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​How to Keep Your Handheld E-Rig Working at its Absolute Best

​How to Keep Your Handheld E-Rig Working at its Absolute Best

So, you have just purchased your first handheld e-rig and can’t wait to get to your concentrates to see what this new device is capable of. But, not so fast – before using that e-rig, you need to know how to ensure that it works for many years to come. This boils down to proper maintenance, storage, and usage throughout your time relying on it for your dabbing needs.

Here are some awesome tips to make sure your handheld e-rig is operating properly.

Tip #1: Read the User Manual

Look, we get it. As soon as you take that device out of the box, the last thing that you want to do is put it back down again in order to read through a lengthy user manual. But the reality is that you should read it, because you’ll learn a lot about how to use it. Each e-rig is different, and some may require special handling or usage tips in order to function.

You will be quite disappointed if you end up damaging it because you did not know that a certain feature required special instructions. Once you read the manual, store it in a memorable place in case you need to refer to it suddenly in the event of something not working properly.

Some of the most common issues that customers face when first getting their e-rig out of the package is that they believe it doesn't work. This is due to many manufacturers shipping their rigs with the batteries not charged, this is to allow for safer shipping. It is always best practice for you to charge your device immediately after opening and let it completely finish charging before the initial use.

Secondly, always make sure that the device is on when you attempt to use it. The standard on the market is for the firing button to act as an on/off switch. Pressing the fire button 5 times in quick succession with turn it on, and doing the same process again will turn it off. 

These are always the best troubleshooting steps to take when trying out your erig for the first time.

Tip #2: Store It Properly

Good storage is key to ensuring that your handheld e-rig lasts for as long as possible. Ideally, store it away from humid areas of the home such as a bathroom, and make sure it’s in a place where it won’t easily get knocked over. Also, make sure that your e-rig is in a place where it won’t get dirty or dusty, because those factors can most certainly interfere with the flavor, and even the performance if bits of debris get into the actual electronics.

Ideally, you will find a spot for it in a drawer and keep it in a box so that it doesn’t rattle around, potentially getting damaged.

If you do end up unfortunately getting your erig dirty, always check out our selection of cleaners that will ensure the best and easiest cleanup that will be safe for you and your rig components.

Tip #3: Know Its Limitations

All e-rigs have limitations when it comes to how much product they can hold, how their features operate and so on. Do not try to push your e-rig beyond what it is capable of, as you will almost certainly regret that momentarily. Again, this is where the user manual comes in handy. You will learn how much you can fill your chamber, how long you can use it before it overheats and so on. Fortunately, most come with advanced safety features, but there is always room for human error regardless.

Tip #4: Clean Your E-Rig After Every Use

We know that most people do not want to hear this, but you should really clean your e-rig after each use. This means grabbing your cotton swabs and isopropyl alcohol and getting to work. Over time, debris from the concentrates and vapor build up on the inside, which can interfere with the taste of your vapor, and even lead to clogs. Worse, they can coat your coil, causing it to perform very poorly. Get into the habit of cleaning it each time, and you will not have to spend as much time during the actual cleaning process.

Tip #5: Empty it Each Time You Use it

Make sure that your e-rig is empty when you are done using it, as storing it with product inside of it can cause you to run into issues. Concentrates left out in the open can lead to a sticky or hard coating that is hard to get off. If you need to, put leftover concentrates back in their containers, as they should never be left in the bowl.

Tip #6: Recharge When You are Finished

It is always good to get into the habit of recharging your handheld e-rig when you’re finished using it. Besides the obvious inconvenience of going to vape only to find your battery cannot support a session, it will keep the battery lasting longer in general so that a replacement will not be needed. Constantly operating the device at a low battery level requires that the device works harder to compensate, which gradually eats away at the ability for your device to operate at its fullest potential.

Tip #7: Be Mindful of Where You Take it

The benefit of a handheld e-rig is its portability, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be careful about where you use it. For instance, taking it camping could be a problem if you keep it in a bag filled with other items that get thrown around. Plus, it could attract a lot of dirt depending on the nature of the camping trip.

Furthermore, leaving it in your car at all times is less than ideal because the constant extreme temperature shifts in a car’s interior can do bad things to the inner electronics of the device.

Before you take it out, make sure you can do so in a way that keeps it secure and at a low risk of getting knocked over or bumping into something. Travel with it protected in a box or cloth to minimize the risk of damage, and you should be fine.

Tip #8: Only Use it with Compatible Attachments

E-rigs typically have compatibility with various attachments, but never attempt to use an attachment that is not appropriate for the specific device that you have. Not only will this likely not give you the results you want, but it could also damage the device, either internally or externally. Handheld e-rig systems are made to provide you with everything that you need, so you should not have to look for outside attachments to better customize your dabbing sessions.

Do Not Let Good Money on Your Handheld E-Rig Go to Waste

Today’s handheld e-rigs are more advanced, reliable, and durable than ever before. Still, if you do not use and maintain them properly, you risk damaging them and needing a replacement. It is important to know how to take care of your e-rig so that it can continue providing you with satisfying sessions for a long time to come.

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