Alpha Rig Portable Concentrate Vaporizer

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  • Alpha Rig Portable Concentrate Vaporizer
  • Alpha Rig Portable Concentrate Vaporizer
  • Alpha Rig Portable Concentrate Vaporizer
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Alpha Rig Electronic Vaporizer - Electric Dab Dig

The Alpha Rig Electric Dab Rig is similar to the Exseed W2 First Generation. The Alpha Rig is a practical and simple to use Portable Electric Dab Rig made to handle any form of your extracts, whether it be your precious shatter or buttery wax, this device is fully equipped for it all. The Alpha Rig features a 1500mAh battery giving it considerable battery life sure to last you plenty of sessions, and provides you with powerful high temperature heating. This E-Rig has 4 easy to use preset temperature settings ranging from 450 Degrees to 680 Degrees, with one click of a button, the device will vibrate once and your at the next setting. This Dab Rig Kit comes with two inserts, one ceramic and the other quartz for its Atomizer, it also comes with a carb cap and tether. The Carb Cap has an airflow hole at the top you can always cap this off with your finger to increase resistance and to prevent any heat from escaping while heating your materials. The Alpha Dab Rig also has a variety of other features like the 20 second pre-heat function, 20 second sesh mode, usb-c charging for lighting fast charging and more! The Alpha Rig Glass Bubbler has a splash guard at the top that prevents water from coming out and its body is made out of metal and rubber making it comfortable to operate and hold.


  • Powered By : 1500mAh Integrated Battery
  • Charged Through: USB-C Charging 
  • Full Charge Time : About 2 Hours
  • Ceramic Core Atomizer
  • Compatible with Quartz and Ceramic Buckets
  • On and Off : Press For 3 Seconds
  • 20 Second Average Heat-Up Time


  • When Powering On or Off White Lights Flash Once and the Ambient Lights Will Flash Sequentially Red, Blue, then Green
  • White Lights Pulse While Charging and Turn Off Automatically When Complete
    • 1 light: 0-25%
    • 2 lights: 25-50%
    • 3 lights: 50-75%
    • 4 lights: 75-100%
  • 4 Unique Heat Settings - Single Click to Switch Heat Settings
    • 1 blue light: 450℉
    • 2 blue lights: 500℉
    • 3 blue lights: 600℉
    • 4 blue lights: 680℉
  • Device Will Vibrate Once When Changing Heat Settings
  • Double Click Pre Heat Mode
    • The device will vibrate twice and ambient lights will be red. Single click the button to turn off the heat-up process at anytime
    • Ambient lights will turn green when ready. Green lights will be on for 20 seconds, then the heating process automatically stop and ambient lights turn blue.
  • 20 Second Average Heat-Up Time
  • Low Voltage Protection
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • Overheating Protection.


Alpha Rig Replacement Parts : ​

Quick Tip:

Tip #2: Store It Properly

Good storage is key to ensuring that your handheld e-rig lasts for as long as possible. Ideally, store it away from humid areas of the home such as a bathroom, and make sure it’s in a place where it won’t easily get knocked over. Also, make sure that your Electric Rig is in a place where it won’t get dirty or dusty, because those factors can most certainly interfere with the flavor, and even the performance if bits of debris get into the actual electronics. Ideally, you would want to store your ERig in a travel case with specific slots for each component so that the device does not rattle around potentially causing damage.

You should clean your Electric Dab Rig frequently, you can check out our selection of cleaners that will ensure the best and easiest cleanup that will be safe for you and your rig components.

Click Here for More Tips and Tricks to Keep Your Handheld E-Rig Working at its Absolute Best!

Alpha Rig FAQ

What is The Difference Between the Blue Setting and The Green Setting on My Alpha Rig?

  • There are two atomizers made for the Alpha Rig one has a ceramic heating wire and the other has a stainless-steel heating wire, the blue heat settings are for the ceramic and the green is for the stainless steel. The atomizer that comes with the Alpha Rig kit is the Ceramic Heating Atomizer.

To switch between the two modes, click the power button four times fast.

