Enail Dab Cleaning Kit - Starter: Glass V1 ISO Jar, 200 Cotton Swabs and Iso-Shine Cleaner

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Enail Dab Cleaning Kit - Starter: Glass V1 ISO Jar, 200 Cotton Swabs and Iso-Shine Cleaner

Glass ISO Jar - Cotton Swab Holder and Cleaning Solution Holder with Plug:

This ISO Station will easily become your right hand man though each one of your sessions. It is designed to hold cotton cleaning tips and isopropyl alcohol all in the same place for quick cleaning between each dab. 

Overheating left over concentrates, can allow for the residue to burn onto your quartz materialsinfluencing the taste of your future dabs. Regular cleaning should be practiced with both low temp and high temperature dabs. Although most of the concentrates are vaporized with high temp dabs, it is still best to clean out any dark buildup to prevent irreversible damage which ultimately affects the flavor of your oils.

Using this simple cleaning method (cotton swabs and iso alcohol) after each sesh can potentially add months onto the lifespan of your banger or insertsand dabbing off a clean surface allows for the most flavorful, powerful dab experience!

The ISO Station Glass Dab Station can easily contain a dab tool, a bubble carb cap, and a 14mm male banger/bowl or cleaning plug, making this piece multifunctional and super efficient. Pair this glass dab station with a dab mat or dab tray and your golden!

The Depot Cotton Buds 200 Count:

These Cleaning Cotton Buds by The Depot are double ended swabs, one end is pointed, making it easier to clean the harder to reach places in your banger and the other rounded, with super absorbent cotton to get every last bit of left residue left behind. The Depot Cotton Buds come in a clear plastic container with a hinged flexible lid, so that the lid will not get misplaced resulting in your cotton swabs end up being unsanitary. Each tub contains 200 swabs, pair them with one of our dumpsters for quick accessibility during a sesh, or the ISO Basin to keep your favorite cleaning solution handy.

Each Cotton Bud is made out of 100% organic cotton and a durable bamboo stem, making scrubbing any glass piece or quartz banger more effortless than ever, these sturdy stems will not easily break on you. Bamboo and Cotton are both 100% biodegradable and eco-friendly.

Dr. Buzzkill: Iso-Shine Alcohol Cleaner - 2oz Travel Bottle 

Dr Buzzkill Iso-Shine Cleaner is a single ingredient cleaner containing 99.9% Iso Alcohol which cleans your glass by cutting through and stripping unwanted resin and reclaim that builds up in your quartz banger over time. Dr Buzzkill Cleaner also kills mold, fungi, and bacteria that may remain in your glass even after cleaning. This Cleaner will have your glass and quartz bangers looking and smelling like the first day you purchased it!

 is formulated  to enhance smoking experiences, using a single ingredient. This Cleaner does not contain any salt, which can wear away at the surface of your glass or quartz over time, that is one of the many benefits of using alcohol for cleaning.


  • 1 x Glass V1 Iso Station with Plug
  • 1 x The Depot - 200 Count Cotton Buds
  • 1 x Iso-Shine 99.9% Isopropyl Alcohol Cleaner - 2oz

Quick Tip: 

How Do You Know When It's Time for a New Banger?

So, you have been using that banger pretty much daily for six months, a year, two years, etc. You use the proper inserts and keep it in overall good shape. Now, you’ve noticed it just isn’t heating up as fast, and heat retention has gone down a bit in the process. It’s still getting the job done, but not as consistently as it should be. Are these signs then it is time to go shopping for a new banger?

Well, there are some simple identifiers that will tell you that you’re better off purchasing a new one.

Identifier #2: Turning Cloudy

When dabbing at lower temperatures, it is expected to have some left over residue. It is best to not continuously reheat your banger or concentrates left over to prevent "chazzing". A Chazzed banger is when your quartz has a cloudy looking appearance from overheating. This also can be caused by overheating left over concentrates which are then burnt onto your quartz materialsaffecting the taste of your future dabs. Regular cleaning is applicable to high temperature dabs too, even though most of the concentrates are vaporized, youd still want to clean out any dark buildup left behind after each sesh to prevent irreversible damage to your banger and affecting flavor. Cotton swabs are the perfect tool for cleaning out your bangerits pointed tip gets into all the harder to reach areas and its sturdy bamboo stick makes them easy to maneuver. Using a cotton swab after each session can add months onto the lifespan of your banger!

To Read More On When To Replace A Banger & How To Keep It Clean Click Here!

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