Best Enail Dab Kits of 2024: Top Five List!

Top 5 Best Enails of 2024

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With so many different enail options out there, I guess you may be asking yourself "Which is the best enail?". Or which enail is the biggest bang for your buck? In this article well go over the different types of enails and which one is best - for you! Understanding your dabbing preferences, budget, and more leads to the most informed e-nail purchase!

Well well well.. Back again huh? Ready to get into the nitty gritty of finding the best electric dab nail? You're in the right place, here is everything you need to know!

First things first, there is no such thing as the "best enail", everyone has their own dabbing preferences. All that matters is that your enail is the "best" for you!

Dab Nails:

  • Titanium Enails - We like to call titanium dab nail the original dab nail. This is the material we all started with when dabbing first became popular. Titanium nails are used by dabbers who are seeking durability and like to experiment with higher temps.
  • Hybrid Enails - Hybrid Nails are a mix of quartz and titanium, the titanium body is incredibly durable. The quartz top dish ensures excellent flavor delivery. This type of nail is the middle ground promising resilience and impeccable taste.
  • Quartz Enails - Quartz Bangers are everyones go to favorite dabbing accessory. With so many styles and sizes to choose from, the process of finding an enail that best suits your needs can sometimes be daunting.
    • First there are the smaller sized 20mm buckets, these are best for dabbers that typically do not take large dabs. This is because 20mm buckets have a smaller surface area to vaporize your dab off of.
    • The 25mm Quartz Bangers are the most standard size of bucket, this size is perfect for most dabbers that like that medium sized dab. Like goldilocks not too large and not too small.
    • Now the 30mm - 35mm quartz bangers are for those looking for larger dabs. These types of bangers are perfect for dabbers seeking larger clouds. With a massive surface area leaving your dabs fully vaporized every time no matter how huge they might be!
    • So now that you've determined your dab size and the size of the banger you need you would want to look at the banger style.

Banger Styles:

  • Bucket enail bangers are the most common and most traditional style. They are short and sweet and too the point without all the bells and whistles.
  • Terp Slurper Enail bangers are the best for lower temp dabs. This style of banger is meant for the dabbers that are looking to preserve flavor. If flavor matters to you, be sure to look at the terp slurper enails we offer!
  • Opaque Bottom Enail Bangers give you that straight shot to high heat. These types of bangers heat and cool faster than a traditional banger. If you're always on-the-go and get annoyed when you have to wait for your enail to heat, you should look into this option.
  • The odd one out of the group that is also an all in one option is a nectar collector enail. A nectar collector enail typically comes with a titanim nail however it can also be ceramic. The reason we consider it an all in one option is because it comes with a glass dab straw instead of a dab rig.

Coil Compatibility:

One thing to look for when finding your perfect enail mate is coil compatibility. Are you the type of person that likes to switch it up from time to time? Possibly with a different banger or a different type of dab nail, then back again?

So, the most common size for quartz bangers, as mentioned earlier, is 25mm. A 25mm enail coil can be compatible with titanium nails, hybrid nails, terp slurper and opaque bottom quartz bangers. If you're someone that likes to have a lot of dabbing options. An enail that includes a 25mm enail coil will be best for you!

Type of Controller:

The last thing to mention is the type of controller you would like to use. These are electrical power boxes that sends electrical current to your enail coil for it to heat. Most enail controller boxes are super similar, at the end of the day they are all made to accomplish the same goal.

Micro Enail controllers are the most basic type of controller out there. They are pretty straight forward and show the set temperature you wish your coil to heat to. Micro enail controllers will typically have a slight fluctuation in temperature by five degrees.

LCD Enail controllers are the more luxury looking model. They will have two digital temps one will show the actual temperature of your coil as it heats. The other will show your set temperature.

LCD Enail controllers will sometimes have a bonus feature. Like the high five lcd has an extra usb port to charge your accessories while you dab. While the VapeBrat LCD Controller has a touch screen interface removing the hassle of push buttons getting jammed on you.


1. VapeBrat Copa Enail - Micro E-Nail Quartz E-banger Bucket Kit

Quartz Enail Dab Kit 20mm Enail Coil

The VapeBrat Copa Enail Kit is a top choice among beginners for its user-friendly design and versatile dual-size enail banger, fitting 14mm to 18mm female rigs effortlessly. This desktop enail swiftly heats 20mm nails or bangers to your desired temperature within seconds, ensuring consistent and perfect temperature dabs with its advanced thermocouple sensor. It accommodates quartz and titanium nails, and the kit includes a carb cap with an extended dab tool for easy use. Additionally, it comes with two 5ml silicone jars for convenient wax storage.

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2. VapeBrat Micro Vortex Enail Dab Kit: 25mm Vortex Banger Enail


Check out the VapeBrat Vortex Enail Kit, featuring the Micro Enail Controller Box renowned for its rapid heating and precise temperature control, reaching high temps in under 2 minutes with 0.2% temperature fluctuation. Operating between 0-999 degrees, it's recommended to stay within 500-650 degrees for optimal dabbing. This kit includes a Vortex Enail Banger, a secure coil-holding quartz rod, and a fully welded design for durability. The Riptide Vortex Bubble Carb Cap ensures even heat distribution, while Quartz Terp Pearls enhance the dabbing experience. Additionally, a 25mm Axial Enail Coil provides versatile compatibility with various bangers and nails for uniform heat distribution. Crafted with stainless steel and kevlar, VapeBrat enail coils assure reliability and innovation, making the Vortex Enail Kit an advanced choice for dabbing enthusiasts.

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3. VapeBrat LCD E Nail: Terp Slurper Enail - 35mm


The VapeBrat Terp Slurper Enail Kit combines a Terp Slurper Banger with a 35mm Terp Slurper Enail Coil for flavorful, smooth dabs. Powered by the VapeBrat LCD Enail Controller Box, it quickly reaches high temps, displaying precise temperatures on its LCD. The enail kit includes a secure, extended quartz rod in the Terp Slurper Banger and a marble set for efficient dabbing. The 35mm Terp Slurper Axial Enail Coil ensures optimal heat transfer and minimal waste. Crafted for durability with Stainless Steel and a kevlar sheath, it promises an enhanced dabbing experience. 

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4. High Five Vape - Micro E-Nail 30mm Quartz E-Banger Bucket Kit


The Micro High Five Enail is an exceptional choice among Enails for its unique ability to display the actual vaporization surface temperature, not just the coil temperature. Its compact XLR Micro Controller box, powered by a microprocessor, guarantees precise dabbing experiences at your desired temperature, offering more features, low energy consumption, minimal temperature fluctuation, and an extended lifespan. This kit includes a 30mm Axial coil and a 14mm Male 90 Degree 30mm Dia Quartz Banger, providing compatibility with other 30mm diameter enail bangers. The High Five coil stand securely holds coils and bangers during cleaning or cooldown, crafted from medical-grade stainless steel in a sleek matte black finish. 

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5. Pulsar Elite Series - Micro eNail Kit w/ Carb Cap


The Micro eNail Kit provides all essentials for dabbing, excluding the water pipe and concentrates. With precise temperature control, the Micro eNail lets you set your preferred dabbing temperature.

Included in the kit: - Pulsar Elite Series Micro eNail Power and Temperature Control Box with Digital Screen. - Fits 20mm nails - Features a removable power cord and a 4ft. heating coil cord - Comes with a Grade 2 titanium universal nail offering 6 sizes in 1 - Titanium carb cap - Instruction card

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