Ispire Daab Rig Electric Dab Rig: Black

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  • Aspire Ispire Daab Rig Electric Dab Rig: Black
  • Aspire Ispire Daab Rig Electric Dab Rig: Black
  • Aspire Ispire Daab Rig Electric Dab Rig: Black
  • Aspire Ispire Daab Rig Electric Dab Rig: Black
  • Aspire Ispire Daab Rig Electric Dab Rig: Black
  • Aspire Ispire Daab Rig Electric Dab Rig: Black
  • Aspire Ispire Daab Rig Electric Dab Rig: Black
  • Aspire Ispire Daab Rig Electric Dab Rig: Black
  • Aspire Ispire Daab Rig Electric Dab Rig: Black
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Ispire Daab Rig Electric Dab Rig

Did someone say induction heating? Check out this new Electric Dab Rig from Ispire, the latest and greatest in induction heating devices, the Daab.

The Daab is the newest edition to the Ispire induction heating dab device collection. If you've been acquainted with the Ispire Wand, you are familiar with how impeccable these types of devices function. But first, let's go over the construction of the Daab before getting into all the technical aspects of it.

At first glance, even still in the box, it is clear that Ispire is dead set at producing nothing but high quality products. When opening up the hard shell pelican case, you will be greeted by your best dabbing investment yet. The Daab Electric Dab Rig base sports a sleek yet ergonomic design that fits in your hand comfortably. A mix of matte black, glossy black trim, and carbon fiber looking patterns wrap around the entire base, with a super wide bottom ensuring that this thing never tips over on you. The water bubbler attachment houses a standard percolator with slits at the bottom and a max fill line so that you're never over filling it with water. The percolator leads to a large circular carrier cup where the reclaim catcher is placed.


A reclaim catcher on an electric dab rig, what a game changer. Sweet, sweet, reclaim.. so versatile, yet so .. dirty?

A reclaim catcher serves two purposes, 1. It will keep your water bubbler attachment cleaner for longer periods of time than using it without a reclaim catcher, and 2. you can reuse the reclaim again! You can either dab it, use it for cooking, or toss it out.

The reclaim catcher isn't even the best part, the Daab Electric Dab Rig kit includes not one but, two induction cups. If you don't know what induction heating (when referring to dabbing) is, take a seat and read on! Induction heating provided by the Daab, is the process of heating the materials within the induction cup through an electromagnetic field. The flow of current in the conductive metal built into the induction cup, will then create resistance in movement of electrons, the resistance produces heat. There is no flame present, no coil to replace, and no wires. With this heating method temperature can be adjusted by voltage, current, and frequency, it is the most fine-tuned, precise, method available in electric dab devices on the market. With this process of indirect heat, there is no worry of burning through your concentrates instead of vaporizing, which ultimately leads to waste. The induction cup contains a conductive metal ring encircling the double borosilicate glass walls, providing a complete 360 heating experience for more evenly heated dabs also minimizing waste.

Leading into the next topic, the Daab features precision temperature control which is adjusted by the "plus" and "minus" buttons next to the display screen. Temperature adjustments will go up or down in increments of 5 degrees. This Electric Dab Rig operates on automatic and manual mode, to activate this mode is just a simple double click to start preheating, then the Daab will beep when heated to your desired temperature. The manual mode is activated by holding the fire button down to reheat any excess oils left over! The Daab Electric Dab Rig can be used for cold start dabbing as well, load your concentrates in before the double click and voila!

This Kit comes fully equipped with a Dab Pad with user instructions printed on it - this idea is absolutely genius -, a Ceramic Ispire Dab Tool, a Hard Shell Pelican Case for travel, a large Bubble Cap with an extended neck, and a Type C charging cord.

NOTE: This device uses two 18650 3000mAh 30A batteries, these batteries are sold separately. WE DO NOT RECOMMEND CHARGING BATTERIES INSIDE THE DEVICE, PLEASE USE AN EXTERNAL CHARGER!

All in all the Daab Electric Dab Rig from Ispire is an exceptional device, from its elegant look, down to the science of its induction heating method, and the reclaim catcher bucket... (can't forget the reclaim catcher). The Daab is a well rounded, well thought out, and constructed device, if you choose to make this your next dabbing device investment you surely won't be disappointed!


  • Height: 9.75 Inches
  • Battery: 2 x 18650 Batteries, Type C Charging
  • Temperature Settings: Precise Temperature Control 250-800 Degrees
  • Borosilicate Glass with Conductive Metal Cups


  • External Batteries can be Swapped for Fully Charged Ones
  • Sleek Ergonomic Design for One Handed Use
  • Reclaim Catcher Included
  • Pass Through Charging Capabilities
  • Induction Heating Method
  • Automatic and Manual Mode
  • Beep Feedback when Daab is at Optimal Temperature
  • LED Lights Indicating PreHeat
  • Travel Friendly with Hard Pelican Case


  • 1 x Daab Electric Dab Rig Base
  • 1 x Water Bubbler
  • 1 x Reclaim Catcher Cup
  • 1 x Bubbler Carb Cap
  • 2 x Induction Cups
  • 2 x Silicone Rings
  • 1 x Dab Pad
  • 1 x Ceramic Ispire Dab Tool
  • 3 x Alcohol Swabs
  • 2 x Alcohol Pads
  • 1 x Type C Charging Cable
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 1 x Hard Pelican Travel Case​

Quick Tip:

Benefits of Low Temp Dabs

  • More flavor: Because the terpenes are vaporized at their preferred temperature, their properties will be fully active, providing you with a full flavor profile.
  • Easier to consume: Because low temperature dabs are less harsh on your lungs and throat, the overall dabbing experience is more pleasant.
  • Longer lasting: The lower the temp, the longer it takes for your concentrates to vaporize away, allowing you to save money.

