​The Best of Nectar Collectors: 2020/2021

​The Best of Nectar Collectors: 2020/2021

Dabbing is a fast-evolving market that started out as a niche hobby and turned into a huge and ever-growing trend in the cannabis world. Dabbing devices have advanced at a dizzying rate over the last decade, and the latest addition to the collection of devices is the nectar collector. Nectar collectors are noted for being easier to work with, less messy and smoother in terms of inhale, making them highly sought-after products on the dabbing market.

Which Device Should You Choose?

Each of these nectar collectors below can give you the dabbing experience of your dreams, with loads of features and excellent construction.

Yocan Falcon 6 in 1 Vaporizer

Yocan is a highly respected brand in the industry and one e-nectar collector that has gotten everyone talking is the Yocan Falcon, largely for its versatility but also for its excellent performance. In fact, this is perhaps their best-selling vaporizer to date. The “6 in 1” comes from its ability to handle a wide range of products, including dry herb, like a champ, bringing out the best flavor in everything that fits into its chamber.

The Yocan Falcon offers a built-in 1000mAh battery and uses quartz heating elements to maximize your vapor production, flavor, and smoothness of each draw, while heating your product evenly along the way. It uses temperature presets for easy yet varied output settings.

Star Wing 10mm E-Nectar Collector 2 in 1

The Star Wing comes with a glass bubbler attachment for those who want the sensation of cool vapor passing through their throat and want something that’s easy to operate yet fully capable of meeting their demands. This nectar collector takes only 90 minutes to fully charge and is outfitted with an internal 900mAh battery. It is one of the more portable options out there, and the heating element is made to provide you with maximum flavor whenever you take a hit. Features an adapter so that it can be used with a more substantial glass water pipe.

G9 Electric Nectar Collector Kit

The G9 Electric Nectar Collector Kit has gotten a lot of love from the dabbing community. This is a particularly advanced option, and while it’s still pretty user-friendly, it has got a lot more features and attachments for those who want to really customize their dabbing experience. Uses a ceramic heating tip that does wonders for flavor while being very heat-resistant, and ceramic is renowned for its ability to retain heat so that it takes less time to get your dabs going. There is also a quartz tip that can be used instead of the ceramic one, which is incredibly resilient and also capable of enhancing flavor.

The G9 uses an instant heating coil mechanism and features a spill-proof glass bubbler attachment. It uses a 1000mAh lithium-ion battery and offers sublime power levels and long-lasting sessions before needing to be recharged.

Being both very compact and easy to use, while offering exceptional durability thanks to its high-end materials makes this device an awesome choice!

Lookah Seahorse Pro

Looking for a particularly affordable option? Well, the Lookah Seahorse Pro is the king of the e-nail seas, as it’s a great choice if you are totally new to dabbing due to how user-friendly and simple it is. Also is very portable compared to other models and is compatible with 510-threaded cartridges for a different type of vaping experience.

The Seahorse Pro uses ceramic coils which maintain heat while heating the product evenly and improving flavor. There is a glass water pipe attachment included, and a competent internal battery that charges in 45 minutes. It uses a single-button operating system to handle all of the various presets and the act of powering the device on and off.

Galaxy Nectar Collector Electric Upgrade Kit

The Galaxy Nectar Collector Electric Upgrade Kit is for turning an analog nectar collector into an electric one, so note that this one is only an option if you already have an analog nectar collector or intend to purchase one in the near future. While analog nectar collectors offer smooth and satisfying smoke, many of us know that vaporizers offer their own distinctive benefits that make them fully worth exploring.

Kit includes with all of the different elements needed to fully convert your existing setup into an electric one, minus the glass piece which you can select according to your needs. You can find plenty of compatible glass pieces right here at

Included are the XLR temperature controller, which acts as the control box or mod, the power cord, the coiled heater, two ceramic tips and a convenient travel case. Setting up the entire system is extremely intuitive, which means you will not need to be an expert in vaporizer devices to start enjoying smooth and flavorful vapor.

Huni Badger E-Nectar Collector Dab Pen

For a vaporizer that can meet all your nectar collector needs, the Huni Badger E-Nectar brings exactly what you’ve been missing. You are looking at a Collector Dab Pen that comes in a very travel-friendly case if you wish to bring it to your friend’s house. This device is powered by an 18650 battery, which is purchased separately and recharged outside of the device itself. Includes a mouthpiece, which doubles as an adapter for glass water pipes. Also offers an array of safety features.

The Huni Badger comes with both a high and low temp HuniTip, and the overall setup is designed to maximize flavor like few other e-nectar collectors can. It produces enormous clouds, and the ceramic tube heating element keeps heat distribution nice and even while retaining heat between hits. Also features a 510-threaded adapter.

E-Nectar Collectors are the Next Big Thing in the Dabbing World offers one of the best selections available on the market. Each of the e-nectar collectors above has something to offer to the dabbing enthusiast who wants a new and more flavorful way to experience their concentrates. They are all user-friendly, durable, reliable, and capable of giving you glorious clouds throughout the day.

Original Date: 4/9/21

Update: 5/25/21


The following devices have become more popular over the course of the year, some of which have just recently been released.

Boundless Terp Pen

Small, mighty and sleek, the Boundless Terp Pen does a terrific job of offering a smooth steady experience, with a quick charge.

Lookah Seahorse Max

The latest evolution of the Seahorse series, the Seahorse Max takes all the things you loved about the Seahorse Pro, but added loads more battery life and a water bubbler attachment!

Stache CoNectar

The CoNectar by Stache is another great product from the guys over at Stache Products. This devices is a simple attachment for any 510 thread battery you may already have. Simply attach the CoNectar, screw on a nectar collector coil, such as the lookah seahorse pro coils, and walla, you are good to go!

Yocan Dive Mini

Small, Reliable and comes with water filtration. The Dive mini has made its way into the top 10 by being good enough in all regards and a great deal for the features for the moderate user.

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