VapeBrat Micro Vortex Enail Dab Kit: 25mm Vortex Banger Enail

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  •  VapeBrat Micro Vortex Enail Dab Kit: 25mm Vortex Banger Enail
  •  VapeBrat Micro Vortex Enail Dab Kit: 25mm Vortex Banger Enail
  •  VapeBrat Micro Vortex Enail Dab Kit: 25mm Vortex Banger Enail
  •  VapeBrat Micro Vortex Enail Dab Kit: 25mm Vortex Banger Enail
  •  VapeBrat Micro Vortex Enail Dab Kit: 25mm Vortex Banger Enail
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VapeBrat Micro Vortex Enail Dab Kit

25mm Vortex Banger E-Nail

The VapeBrat Micro Vortex Enail utilizes a Vortex Enail Fully Welded Banger!

It's the last enail you will ever need to buy! 

With all the features you could ever ask for and more!

The VapeBrat Vortex Enail Kit features a Micro Enail Controller Box.

Micro Enail Controller Box:

  •  The VapeBrat Micro Enail Controller Box is able to achieve super high temps in a matter of 2 minutes or less. The Micro features more accurate temperature readings with a slight fluctuation of about 0.2%. Temperature can be set anywhere from 0-999 Degrees based on preference, even though you can run this thing to almost 1000 degrees, its probably best if you stick around 500-650 degrees for a grade A dabbing experience. The digital display shows set temp and not the actual temperature of the coil or heated surface, but with the help of the Octave or Terpometer, for added accuracy, you can achieve that perfect dab every time. Just set this enail to your desired temp and dab on my fellow VapeBrat... dab on!

The VapeBrat Vortex Enail Kit also comes with a Vortex Enail Banger, a Vortex Bubble Carb Cap, and two Terp Pearls. 

Vortex Enail Banger Full Weld: 14mm Male 90 Degree 25mm Dia:

  • The Vortex E-Nail Banger by VapeBrat features the same directional air pathways build into the side walls like a regular vortex banger, however this banger has a quartz rod sticking out from the bottom to secure your enail coil in place with either a cotter pin or o-clamp. This safe and simple variation for a coil holder reduces the risk of the coil falling off and potentially burning you or anything under it. The Vortex E-Banger also features a beveled top to create an air tight seal for a marble carb cap, increasing the airflow through the directional airpaths creating a spinning effect that vortex bangers are known for. The overall construction is standard for a vortex banger, but what sets this enail banger apart is the fact that it is fully welded for increased durability making it less likely to break where the two pieces of quartz are normally joined together.

Riptide Vortex Bubble Carb Cap:​

  • The Riptide is made to fit a wide variety of bangers because of its bubble shape, but it also features a vortex bottom. Traditional bubble caps contain an opening at the bottom to direct airflow, however this is not always ideal when using terp pearls. It's difficult to maneuver the bubble cap in such a way that the pearls spin in a circular motion, for their intended function.

  • The Vortex bottom is the solution, it contains airpaths encircling the insertable tip, creating a vortex effect inside of your banger. When used without terp pearls the increased airflow from a vortex carb cap moves around your concentrates for a more evenly heated dab.

Quartz Terp Pearls:​

  • These Terp Pearls are the perfect addition to enhance your dabbing experience. In order for them to work, you need a bucket banger of your choosing, paired with an airflow carb cap. Directional, Bubble, and especially Vortex carb caps are some great options. The increased airflow created inside your banger when using a directional, or vortex carb cap forces the terp pearls to spin around the heated bottom, liberating the terps, preventing hot spots, and pooling, producing a more evenly heated dab. When used without terp pearls the vortex airflow moves and spreads around the concentrates evenly throughout the heated surface area.

Lastly the VapeBrat Vortex Enail Kit comes with a 25mm Axial Enail Coil.

25mm Axial Enail Coil:

  •  This VapeBrat 25mm Axial Enail Coil is compatible with any Bucket Banger that has a 25mm diameter bottom, Terp Slurper Bangers with a 25mm bottom dish, any Titanium nail, or Hybrid Nail that either utilize a 25mm dish. Axial Enail Coils cover the entire bottom surface of a banger and a portion of the banger walls. Axial coils are shaped like a bucket, designed to fit perfectly to the bottom of your banger and is held in place by a cotter pin or an o-clamp. Axial coils are meant to heat your banger to higher temperatures and for even heat distribution.

All VapeBrat enail coils are made out of Stainless Steel and a kevlar sheath.

The VapeBrat Micro Enail, Micro Enail Dos and Micro Tres, and Micro Enail Quatro are the most advanced and reliable digital enails to hit the market!


