Enail Dab Rig: Recycler Dab Rig Klein Double Uptake - VapeBrat Orange and Smoke

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  • VapeBrat Enail Dab Rig: Recycler Dab Rig Klein Double Uptake - VapeBrat Orange and Smoke
  • VapeBrat Enail Dab Rig: Recycler Dab Rig Klein Double Uptake - VapeBrat Orange and Smoke
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Enail Dab Rig: Recycler Dab Rig Klein Double Uptake - VapeBrat Orange and Smoke

Dive into an unparalleled dabbing experience with our Double Uptake Klein Recycler Dab Rig. This meticulously crafted rig is a testament to innovation and functionality, designed to elevate your enail dabbing to new heights.

The mesmerizing dual chamber design of the Double Uptake Klein Recycler creates a captivating whirlpool effect, not just for aesthetics but for an unparalleled cooling and filtration process. Your dabs are smoother, cleaner, and bursting with flavor, thanks to this sophisticated system.

This recycler dab rig's thoughtful engineering minimizes splashback, ensuring a tidy and enjoyable dabbing experience. Crafted with robust materials and expert artistry, rest assured of its durability and reliability for countless sessions to come.

Compatible with a variety of accessories, the Double Uptake Klein Recycler offers versatility for your preferred enail dabbing setup. Whether you're a seasoned enthusiast or new to the world of dabbing, this recycler promises an unmatched combination of style, function, and performance.

Elevate your dabbing ritual with precision and style. Embrace the distinction and refinement embodied in our Double Uptake Klein Recycler, where each draw becomes an exquisite moment to relish.


  • Joint Size: 14mm
  • Joint Gender: Female (Compatible with Male Bowls and Bangers)
  • Joint Degree: 90 Degree
  • Bottom Style: Ball Recycler
  • Top Style: Klein
  • Height: 8.6 Inches
  • Percolator: Double Uptake, Standard Holes


  • Enhances Dab Filtration Using Less Water
  • Recycler Rig Double Chamber
  • Improved Cooling without Excessive Cooling


  • 1 xEnail Dab Rig: Recycler Dab Rig Klein Double Uptake - VapeBrat Orange and Smoke

Quick Tip:

Percolator Type and Filtration:

Percolators help diffuse and cool the vapor, providing a smoother hit. Consider the type of percolation system (such as showerhead, honeycomb, or tree) and how it affects your dabbing experience.

Our favorite style of dab rig is a recycler dab rig. Recyclers offer the highest amount of filtration while using the least amount of water. The feature a unique design using more than one water chamber to continuously cycle water back and forth. This leads to smoother, cooled hits without excessive cooling.

Consider that rigs needing excessive water may prompt your dabs to solidify as they cool from the water. This solidification leads to considerable reclaim buildup within your rig, resulting in wastage of your concentrates. This is why mini dab rigs are a popular choice since they use less water than regular sized water pipes!

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