Lookah Seahorse X Glass Bubbler Attachment

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Lookah Seahorse X Glass Bubbler Replacement  

The Lookah Seahorse X Glass Bubbler filters your dabs through a dome percolator, for cooler, effortless, yet powerful rips. The Dome Percolator contains multiple holes at the bottom which pull your vapors into the filtration chamber as you inhale. The construction of the Seahorse X Glass Bubbler allows for maximum diffusion and filtering of your dabs, which in turn delivers the purest, full flavored, smoothest hits. The Lookah Seahorse X can be used with either the Lookah Seahorse X Mouthpiece or the Glass Bubbler, however if you are looking to consume larger dabs without them being too harsh on your throat and lungs, water filtration is the way to go! The holes at the bottom of the percolator should be about one centimeter beneath the water level for optimal performance. 



  • Multiple Holes for Optimal Filtration
  • Delivers Smooth Full Flavored Vapors
  • Reduces the Harshness of Your Dabs 
  • Water Filtration 


  • 1 x Lookah Seahorse X Glass Bubbler 

Quick Tip:

Maintaining a Nectar Collector

Once you’ve gotten the hang of operating a nectar collector, whether it be electric or manual, you’ll need to maintain it. Ultimately, cleaning it after each use will keep the actual cleaning process simple, fast, and efficient, but if you can’t do that, try to clean it after each third or fourth use.

Cleaning an e-nectar collector is rather straightforward via two methods:

  • Over-saturating the coil will decrease the coils vaporization rate (decreasing the cloud size). It is always recommended to slightly touch the edge of the concentrates with the coil tipnever dipping it into concentrate.
  • Ideally after each session you may want to run a cleaning cycle, this will prevent gunking of your coil while increasing the lifespan and taste. A cleaning cycle (a frequent clean method) is done by running your device to its max temperature until there is no vapor rising from the coil, meaning the is no excess concentrates remaining on it or in it.
  • To clean your e-nectar collector, soak a long cotton swab  in our Formula 710 Cleaning Solution or any other cleaning solution then clean the airway of your device to remove any remaining reclaim.

Proper Storage of your nectar collector will elongate your products lifespan. Some coils and devices are more fragile than others, keeping your device in a safe case is recommended. So, find a safe spot to store your nectar collector where it will not risk breaking.

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2 Reviews

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    Seahorse x glass bubbler

    Posted by Richard Bounds on 5th Oct 2022

    This bubbler makes this product 10 times as good. It gives you good water filtration and makes it a smooth hit. fits on great and holds perfectly.

  • 5

    Posted by Louis on 6th Jun 2022

    Great replacement

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