How Do You Measure a Dab?

How Do You Measure a Dab?

Being a dabbing beginner can be intimidating, but any experienced enthusiast will tell you that getting over that hump is well worth it since the results of dabbing can’t be stated enough.Still, getting used to a whole new type of setup, familiarizing yourself with the nature of concentrates and even just learning the lingo can definitely take some time.

One of the most common questions that newbies have is how to measure each dab.Maybe they’re familiar with dry herb and know exactly how much to load into their pipe or into a piece of rolling paper.With dabbing, especially due to its far higher potency, beginners naturally want to make sure they’re applying enough concentrate to their nail or banger, but not so much that they waste product or end up with a way stronger session than they had anticipated.So, how do you measure a dab?

The Bottom Line: You Sorta Don’t

You may be surprised that in spite of the huge popularity of dabbing, and all of the accessories that are now on the market to make the dabbing process easier, more efficient and more customizable, there is still no universal measurement for dabs, specifically. Dabs are transferred from their original container to your rig setup using what’s known as a dab tool, which is an instrument that prevents you from having to touch the dabs yourself and get your hands dirty, while, more importantly, preventing you from burning your fingers by making contact with the super-hot nail or banger.But, that dab tool doesn’t measure out the amount of concentrate you’re applying to your rig.So, measuring out your dabs is really just a matter of “eyeballing” the proper amount for your needs.

Figuring out the right amount of dabs comes with experience, and what’s considered the right amount will be different for each user.But, here are some things to take into account that will help you decide how much you should use per each session.Since we all dab at different temperatures and have different equipment, it’s more about considering your dabbing goals, which are highly subjective. For the most efficient dab you will want to find the equilibrium of the Saturation Rate and Vaporization Rate. Think of a.......


Of course, your tolerance matters.Dabs are so much more potent than other cannabinoid products on the market, so you want to be extra careful when measuring out your dabs to avoid taking in too much as a beginner.So, starting with a small amount is always ideal, in this regard.

Following the Label’s Instructions

Concentrates almost always come with instructions on the label, which tell you the serving size that’s considered appropriate in the general sense, and may even tell you a general idea of how much to apply to your nail or banger.So, if your concentrates do come with these types of directions, follow them as this is the best way to ensure you’re using the proper amount.

Taking the Potency into Account

Different dabs have different potency levels based on the type of concentrate, the strain and more.So, the potency of any specific dab gives you a good idea of how much you’ll want to vaporize in one session to get the desired results.Obviously, more potent dabs require only a little bit to get the results you want.For instance, shatter is more potent than wax, so some people use less shatter than they would wax.

Knowing that Sometimes, Less is More

Don’t assume that the end game is to place a huge amount of dabs into your nail or banger, since in a lot of ways, less is more.For one thing, the more dabs you apply, the more waste you are likely to end up with since a lot of that product will just burn rather than get heated evenly.The less you use, the more likely you are to consume all of it, and the more likely you are to get smooth, flavorful hits since the dabs will enjoy an even level of heat.

Saturation vs. Vaporization Rate

It’s important to have an understanding of saturation rate and vaporization rate.Saturation rate refers to how saturated the heating element gets with the melted concentrate, and the vaporization rate is how much of the concentrate in that heating element actually gets converted into vapor rather than staying in the heating element or burning.The right saturation vs. vaporization rate prevents waste and burning.Dabbing is all about finding that equilibrium, and there’s no exact measurement to go by as it just comes with practice.This matters in terms of measuring your dabs because adding too much concentrate can mean a lot of those dabs remain saturating your heating element rather than vaporizing, leading to waste.

Finding the Right Dab Tool

One thing you can do is use the same dab tool over and over again, to maintain a consistent dosage based on visual memory.Basically, your brain will memorize the amount you apply based on how it looks when handled by the dab tool.If you have a gram of concentrate, we recommend starting with about a tenth of a gram and only working your way up as needed.

If you really want to dial in the exact measurements then we highly recommend this great device from Stache, the DigiTul is a dabtool that can weigh exactly how much wax is on the tip!

Everyone’s Dabbing Needs are Different

Overall, it’s just too hard to give an exact amount of how much to dab at any given time since there are lots of different factors like temperature, banger/nail size, tolerance and potency of the concentrates themselves.The key takeaway is that if you’re a beginner, you should start small.

17th May 2022 Midnight Toker

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