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​Dabbing 101: Intro to Dab Life

​Dabbing 101: Intro to Dab Life

Dabbing 101: What you need to know about dabbing

Dabbing is quickly becoming the go-to way to experience flower among those who have a keen interest in the properties of the plant, and desire something particularly potent and convenient. Dabbing has become an entire way of life, with all kinds of unique devices and attachments, not to mention actual types of concentrates, that take the act of experiencing flower to a whole new level.

If you’re going to get into dabbing, it is imperative that you know the lingo. We know getting into any new hobby can be intimidating, but with dabbing, the vocabulary is particularly confusing to the beginner.

Good news is that we’re here today to make things a bit easier for you, so let’s get started.


Dabbing is a term used to refer the act of inhaling the smoke or vapor of a concentrate. Concentrates are referred to as “dabs” as slang, and they are any concentrated forms of flower, including wax, shatter, crumble, rosin, budder and so on. Dabbing is simply the act of inhaling them through a designated dabbing device.


Concentrates and dabs are synonymous in most cases, and the term comes from the fact that they’re naturally more concentrated than pure flower. What this means is that they offer much higher potency levels than flower, and the exact potency level varies from product to product. Because these are so highly concentrated, they will give you a much stronger experience, and require less inhales to get you there.

Dab Rig

dab rig is the analog version of a dabbing device. A dab rig is to a dab vaporizer, what a pipe is to a flower vaporizer. A dab rig is a lot like a pipe, but with some major differences. It comes in all kinds of sizes, shapes, and materials.

Dab Pen

dab pen is an alternative way to experience concentrates, being a vape pen that has a special chamber that holds your concentrates. The chamber is heated using a heating element, which is usually ceramic or quartz, and this type of device is highly portable. It’s usually only compatible with dabs, but some are also compatible with flower and oils, if they specify as much.


An e-nail is an alternative to a dab pen, also being an electronic vaping device but a bit more complex with the ability for temperature range precision. It looks like a cross between an analog dab rig and a dab pen, having a glass attachment piece for a more controlled experience. E-nails come in all kinds of shapes, and can be less portable than dab pens, due to their fragility from the glass and their size.

Nectar Collector

nectar collector is a newer addition to the lineup of dabbing setups and comes in both analog and electronic form. Nectar collectors have a long glass straw, and a chamber into which the concentrates are placed, while relying on percolation to cool the vapor that you inhale.


banger is an attachment for your dabbing device, boasting a chamber for the concentrate that acts as an alternative to a nail (more on that later). The chamber is heated with a butane torch, and then the concentrate is added to it and inhaled. Bangers can be made from quartz, glass, ceramic or titanium, with quartz being the best for a number of reasons. The most common design for a banger is the flat top, which offers even heat, heat retention and superb flavor, characterized by its flat shape.


nail is a part of a dab rig, onto which the concentrate is applied once the nail has been adequately heated. It’s an open chamber, and the default way to dab if you don’t have a banger. Nails are made to get incredibly hot, and they actually glow red when the torch is applied. Once it cools down for a few seconds, the concentrate is placed on the nail and begins to produce smoke or vapor instantly.

A nail is usually made of quartz material due to its ability to withstand heat without reducing the quality of flavor, but a nail can also be made of ceramic, titanium, or glass.


torch is used to heat the nail or banger typically it’s a butane torch which is sold separately and can supply the consistent and high heat that’s required to bring the nail or banger up to the correct temperature.

Obviously, a torch should be used with caution, and must be stored carefully.

Carb Cap

carb cap is a carburetor, which acts as an accessory used with a dab rig. After you’ve put your dabs into your nail or banger, you use the carb cap to cover it, which creates a convection-like style of heating and traps the heat in the meantime.

Dab Tool

dab tool is a device that’s used to transfer the dabs from their container to the nail or banger. They are long and thin and exist because of the fact that dabs are usually messy and can stick to the fingers or even stain the fingernails. 

Even more importantly, however, placing your dabs onto a hot nail or banger with your bare fingers can put you at serious risk of getting burnt, which is why you should never try to do this. A dab nail allows you to transfer the product safely and without making a mess in the process.

Bubbler Piece

bubbler piece is an accessory that comes with certain dabbing devices and allows you to enjoy a percolator effect that cools down the vapor while you inhale by using water filtration.

Keep This Dab Good Vocabulary Handy!

The terms above are all essential if you’re going to get into dabbing, and now that you understand them, you’ll have an easier time picking out the setup that you desire. As dabbing continues to evolve, more terms will inevitably come up, but these will give you a head start so you can start your dabbing journey in no time.

9th Apr 2021

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