Lookah Q7 Portable Enail Vaporizer

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Lookah Q7 Quartz 2000mAh Wax Vaporizer Compatible With Any Water Pipe

Lookah Q7 is a portable electric dab nail professionally designed for wax as a mini enail banger.

It features a double layer quartz coil with patented technology and has cold start technology, real-time temperature control that all combine to ensure the purest and smoothest taste for enail dabbing possible.

The Q7 was the first of its kind to apply a quartz heating chamber with a temperature sensor, this provides the real temperature setting so you can get every bit of flavor and goodness from your concentrates.  Its compact size makes this high-quality device one of the most portable e-nails so you can take your dabbing experience on the go.

The Lookah Q7 portable e-nail can fit onto any water pipe that has a 14mm or 18mm male joint connection. Don't settle for those clunky desktop enails and old titanium nails with the hassle of a butane torch and enjoy the pure taste and connivence you get with the Lookah Q7.

The screen displays both temperature and battery information which provides a very familiar experience to mods.

Temperature ranges between 200°F and 750°F means this portable enail can be used for all different types of wax concentrates. 


  • Input Voltage : 3.7V
  • Battery: Built-in 2000mAh
  • Lithium Battery
  • Temperature: 200-750°F
  • Cold start dab for WAX. Pre-heat function.
  • Designed for compatibility with any 14mm to 18mm glass water pipe.
  • Temperature Ranges between 200°F and 750°F
  • 100% QUARTZ Chamber and QUARTZ dish, Wax does not come into contact with the coil so there is no burnt taste, only the pure and original flavor.
  • Easy to clean
  • Durable Quartz Quality Enail coil.
  • Magnetic cap, easy to use.


  • 1 x Q7 Device
  • 1 x Micro USB Cable
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 1 x Dab Tool
  • 1 x 19mm Joint
  • 1 x 14mm Joint

What is a Portable Enail?

A portable enail is a concentrate vaporization device that can be attached directly to a water pipe for added water filtration. Portable enails come in a variety of styles, up until recently portable enails did not have a digital display on them, had traditional conduction heating like a coil or a bucket and have now graduated to induction heating methods.

Advantages to Portable E-nails 

portable e-nail offers a more efficient, powerful, and smoother experience when combined with water filtration. Digital portable enails allow the user to customize their experience per their strength preference or concentrate’s vaporization point. There is a slight variation of vaporization points for each type of concentrate, utilizing a digital display will allow for accounting of this slight difference for the most controlled experience and cloud size control.

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Lookah Q7 FAQ

How Do I Reset My Lookah Q7?

If the Q7 screen is frozen and the device will not respond when you press the buttons please try the following steps to reset:

  • 1. At the same time, push and hold the (-) button and the power button for 10 seconds. This should go into reset mode.
  • 2. The device specifications will show on the screen along with the hardware and software build info.
  • 3. Release the (-) button and the power button.
  • 4. The Lookah logo will display and then the device will power back on. It should now operate normally.

My Lookah Q7 Will Not Charge

Please try the following steps:

  • 1. Please check the charging port or the charging cable for any damage.
  • 2. If there isnt any damage please try using a different charging cable, charging cube, or outlet to see if this resolves the issue.
  • 3. If the charging port is dirty, please clean it with an alchol and cotton swab.
  • 4. Check the Display to see what information is shown on the screen.
  • 5. If the device is completely dead the display will not illuminate right away when it is placed on the charger. Please place the device on the charger and come back to it in two hours, the device should be fully charged at this time.

How Do I Clean My Lookah Q7?

Cleaning Steps:

  • 1. Clean the Quartz Bucket with a cotton swab after each use to avoid hard to clean build up. Excess build up can clog your Lookah Q7 and degrade its efficiency.

The airflow on the Lookah Q7 passes through the carb that sits on top of the quartz bucket which passes through the chamber, then through the adapter that connects to a waterpipe. If you are experiencing a lack of airflow when trying to draw from your waterpipe the carb or the adapter are most likely clogged and need to be cleaned.

To clean the adapter please follow these steps:

  • 1. Unscrew the adpter off the bottom of your Lookah Q7.
  • 2. Clean with a cleaning brush soaked in isopropyl alcohol.
  • 3. Make sure to clean all of the inside and outside portion of the adapter for the best results from your Lookah Q7.

To clean the carb please follow these steps:

  • 1. Remove the Carb from the Lookah Q7 by unscrewing it. Press down on the carb with your finger and with your other hand unscrew the underside of the carb.
  • 2. The carb should come off in two pieces.
  • 3. Clean these two pieces with alcohol and a cleaning brush or a cotton swab.
  • 4. After cleaning, rinse in water, let dry, then screw the carb back in place.

If your device is still not working correctly, please send an email to info@e-nail.com, stating the specific problem. Please include a picture or video showing the fault and also include your order number.

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Additional Information

3.6 Inches
Heat Up Time:
15 Seconds
Temp Option:
200 Min
Temp Option:
750 Degrees Max
Integrated Quartz Chamber
Battery Size:
2000 mAh
Joint Size:
Joint Size:
Charge Time:
2 Hours
Uses Per Charge:
20-30 Sessions
Charge Type:
Micro USB
Added Features:
Haptic Feedback, Customizable Temp Settings, 60 Second Sesh-Mode
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2 Reviews

  • 4
    It’s good

    Posted by Tara Bentley on 13th Nov 2021

    I love it.

  • 5
    Q7 rocks

    Posted by Ed on 9th Sep 2021

    I have bought this before and work great.

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