25mm Quartz Hybrid Nail Dish Replacement

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  • 25mm Quartz Hybrid Nail Dish Replacement
  • 25mm Quartz Hybrid Nail Dish Replacement
  • 25mm Quartz Hybrid Nail Dish Replacement
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25mm Quartz Hybrid Nail Dish Replacement

This deep dish 25mm Quartz Hybrid Nail Dish Replacement is made out of 100% Lab Tested Pure Quartz to deliver only the most flavorful rips. These dishes are 25mm in diameter so they are compatible with 25mm axial coils and with 25mm Universal Titanium Nails. Hybrid Nails combine the same pure, flavorful experience of quartz banger with the sturdiness and durability you would find with a titanium nail, making a hybrid less likely to break or crack on you. The dishes on the universal titanium body are interchangeable, they can be switched from quartz, to titanium, to ceramic and back again based on your preference!


  • Size: 25mm Diameter
  • Lab Tested Pure Quartz


  • Deep Dish Design for Larger Dabs
  • Compatible with Flat Coils
  • Compatible with 25mm Axial Coils


  • 1 x Quartz Dish

Quick Tip:

High temp Vs Low Temp 

Just because you can take these devices upwards of 900 degrees doesn’t mean you would want to nor is it advised. Many dabbers have a “sweet spot”, referring to the temperature at which the flavor, potency and vapor quality are all completely in line with the user’s preferences. Each dabber’s sweet spot is unique based on what it is that they want out of their dabbing experience. Using a torch to heat your nail means that finding your sweet spot can be a hit or miss, as it’s hard to memorize exactly how you applied the torch to get that quality experience. With an enail, you can keep the setting that you like so that you always find that sweet spot with each pull of vapor that you take.

To Read More about High Temp Vs Low Temp Dabbing Click Here!

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