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Our everyday steals are due our factory direct relationships and our desire to take care of our people!

Another reason we're able to offer such amazing deals for all of our products is because of a fancy business term called "asset turnover rate".

Simply put, it means, how quickly our shelves emptied and refilled. By flying through massive orders from our factories we are able to make a smaller percentage but in a shorter period of time, this in turn also increases our purchasing power causing a reduction in cost. We understand it is the ordering from you that allows us to have that asset turnover rate, so we are sure to pass along the savings to you with all of our items. 

There are however some items which do not have a high asset turnover rate, either due to it's price-point or due to its popularity (marketing from the manufacturer usually plays a large role in this).

We handle these items in one of two ways, with items which are due to their price-point, where the costs can be brought down with increased purchasing, we reduce the costs initially to you in hopes it will raise the sales, justifying the reduction in price. However some items price will not be brought down with purchasing power, e.g. American Made Glass etc, where time, quality, and art are part of the equation. 

With items which are due to their popularity, we reduce their price in hopes of moving them faster, so we may put those proceeds towards our purchasing power for newer and more popular items.


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