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Glass Bubbler
LED Display
Simple Operation
Ooze is a vaporizer company that brings ten years of experience to the table focusing on both innovation and value for money. With a product line that includes everything from premium quality kits, add ons, and accessories such as grinders and clothing they cover it all. Their recently released Magma Enail packs a lot into one product with a versatile package that does more than first meets the eye.

The Exterior

The base of the unit houses the battery and heating chamber, with either a black or silver metal exterior that’s durable and easy to hold. There’s also a translucent green screen to see all the action inside. An included glass bubbler attaches on top of the atomizer area with a carb to help direct airflow through the chamber. You can either use it dry or add water for filtration that leads to extra smooth hits.

Multiple Attachment Sizes

While this is convenient way to enjoy the device, if you have an existing glass water pipe the base of the Magma can easily attach with its dual sized 14/18mm base adapter. This adds another dimension to the device and allows to you make the best used out of compatible rigs you already own. For added experimentation, two atomizers come in the package, a dual quartz and single coil nail. While the Magma is more portable than a traditional Enail rig, at 10 inches in length it’s not the most compact or discrete, either, especially compared to something like a vape pen. A nice metal carrying case makes it easy to transport at least.

Operating The Ooze Magma Enail

Despite having multiple modes of operation, the Magma remains really simple to use. Just click the single button three times to turn it on. The four LEDs will flash while it starts to heat up. You can then adjust the temperature over a range of four different settings that start at 574F and go up to 842F just by clicking twice. Whether you want to use it standalone or with a water pipe, loading the Magma is the same. With no attachment on the heating chamber place some wax or concentrate into the atomizer. Then either attach the glass bubbler and carb if using the Magma on its own, or just the carb if combining with a water pipe. The base adapter is versatile in that it has both 14mm and 18mm width ridges and can also be turned around to expose the female end for a total of three different size fittings. Just make sure to always keep the base securely on even when using its own bubbler. Even when not in use the base fits into the included stand to help keep the unit upright.

Running Time

You’ll get about 20 seconds of heating time to savor your dab. If you need more just press the button again to go for another 20.After 60 seconds of inactivity the device will completely shut down to preserve battery life. The Magma is capable of flavorful hits on the lower temperatures and yet can manage big clouds on the higher temps at a small cost in taste. Although the glass bubbler allows water filtration it can sometimes be messy with some splashback. You might prefer just to hit it dry. At least Ooze give you the choice here either way.

Battery Maintenance

The battery will need to be charged about six hours the first time you use it which is a small drag if you want to get started using it as soon as it arrives. Also be sure to not let the battery go below 2% charge or it won’t be able to take a charge. This isn’t a problem if you use the Magma daily but if it’s left in storage for any length of time you’ll need to babysit it and check the charge periodically.

Buying The Oooze Magma Enail

The Magma isn’t exactly a budget vape but given the amount of options and the quality of the device it’s still a great deal online. If you want the same type of hits an eNail or bong provide but with less hassle and more portability it’s a solid choice to check out.


Carb Cap
Carrying Case
Dual Quartz Coil
E-Nail Glass Connector
Glass Water Bubbler
Micro USB Charger
Product Tool
Rubber Rings
Quartz Nail Coil
Technical Specifications

10” x 1.37”
14mm/16mm Connectors
2900 mAh Battery
572F - 842F
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