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​Carb Caps: What’s the Difference Between Them?

​Carb Caps: What’s the Difference Between Them?

As dabbing becomes more popular, we are seeing that the dabbing hardware market is evolving at a rapid pace, offering all kinds of new and satisfying ways to enjoy our concentrates with exceptional flavor, flawless potency and smooth airflow. Once upon a time, dab rigs were limited to traditional nail styles that were pre-heated, instantly melting the concentrated applied to them in a way that, while potentially enjoyable, could also leave us with burnt terpenes and cannabinoids, poor flavor, and a lack of control over temperature.

Companies have come up with all kinds of ways to address these issues, and one of the ways that has stuck is by incorporating a carb cap into one’s setup. Carb caps are quickly becoming an almost essential piece of any dab rig, and due to their growing popularity, companies are coming up with all kinds of inventive carb cap designs and styles to satisfy the most particular dabbing needs.

Now, because we know that some of you may be intimidated by our huge selection, and not knowing which one is the most effective, or which models are most compatible with your unique dabbing setup, keep reading on as we help make your next purchase that much easier.

What is a Carb Cap?

A carb cap is a small dabbing accessory that sits adjacent to or over the dab nail. Its job is to restrict airflow in a controlled way that prevents the concentrate from burning too quickly, allowing for smoother inhales with terpenes and cannabinoids that have not been simply burned away. A carb cap offers more control over each hit, as before they existed, users got a blast of vaporized concentrate that could be harsh, awful in flavor or simply lacking in potency. Essentially, carb caps reduce the air pressure, thus lowering the boiling point of the actual dabs for more consistency, satisfaction and maximization of product.

Different Materials for Carb Caps

Carb caps are typically available in one of three materials, each with its own pros and cons.


  • Quick Pros:

1.Seem to offer the best flavor.

2.Retain heat very well.


  • Quick Cons:

1.Quite fragile, as they are prone to cracking, chipping, and shattering if not handled or stored properly.


  • Quick Pros:

1.No one will deny that titanium is one of the most durable materials of all-time, and this means that a titanium carb cap can last.

2.Quicker heating time than ceramic.

  • Quick Cons:

1.Cost more because of the material.

2.Does affect the flavor of your dabs, often producing a metallic note that just isn’t enjoyable to the dabber.


  • Quick Pros:

1.Remains the most popular material for carb caps.

2.Offers full flavor.

3.Extremely durable.

4.Easy to clean.

5.Capable of handling high heat applications.

  • Quick Cons:

1.Can still get damaged pretty easily.

2.Not the strongest when it comes to retaining heat.

Different Carb Cap Styles

As you will see, not all styles are compatible with every type of dabbing setup out there. And, as carb caps are becoming increasingly popular, more styles will emerge on the market, without a doubt.

Hollow Carb Caps

  • Made for domeless nails and are specifically designed for nails that have an uneven surface. With an elongated stem, they are lifted easily without letting your fingers get too close to the heat source, while the design allows them to fit over basically any nail design.

Bubble Carb Caps

  • Bubble carb caps are the most popular style these days. Why? Because of what they are used with, which is bucket bangers – primarily flat top quartz bangers, which reign supreme in today’s dabbing world. These carb caps allow you to adjust the directional flow easily, with a simple to operate ball-and-socket mechanism. They make it easy to get as much flavor and potency possible out of low-temperature hits, which makes them particularly appealing.

Universal Titanium Carb Caps

  • As the name implies, these are universally compatible with all kinds of nails including flat top and trough bangers, and traditional nails that are either even or uneven in terms of their profile. Titanium nails are a popular choice among those who want the most durable option on the market, as they will not break, period. They also allow you to adjust the position to change the airflow as needed with each hit.

Flat/Solid Carb Caps

  • This style of carb cap is considered a basic, all-purpose style used with a variety of bangers and nails, acting as a great seal that enables low-temperature dabbing that’s as satisfying as possible. Also, can act as a dab tool, allowing you to reposition those concentrates as needed during your dabbing experience.

Directional Flow Carb Caps

  • Directional flow carb caps are for quartz flat top bangers, acting like a lid that sits on top of the banger while featuring an angled tube that can be easily rotated to change the direction of the airflow during one’s dabbing experience. This allows you to get every bit of flavor and vapor that you want with each hit.

Vortex Carb Caps

  • Clearly a cut above the rest, the Vortex Carb Cap creates a vortex effect inside the banger, spinning the air like a tornado, distributing the concentrates inside as well as the airflow evenly to allow for the most evenly heated experience possible. Best inserts to be used with – Terp Pearls

Long Neck Bubble Carb Cap

  • The Long neck bubble carp cab is typically used for Diamond Knot Recycler Bangers. Allowing the airflow to get all the way down into the diamond knot and directly into the recycler so the concentrates may be recycled onto the diamond knot.

Bullet Bubbler Carb Cap

  • The bullet carb caps have the airflow on the top and an airflow spout at the bottom, however unlike typical bubble carp caps, the bullet carp cap has the topside airflow on its side not directly on top and is not fully rounded.

2-in-1 Carb Caps

  • These carb caps come with a dab tool attached, making it convenient for you to collect your concentrate using one side, and cover the banger or nail with the other. Comes in glass or titanium.

Marble Carb Caps

  • Exactly as the name implies, these carbs caps look like a typical marble but function as a carb cap. Marble carb caps are typically used with a terp slurp banger and can be paired with terp pearls or pills. They come in an array of different designs and patterns where you can find one that fits you best.

Marble Spinner Carb Cap

  • Marble spinner carb caps have a marble ball on top, with slits on the side that provide a strong, controlled airflow. They can fit both terp slurp bangers and flat top bangers and can be paired with terp pearls or pills. These also come in a variety of different colors, designs, and patterns.

Opal Carb Cap

  • Any carb cap that contains an opal. Opals only add value due to their beauty, not function.


  • One of the more unconventional type of carb caps, pendants offer both the aesthetics of a great necklace with the convenience of having a carb cap around at all times.

Which Will You Choose?

With so many different carb caps available, you are bound to find one that is not only compatible with whatever your dabbing set up is, but one that you will personally love. While carb caps are not a necessity for dabbing, they will undoubtedly heighten your sessions experience tremendously. So now that you have a bit more knowledge on the different kinds of Carb Caps that are out there, let us help you find one you will absolutely love!

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