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What Size and Angle Reclaim Catcher Do I Need?

What Size and Angle Reclaim Catcher Do I Need?

Without a doubt, dabbing is here to stay. People just can’t get enough of those ultra-potent hits of glorious concentrates which offer powerful flavor and lots of cannabinoid action.With the popularity of dabbing growing every year, more and more accessories are being released onto the market to improve our dabs further.One of the must-have accessories on the market is a reclaim catcher, which is incredibly practical, efficient and perfect for those who are tired of waste.

One thing to know about reclaim catchers is that like pretty much all dab rig attachments, they come in different sizes, styles, angles and more.Plus, to choose the best one for your setup, you’ll need to know how to select the proper model from what’s available.

What is a Reclaim Catcher, and What Does it Do?

A reclaim catcher is the solution to the glob of concentrate that spills over the banger and back into the rig.Anyone who is experienced with dabbing knows exactly what we’re talking about, as that concentrate glob can be a huge source of frustration since it essentially means wasted concentrate.A reclaim catcher “catches” the glob so it can be “reclaimed,” or used again.

Basically, it’s an attachment to your rig that is installed where the glob of concentrate would have retreated back into the rig.It holds the glob of concentrate and makes it easy to remove it from its container so that you can use it however you so choose.The reclaim catcher is conveniently removable, much like an ash collector.

Benefits of Using a Reclaim Catcher

Now that you have a better idea what a reclaim catcher is, let’s quickly cover the distinctive benefits that they can offer, before going into the different kinds that are out there from which you can choose.

Benefit #1: No More Clogs of Oil

A lot of dabbers are familiar with how inconvenient those globs of oil can be.The biggest issue is that they can and often do clog the rig, and immediately block airflow so that you can’t continue dabbing until you manually remove the clog.If you’re a heavy, frequent dabber, then having to constantly unclog your rig can become a massive pain.A reclaim catcher prevents that glob from getting into your rig in the first place.

Benefit #2: Makes it Easier to Maintain Your Rig

By relocating that glob of concentrate into a removable container, a reclaim catcher makes the entire practice of cleaning your rig much easier.There are no longer globs of oil stuck inside the rig that require special cleaning methods to remove.Just take the reclaim catcher off, remove the reclaim and wash away the residue easily.

Benefit #3: The Reclaim is Reusable

In most cases, reclaim can be reused as it converts back into wax that’s as good as new.As long as you’re not dabbing at such a high temperature that the reclaim actually burns, you can use reclaim exactly like you use your other concentrates.Or, you can use it with your dry herb by placing it in a pipe on top of the herb, or rolling it along with ground up herb in paper.

Choosing the Right Reclaim Catcher

Choosing the wrong reclaim catcher for your unique setup is basically as good as not having a reclaim catcher at all, so you’ll want to pay attention closely to the information below to use this accessory to its fullest potential.

#1: Size

There are three basic sizes in which a reclaim catcher is available.There’s a 10mm reclaim catcher, and this is the hardest one to find since it’s so rare due to low demand.That’s because a 10mm reclaim catcher would only attach to a very small rig, and a very small rig would easily tip over due to the attachment of a reclaim catcher throwing it off balance.But, there are companies that produce very small reclaim catchers to be used with 10mm-compatible rigs.

Then, there are 14mm reclaim catchers, which is the most popular size.They offer great airflow while the size is manageable enough to not risk tipping over the entire rig.

Finally, there’s the 18mm reclaim catcher, which is used for bigger rigs that deliver powerful hits.These reclaim catchers typically have more advanced airflow designs to accommodate the powerful hits that come with using such a large rig.

#2: Angle

The other thing you need to really pay attention to is the angle.

  • A 90-degree reclaim catcher is the most popular, since it matches the 90-degree bend of the rig which is the most popular design of all.
  • A 45-degree reclaim catcher is better for smaller rigs, since it provides a lower risk of tipping the rig over, and it’s also compatible with rigs that have a 45-degree bend.

Choose Your Reclaim Catcher Wisely

Reclaim catchers are perfect for those who hate waste, as well as the annoying clogs that can occur from globs of concentrate getting stuck into the rig.But, as you can see, you need to find the right reclaim catcher for your particular setup in order to experience its benefits.So, really consider both the size and angle of the reclaim catcher before buying, and you’ll be in for a far more efficient way to dab.

30th Nov 2022 Midnight Toker

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