30mm Enail Coil and Banger: Quartz Enail Banger Bucket - VapeBrat

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30mm Enail Coil and Banger: Quartz Enail Banger Bucket - VapeBrat

Get the ultimate 30mm enail coil kit designed to make your life easier and your dabbing experience more than extraordinary! Check out the 30mm Enail Coil heater and Quartz Enail Banger kit, by VapeBrat Enails. This kit offers everything you need to get your enail going, just select your preferred banger to fit your dab rig and a fantastic spinner dab cap of your choice!

Prepare for massive powerful dabs like you've never experienced before, thanks to the spinner cap and dab pearls included in this kit. These dynamic combination of dabbing accessories work together to distribute your dab evenly across the heated bottom of your quartz enail banger.

But that's not all—the banger included in this kit is considered to be a fully welded quartz banger. What does "full weld" mean? Simply put, it means that there isn't a welded part between the banger bucket and the neck. This adds to the durability of your quartz dab banger, reducing the risk of breaking at that troublesome welded spot from high heat.

Now, let's talk about the enail coil thats included in this practical kit. The 30mm enail coil is an axial style coil, this style features a carefully wrapped wire that encompasses the entire bottom of your enail banger. The axial coil takes the shape of a "bucket," specifically designed to fit a "bucket" quartz banger flawlessly. This unique style ensures optimal heat transfer as it covers the entire bottom and a portion of the banger side walls. No matter where you place your dab, rest assured it will be vaporized to perfection!

Last but not least, this kit is completed with an 8mm enail coil holder, ensuring a secure attachment between your enail coil and enail banger. No more worrying over a loose connection or instability—this kit has you covered!

Get ready to elevate your dab game with this exceptional enail coil kit. The VapeBrat is here to make your next enail purchase a breeze, providing top-quality components for your enail controller. Say goodbye to average dabs and embrace the extraordinary!


  • 30mm Bottom Diameter Banger
  • 30mm Enail Coil - Axial Style
  • Compatible Spinner Dab Cap and Dab Pearls Includes
  • Pin Setup / Controller Box Compatibility: Pin 1: TC-, Pin 2: TC+, Pin 3: Ground, Pin 4: AC, Pin 5: AC
  • Can be used with all VapeBrat Controller Boxes


  • Enail Coil and Banger Full Kit 
  • Fully Vaporized Dabs with the Use of Dab Pearls and Spinner Carb Cap
  • Customizable Kit to Fit Your Glass Dab Rig
  • Secure Enail Coil Holder Clamp
  • Versatile Coil Compatible with other Dab Nails Besides Bucket Bangers


  • 1 x 30mm Enail Coil - Axial: VapeBrat
  • 1 x 30mm Quartz Enail Banger
  • 1 x Spinner Carb Cap 
  • 2 x Terp Pearls
  • 1 x O-Clamp
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