To Read More About High Temp and Low Temp Dabbing Click Here!

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Warranty Information

What Kind of Battery Should I Use With My Ispire Daab?

  • Recommended batteries: 18650 3000mAh-3500mAh 30A with a minimum 15A CDR rating.

What Is Included In The Ispire Daab Kit?

  • 1 x Ispire Daab Device
  • 1 x Water Chamber/Carrier Cup
  • 1 x Dab Pad
  • 1 x Reclaim Cup
  • 1 x Carb Cap
  • 2 x Induction Inner Cups
  • 1 x USB Cable
  • 1 x Heat Resistant Silicone Ring
  • User Manual
  • 1 x Dab Tool
  • 3 x Alcohol Swabs
  • 2 x Alcohol Pads
  • 1 x Water Chamber Silicone Bumper

How Long is the Ispire Daab Covered Under Warranty?

  • Your Ispire Daab has a 1-year manufacturers warranty from the date of purchase.

How Long Will the Battery Last on the Ispire Daab?

  • This depends on the temperature and the way the user uses it, the number of uses is different for each user.

How Long Does it Take to Fully Charge the Battery on the Ispire Daab?

  • When the two batteries are of the same brand and the batteries have the same remaining charge capacity, they can be fully charged in 2 to 2.5 hours.
  • If the user takes one of the Ispire batteries out alone for other purposes, resulting in two batteries with different power capacities, or if they are mixed with other brands of batteries for charging, then it can take up to 9 hours to be fully charged.

What is the Minimum or Maximum Temperature of the Ispire Daab?

  • Minimum Temperature 250 Degrees - Maximum Temperature - 800 Degrees

Where Can I Find the Serial Number on the Ispire Daab?

  • The serial number is located on the card inside of the pelican case.

Can I Use My Ispire Daab While Its Charging?

  • The Ispire Daab supports pass-through charging and can be used while being charged.

How Do I Turn My Ispire Daab On and Off?

  • Press the fire button 5 times quickly to turn the Ispire Daab on/off.

How Much Water Should I Put Into the Glass Water Attachment?

  • Fill the water chamber with 18ml of water. Do not exceed the max tick mark.

Can I Use the Ispire Daab for Flower?

  • The Ispire Daab CANNOT be used with flower/dry materials only with wax concentrate.

How Much Concentrate Should Be Used with the Ispire Daab At a Time?

  • 0.1g - 0.3g of concentrate is a good amount. Do not add too much concentrate, if you are having a hard time figuring out how much concentrate you are using at a time you can look into options like the DigiTul.

How Do I Clean My Ispire Daab?

  • When you notice the reclaim inside the induction cup becomes very dark in color or you are starting to notice a bad taste after each dab that means the terpenes and active compounds have been exhausted from the reclaim and it is time to clean the reclaim out.
  • You can clean the inner induction cup with a cotton swab dipped in isopropyl alcohol between each session to avoid a strenuous deep cleaning process. For convenience, look into one of cleaning kit options.
  • All attachments on the Ispire Daab are made of borosilicate glass, you can clean all attachments in which ever glass cleaner you prefer. Make sure to rinse and dry each piece before reassembling.

What is the Recommended Dabbing Temperature on the Ispire Daab?

  • Select your desired temperature using the temp buttons, you can start at 440 degrees for a good low temp/cold-start dab. Work your way up in temperature if you feel the temperature is not hot enough to suit your needs.

How Do I Reheat Left Over Concentrates with My Ispire Daab?

  • If youre taking a reclaim dab within a few minutes of initial dab. Press and hold the fire button for 14 seconds to reheat reclaim in the inner cup. Up to 3 reheats can be made at low temps with yellow reclaim.

How Do I Use the Automatic Mode On the Ispire Daab?

  • Press the fire button 2 times quickly to turn on Auto Mode. The Daab will beep 3 times when Auto Mode reaches the temperature chosen.

If your device is still not working correctly, please send an email to, stating the specific problem. Please include a picture or video showing the fault and also include your order number.

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Additional Information

9.75 Inches
Heat Up Time:
10 Seconds
Temp Option:
250 Degrees Min
Temp Option:
8000 Degrees Max
Borosilicate Glass
Battery Size:
Charge Time:
1 Hour
Charge Type:
18650 Batteries, USB-C
Uses Per Charge:
35-40 Sessions
Added Features:
Induction Heating, Removable Batteries, Beep Feedback, Pass Through Charging, 360 Heating, Precision Temp Control, Built-In Reclaim Catcher, Hard Shell Travel Case Included
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1 Review

  • 4
    Love this unit!

    Posted by Syn on 5th Mar 2023

    I love how this unit is self contained all glass, its very easy to clean and there's no internal parts for the vapor to collect to. There is a huge learning curve with this product and will take some getting used to, but once you figure it out, there's no going back. The "auto" setting is a timer, and doesn't go off the cup temp. Set to 550f - 650f, let it heat, then when it beeps, drop your concentrate in, then push the fire button on the back to turn off the auto, then from there start inhaling while pushing the fire button for "manual" mode. adjust the fire button press to the amount of throat hit your experiencing. It lets you dial it in where you want it. This unit does awesome cold starts as well, but when the unit beeps you have to go to manual mode because the heater shuts off when the unit is done its initial heat.

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