat, or post your question on the Disqus form below, if you have any unanswered questions.

Electric Dab rigs are the obvious choice for someone looking for a convenient, portable, powerful and easy way of dabbing. With so many options in the market, under


  • How to turn on/off my electric dab rig?
  • Most electric dab rigs will turn on with some of the following methods. Pressing the button 2-5 times. Pressing and holding the button for 3 seconds or more recently with the touch sensitive buttons, holding your finger on the button for 3 seconds will turn it on. For details about the specific Electric Dab rig you are interested in purchasing, please be sure to view the FAQ tab within that product's page.
  • How to choose the right temperature form my electric dab rig?
  • Electric Dab rigs are great because of their convenience and almost fool proof design. When using a device with power settings ranging from 1-5 temperature settings, it is best to begin with the middle and then working your way up or down based on your preference and type of concentrates. The battery level of an electric dab rig will impact the power output, so ensure a full battery before using.When utilizing a digital temperature control erig, the level of battery, beginning at 420 and working your way up or down, is recommended. 
  • How much water to fill your electric dab rig with?
  • Too little water and it's harsh, too much water and you're taking a drink, not a dab. Somewhere in the middle? It's best to have as least water as possible as long as you find the dab to be smooth. 
  • How much wax to load into your electric dab rig?
  • We have many blogs about this subject, with the bottom line always being understanding the bucket saturation rate versus the bucket vaporization rate. How much wax can the device efficiently vaporize with the least amount of waste as possible. As always utilizing dabbing accessories, such as directional carb caps or terp pearls, will allow for a more enjoyable and efficient dabbing experience. 
  • How to dab with an Electric Dab Rig?
  • Much like with the on/off settings, some device initiate their heat cycle with 2 presses of the button, while others require the button to be held for a few seconds. There are different types of heating cycles which can be utilized based and your device. Some erigs feature a sesh mode, while others offer differently timed sessions based on how long or how many times the button is pressed. For details about the specific Electric Dab rig you are interested in purchasing, please be sure to view the FAQ tab within that product's page.