Best Electric Dab Tools E-Dabbers of 2022

Best Electric Dab Tools E-Dabbers of 2022

Best Electric Dab Tools E-Dabbers of 2022

Electric Dab Tools also know as E-Dabbers are electrically heated dab tools which allow for easier handling of any type of concentrates while minimizing waste.

Well this list didn’t take us long to compile. Unfortunately there are only 2 e-dabbers at the moment. We saw our first E-Dabber back in 2010 and have only seen 2 others since then. As concentrates begin to grow in popularity we are sure to see this category grow and we are looking forward to the time when we can look back on this article and laugh about only have 2 options to choose from.

#1 The Puffco Hot Knife Electric Dab Tool E-Dabber

The Puffco Hot Knife is an electronic heated loading tool. It makes loading your concentrates a simple, clean, and effective process. No more dirty dab tools, sticky residue on clothing or surfaces, or having to wipe concentrates on the side of the bowl. Just hold down the button, and your oil drops right off in 3 seconds.

The Puffco Hot Knife is very similar to the Dr. DabberBudder Cutter, however the Hot Knife features a Ceramic Heating Tip instead of the Stainless Steel Heating Tips that you would find with the Budder Cutter.


  • Ceramic Heating Tip
  • 30 Minute Charge Time
  • 50 Uses or More Per Charge
  • USB-C Charging

Caution - tip gets very hot - use cap to store when finished

#2 Dr Dabber Budder Cutter Electric Dab Tool E-dabber

The Dr. Dabber Budder Cutter is a heated, multi-use dabbing device, designed for sticky, hard to manage oils or waxes. The heat source is carefully calibrated to avoid overheating while minimizing heating time to ensure a perfect cutting/loading temperature. It also doubles as a heated loading tool for our vaporizer pens. Featuring interchangeable heating tips, the Budder Cutter is an innovative, versatile tool suitable for many different materials and applications. Designed for the Dab Connoisseur.

  • 7 different tips included interchangeable heating tips make the Budder Cutter a multi-use tool
  • Calibrated Heating designed to heat oils and waxes without burning or vaporizing
  • Exceptional Battery Life based on our award winning Ghost battery

*This unit is not a vaporizer* *Depending on material, multiple button presses may be necessary*

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Simplistic Innovation

By adding a small innovation, Dr. Dabber has created an easy to use, concentrate-conserving dab tool that will make your concentrate centric life that much easier to live. The calibrated battery won’t burn your wax off during cutting or loading, and relieves you of the dreaded “container scrape” that can happen when you get a little low on your concentrate supply. With such a simple tweak (making it heated) to the classic dab tool, Dr. Dabber may have started a functionality trend. The size of the Budder Cutter is another plus for this unit, it can be packed into your purse or pocket just as easy as the vape pen you’ll be loading later in the day. With this price point the Budder Cutter can fit into most any concentrate users budget and will probably end up being the MVP of your dab box setup, so why not treat yourself and prevent any more instances of “sticky hands of death”?

18th Nov 2021 VapeBrat

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