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UFO Directional Carb Cap Smoke Carb Cap

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Glass Directional UFO Carb Caps are affordable, quality glass carb caps that feature a UFO shape and allows you to control your airflow while dabbing to ensure no dabs are wasted and all concentrates are vaporized. Carb Caps are effective and simple to use, just lay the carb cap on top of your quartz bangers carb your concentrate dab or move it in any direction to push your wax or oil to the corners of your bucket. Carb caps reduce air intake by covering the banger's top and leaving just enough space for a small bit of air to squeeze through, creating milky white flavorful dabs.

Carb Cap Features:

  • Directional airflow carb cap
  • Quality Glass
  • Universal 35mm Hover style 

Directional Flow Carb Caps

Directional flow carb caps are for quartz flat top bangers, acting like a lid that sits on top of the banger while featuring an angled tube that can be easily rotated to change the direction of the airflow during one’s dabbing experience. This allows you to get every bit of flavor and vapor that you want with each hit.

 Flat/Solid Carb Caps

This style of carb cap is considered a basic, all-purpose style used with a variety of bangers and nails, acting as a great seal that enables low-temperature dabbing that’s as satisfying as possible. Also, can act as a dab tool, allowing you to reposition those concentrates as needed during your dabbing experience.

Specifications :


Quartz Carb Cap Pros and Cons



Quick Pros:

1.Remains the most popular material for carb caps.

2.Offers full flavor.

3.Extremely durable.

4.Easy to clean.

5.Capable of handling high heat applications.

Quick Cons:

1.Can still get damaged pretty easily.

2.Not the strongest when it comes to retaining heat.

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Quick Tip: 


Reclaim is the capturing of the non fully vaporized concentrates. When using a terp slurper reclaim is that much more common, therefore using a reclaim catcher will allow for complete usage of any non vaporized concentrate. Click here to view Reclaim Catchers

In addition, people more comfortable with torches can slightly heat up the neck of their banger, to drip reclaim into a silicone jar. 







  • Carb Cap Features:
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