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When to Replace Your Banger and How to Keep It Clean

When to Replace Your Banger and How to Keep It Clean

Purchasing your first banger can be a serious game changer. Instantly, it opens up a whole new world of dabbing, giving you more control while offering more consistent and often satisfying hits. But, even the most top-of-the-line banger needs to be maintained properly in order to continue to do its job, delivering one flavorful, potent puff after another.

How Long Should a Banger Last?

Depends on the following can have a role in terms of longevity, as we cannot give any definitive length of time:

  • Material you have purchased. For instance, quartz bangers can last a lifetime if taken care of, while glass and ceramic are much more fragile and more likely to need to be replaced.
  • How the banger is handled.
  • How the banger is stored. For instance, if you leave a ceramic banger in a high-traffic area, it’s more likely to tip over and break.

How Do You Know Whether or Not It Might Be Time for a New Banger?

So, you have been using that banger pretty much daily for six months, a year, two years, etc. You use the proper inserts and keep it in overall good shape. Now, you’ve noticed it just isn’t heating up as fast, and heat retention has gone down a bit in the process. It’s still getting the job done, but not as consistently as it should be. Are these signs then it is time to go shopping for a new banger?

Well, there are some simple identifiers that will tell you that you’re better off purchasing a new one.

Identifier #1: It’s Broken

Obviously, a broken banger is a banger that needs to be replaced. If your glass or ceramic banger shatters, it’s clearly useless. However, even a chipped or cracked banger should be replaced immediately, because chips are dangerous as they can cut you, and cracks can allow air to escape in a way that interferes with the quality of your hits.

Identifier #2: Turning White

“Chazzing” is a term used to refer to a banger turning white due to frequent overheating of concentrates, which is a fairly common newbie mistake. Constantly overheating the concentrates causes the oils from the concentrates to infuse into the material of the banger, and this can cause the material to weaken. It starts off as a cosmetic issue that can be brushed off but can eventually make your banger very fragile.

Identifier #3: Turning Black

This means it has a thick layer of black or dark brown residue because it was not cleaned at all, properly, or thoroughly after being used previously and now it has gotten to the point where the residue cannot be removed.

Identifier #4: Cleaning the Banger isn’t as Easy as it Used to Be

If cleaning your banger is becoming a nearly impossible process, you may need a new one. If it’s hard to clean, this is a sign that it has been misused in some way. Using highly abrasive cleaning materials on a banger can cause it to become more porous, allowing gunk and debris to slip into the pores, which can be hard to remove.

When Your Banger Just Needs to Be Cleaned

A lot of times, your banger does not need to be replaced, but simply cleaned. If it’s turning yellow or black, or you’re getting poor flavor or airflow, then a cleaning session is required. All bangers need to be cleaned regularly, because if they are not, gunk can accumulate and disrupt airflow while giving off an unpleasant flavor, and even weakening the potency of your hits.

How Often Should You Clean Your Banger?

No matter its material or size, you should clean it after each dabbing session. Yes, you read that right. The process of dabbing leaves behind a lot of residue and debris – even more than smoking with a traditional pipe. If this debris and residue is not cleaned after each use, it will influence the next dabbing session in terms of flavor and airflow, and the longer it’s left there to accumulate, the harder it will be to clean when the time comes to engage in a full cleaning session.

What is the Process of Cleaning Your Banger?

It’s a very specific process that must be followed properly, and also applies to all types of bangers regardless of their material, size, shape, etc.

#1: Give it a Soak

Soak your banger in a cleaning solution for at least a couple of hours, and preferably overnight. You can simply mix ISO alcohol and salt or use a designated cleaning solution designed for dabbing pieces, which is made with harmless chemicals that are safe for both you and your banger.

#2: Rinse Your Banger

This is to remove the cleaning solution, running it under lukewarm water for about 30 seconds.

#3: Remove Lingering Residue

Use a cotton swab to gently remove away any residue that remains on the banger. There may be big chunks of gunk that are now loose enough to wipe away easily.

#4: Heat It Up

Using your torch or e-nail, bring it to about 600 degrees. Whatever residue has remained should now turn into ash, which can easily be removed.

#5: Give Your Banger a Good Wipe Down

Use a cloth dipped into water, making sure to cover every single centimeter of the banger. Now, you can give it a few moments to dry and use it again. If there still remains some debris, do another heat and wipe session. Ideally, you want a crystal-clear banger that looks as good as new.

What You Should Avoid When Cleaning Your Banger

It has been said that you should never use certain cleaning products or rough, abrasive tools to clean your quartz banger, so let’s expand on that a bit.

Harsh Chemicals

You absolutely do not want to use most cleaning products on your banger. Remember, many cleaning products are dangerous to inhale and using them to clean your banger means that trace amounts of those chemicals will get inhaled the next time you engage in a dabbing session. Avoid bleach, household cleaners, and other acid-based materials that are potentially dangerous to the respiratory system.

Abrasive Materials

Do not clean your banger with a highly abrasive material, as this will damage the material and weaken it over time. Not only that, but it can make it more porous so that gunk can hide in the pores later on.

Your Banger Can Only Be as Good as How You Maintain It

Bangers that have been neglected are unlikely to give you the quality dabbing session that you’re looking forward to. While cleaning after each session may sound like a chore, the process is actually quite simple and quick, and ensures that your banger can satisfy your needs each time you use it.

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