Micro PID Controller Box:

  • Temperature Range: 0°F to 999°F
  • Size: 5" x 3.5" x 1.5"
  • Display: Flat Digital - Set Value 
  • Coil Connection: 5PIN Female XLR
  • Temperature Precision: 0.2% FS
  • 1 Year Warranty on Controller Box
  • Pin Set Up: PIN 1: TC+, PIN 2: TC-, PIN 3: Ground, PIN 4: AC, PIN 5: AC

NOTE: VapeBrat Enail Coils are only made to be used with VapeBrat Enail Controller Boxes and may not be compatible with other brands. DO NOT attempt to pair VapeBrat Enail Coils with other brand controller boxes.​​

Vortex Enail Full Weld Banger:​

  • Joint Size: 14mm 
  • Joint Angle: 90 Degree
  • Joint Gender: Male
  • Banger Bucket Diameter: 23mm
  • Banger Bottom Diameter: 25mm
  • Neck Connection: Fully Welded
  • Top Style: Beveled Edge

Note: You can change the Gender and Angle to fit your dab rig by choosing a different selection from the options menu on the right of the product page.

Vortex Bubble Carb Cap:​

  • Diameter: 26mm 
  • Insertable Diameter: 11mm 
  • Handle Height: 17mm
  • Complete Height: 51mm
  • Terp Pearls; 6mm

25mm Axial Enail Coil:​

  • Size: 25mm - Compatible with 25mm Diameter Bangers
  • Coil Style: Axial 
  • Coil Material: Stainless Steal
  • Sheath: Kevlar
  • Thermocouple: K Type
  • 30 Day Warranty on Coil 


  • Controller Box Low Energy Usage
  • Can be Used with 250V 6 Amp Fuse - Fuse Protection
  • Steady Temperature Control With Almost No Overshoot
  • Quick Heat Up
  • ON/OFF Push Button for Box
  • Vortex Banger with Beveled Top for Air Tight Seal with Marble or Bubble Carb Cap
  • Fully Welded Banger for Increased Durability
  • Bubble Cap with Vortex Bottom for Increased Airflow 
  • Doubled Up Vortex Airflow for More Evenly Heated Dabs
  • 25mm Larger Heated Surface Area for Larger Dabs
  • 25mm Axial Coil Style for Top Notch Heat Distribution 
  • Terp Pearls Included for Even Heat Distribution 


  • 1 x VapeBrat Micro Enail Controller with Digital Display
  • 1 x VapeBrat Full Welded Vortex Enail Banger 14mm and Male 90 Degree
  • 1 x Riptide Vortex Carb Cap
  • 2 x Quartz Terp Pearls
  • 1 x 25mm Axial Coil
  • 1 x 6ft Long Power Cord
  • 2 x Silicone Jars
  • Carrying Case Sold Separately 
  • Instruction & Troubleshooting Manual - Page 1   Page 2 

Quick Tip:

Having the right banger can make a world of difference to your dabbing experience. Bangers are one of those items that warrant a bit of a splurge to make sure your experience is as elevated as can be. But the main component to consider is how well you take care of your banger to ensure it stays clean and fresh for each hit. ​​

#4. Banger Thickness

There are 2 different measurements for thickness, there is the wall thickness and then there is the bottom thickness. The thicker the bottom and walls, the greater the heat retention and overall durability of the banger. Thickness does come at a cost. Using an extremely thick bottom banger will take longer to heat, however it will retain the heat longer. This would be important for those looking to maintain banger temperature while placing large amounts of concentrates into the bucket banger.

#5. Banger Accessories

While picking your banger, it is also important to note and pay attention to the kind of accessories you pair with it, such as a carb cap, terp pearls or pills, and marbles.

Bucket Inserts: Varying in shape and size, bucket inserts offer a great cold start option or can be used for super heat retention.

Terp Pearls: Also known as Banger Beads or Terp Balls, these are small quartz balls, placed inside the banger (1 or 2) which when paired with the appropriate directional airflow carb cap (namely a vortex carb cap) spin around the banger during inhalation. The spinning of the terp pearls helps evenly distribute the concentrate across the surface area of the banger, preventing hot spots, and creating an evenly heated area for a consistent experience. This allows for a higher vaporization rate even at lower temps as the saturation rate is evenly distributed.

Carb Caps: There are just as many different types of carb caps as there are bangers, but there are two things to concern yourself with, the carb cap size, and style / functionality. The most popular carb caps have an airflow design that allows for your concentrates to evenly distribute in the banger, preventing pooling, and allowing the concentrated to evenly vaporize. When choosing inserts, such as terp pearls, getting a vortex carb cap or directional carb cab is crucial in making the pearls function properly. 

Reclaim Catchers: Possibly the most important accessory, a reclaim catcher is used to catch the concentrates that get sucked down the banger neck. Reclaim catchers keep your pipe clean by preventing that reclaim from falling directly into your pipe, and more importantly are able to gather the excess concentrates for use later on! Even when using a reclaim catcher, a rig or pipe will build up reclaim from natural condensation.

To Read The Ultimate Bucket Banger Buying Guide Click Here!

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3 Reviews

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    Posted by Unknown on 13th Jun 2023

    Works terrific, same temp everytime, no more torch, and a ton of banger options that go with it. Super happy with my purchase

  • 5
    Fast Delivery / Good Pack Job

    Posted by Lloyd on 23rd Feb 2023

    Ordered on Monday, arrived Thursday and Monday was a holiday. Everything was unbroken and as described. No drama. Just what I wanted.

  • 5

    Posted by Thomas p Lee on 30th Nov 2022

    This is gonna be my first email kit.

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