Top 5 Portable E-nails 2021

Top 5 Portable E-nails 2021

5 Best Portable E-Nails of 2021

Those who have been dabbing for a while have eagerly awaited the release of the latest and greatest e-nails which each outdo each other with fabulous features, better performance, and more consistency. In 2020, we saw some pretty phenomenal examples of e-nails at their finest, both in portable and desktop designs, and 2021 will give us even more exciting additions to the market.

As 2021 has just began, we would like to make our list of the best e-nails to purchase this year, based on ratings, reviews and buying habits over the last several months. These are the the e-nails which you will be hearing more of throughout the coming year.

Portable E-Nails

Based on buying trends, it is clear that portable e-nails aren’t going anywhere. They continue to perform very well, and why wouldn’t they? They give us lots of customizable features and settings while being easy to take with us when we travel. Here are the five e-nails we expect to outperform the rest in the year ahead.

#5: Grav Portable E-Nail

It’s really hard to find any fault in the  Grav Portable E-Nail, which offers lots of exciting features, a user-friendly design

and serious compatibility options. It operates with any female water pipe or bong as it has a male adapter and utilizes a brilliantly designed ceramic chamber that gives you excellent flavor and smoothness of vapor. All of the e-nail’s operations are managed with a single button, and this device in general is known for its consistent performance.

#4: Lookah Q7 Portable E-Nail Vaporizer

Compatible with any water pipe, the  Lookah Q7 Portable E-Nail Vaporizer works just as beautifully as a standalone or attachment, with a 2000mAh battery that’s unbelievably powerful, long-lasting and fast-charging.

This e-nail works at temperatures between 200 and 750 degrees, which means it’s more than capable of handling the needs of all of your various concentrates. The quartz chamber sustains heat beautifully while producing a super clean flavor that makes each puff an enjoyable experience, and the piece is renowned for the smoothness of the vapor which keeps your throat from getting irritated.

#3: Lookah Seahorse Dab Vaporizer

An even more portable option is the  Lookah Seahorse Dab Vaporizer, with its beautiful and compact design and ability to rival the abilities of the larger, more advanced e-nails on the market today. Using interchangeable quartz and ceramic coils provides the best of both

worlds, as each one offers something special to the vaping experience in terms of flavor, heat distribution, and quality of vapor. With a 510-threaded connection, it is also compatible with oil carts, eliminating the need for a secondary device, and attaches easily to water pipes for a smoother type of vaping experience with cooler clouds.

#2: Ooze Magma E-Nail

The  Ooze Magma E-Nail is a highly advanced option with loads of features, including a comprehensive display screen, various size attachments and four user-friendly temperature presets that allow you to customize the output in a much more intuitive and fast way. You can use it on its own or attached to a water pipe, and its price tag is well worth it when it come to the quality of the clouds and the flavor that you will experience with each puff.

#1: Puffco Peak Pro All-in-One E-Rig

This model from  Puffco may not be considered a true e-nail, but it is so exceptional that we had to include it in our list.

This advanced e-rig system provides a window where you can watch your concentrates melt before your very eyes and has loads of adjustable features that give you more control over the general experience. The temperature is phenomenally consistent and is set in a user-friendly manner. Meanwhile, a directional airflow path gives you more vapor out of each puff, along with more satisfying and richer flavor production.
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