How to Use Alpha Rig Electric Dab Rig

  • 1. Fully charge the device before first use, the white light should pulse while charging and will turn off when it is complete. When one circle is illuminated this means the battery life is around 0-25%, two circles illuminated 25-50%, three circles illuminated 50-75%, and lastly, 4 circles illuminated indicates that the Alpha Rig is 75-100% charged.
  • 2. Fill the glass bubbler just above the holes in the percolator, do not fill the glass attachment while it is attached to the Alpha Rig base.
  • 3. Align the inlet hole on the front of the glass attachment with the hole on the base leading to the atomizer. Carefully place the glass into the base.
  • 4. Hold the power button for 5 seconds to turn the Alpha Rig on, the device should vibrate, and the lights should illuminate. The lights underneath the glass attachment should flash sequentially red, blue, and then green.
  • 5. Single click the power button to toggle through the heat settings:
    • 1 Blue Light – 450 Degrees
    • 2 Blue Lights – 500 Degrees
    • 3 Blue Lights – 600 Degrees
    • 4 Blue Lights – 680 Degrees
  • 6. Use loading tool to place concentrates on the bottom surface of the quartz bucket located inside the atomizer. Make sure the concentrates are placed at the bottom of the quartz bucket and not the walls.
  • 7. Place carb cap on top of the atomizer.
  • 8. Double click to initiate heat up, the Alpha Rig will vibrate twice, the ambient lights should be red indicating heat up. Single click the power button to stop the heat up cycle at any time.
  • 9. The lights will then turn green once the Alpha Rig is ready, the device will hold its temperature for 20 seconds, then the lights will go off indicating that the heating cycle is done.
  • 10. Use a cotton swab to clean the quartz bucket after each use.

How Do I Check the Battery Life on My Alpha Rig?

Click the power button three times to check the battery life.

Why is My Alpha Rig Blinking Three Times?

This indicates that there is a connection issue, please try the following steps:

  • Please unscrew the atomizer and make sure it is screwed in correctly, sometimes the device will blink three times if the threading is off when the atomizer is screwed onto the base.
  • If the Alpha Rig continues to blink three times, this may be due to a firing pin issue. Please try the following steps:
    • There is a firing pin on the base and there is also a firing pin at the bottom of the atomizer.
    • Unscrew the atomizer, using a dab tool gently lift the firing pin slightly.
    • DO NOT lift the firing pin right away, this will cause the wiring to disconnect, and the device will stop working completely.
    • Very slight lifting of the firing pin will help the atomizer to make a connection with the base and your Alpha Rig should start working properly again from there.
  • If neither of the above steps resolve the issue, we suggest replacing the atomizer.

Why is My Alpha Rig Blinking Five Times?

This indicates that there is a short circuit, or the device is overheating, allow for the device to cool and then try again.


      • Make sure the atomizer is fully cool to the touch before unscrewing it.
      • Be sure the device is powered off before cleaning.
      • After cleaning allow for all parts to dry completely before reassembling.
      • Do not blow into glass attachment while it is filled with water and is attached to the base.
      • Do not overfill the glass attachment with water.
      • Wait at least one minute between heating cycles.
      • If you experience a persistent issue not mentioned above, try turning the device off and then turning it back on.

If your device is still not working correctly, please send an email to, stating the specific problem. Please include a picture or video showing the fault and also include your order number.


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Additional Information

7.63 Inches
Heat Up Time:
20 Seconds
Temp Option:
450 Degrees
Temp Option:
500 Degrees
Temp Option:
600 Degrees
Temp Option:
680 Degrees
Battery Size:
1500 mAh
Charge Time:
1.5 Hours
Uses Per Charge:
20-30 Sessions
Charge Type:
Micro USB
Added Features:
Haptic Feedback, LED Light for Temp adjustments, Preheat Mode, Pass through Charging
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5 Reviews

  • 3
    It's a quality looking piece but it's just not for me.

    Posted by Victor Valerio on 6th Jan 2023

    The E-rig is awesome for a reasonable price but iwas expecting something different. Before istarted using it ithought iwas going to be getting big milky clouds that would quickly make me switch from using a torch to sticking with the E-rig but it just didn't hit me like iwas hoping even when I'd put it up to the highest setting it still didn't meet my expectations. It'll be sitting in my dresser drawer for now

  • 5
    Love it

    Posted by Unknown on 14th Jan 2022

    I’ve used these multiple times & absolutely LOVE it, highly recommended

  • 4

    Posted by Hudson on 17th Dec 2021

    I would suggest buying a second atomizer as the one that comes with it, burnt out on me within a week

  • 5
    Alpha rig

    Posted by Jesse on 21st Aug 2021

    Best e rig for your money

  • 5
    Love it

    Posted by Jayme on 5th Jun 2021

    Best thing I have found

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