​What is an Enail? Dabbing 101

​What is an Enail? Dabbing 101

As dabbing has become a huge market in the last several years, companies have been hard at work developing all kinds of technology that makes the process of dabbing more satisfying, consistent, user-friendly, and customizable. Undoubtedly, one of the best advancements that the dabbing world has seen is the enail, which does a lot more than simply act as a replacement for a butane torch. Enails have themselves evolved a lot in recent years, with more options available on the market than ever before, and higher reliability overall.

Still, a person who’s new to dabbing may not understand what an enail can offer to their dabbing experience in terms of features, performance, and dependability.

What is an Enail and What Purpose Does It Serve?

In short, an enail is a piece of dabbing hardware consisting of a dabbing device that is connected to an electronic controller box that has the job of providing heat to the nail of the device. Enails are, as the name implies, electronic, and they take the place of analog means for heating.

Traditionally, dabbing consisted of an analog dab rig and a butane torch that preheats the nail of the rig so that when the concentrate is placed onto the nail, it flash-vaporizes. While this can be a perfectly effective dabbing setup, many dabbers have moved onto an enail configuration.

Enails come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, with various features and materials. Due to the popularity of this type of hardware, you can find a wider variety of them on the market than ever before.

Why Have Enails Gotten So Popular?

While there are still plenty of dabbers who use a traditional torch and nail setup, enails have become hugely popular because of the control that they offer. Because they’re electronically powered, they deliver the same exact heat level to your nail so that your puffs of vapor are extremely consistent. With a butane torch, it’s up to the user to properly apply heat at the right distance from the nail and for a long enough time to allow the nail to reach the temperature best for vaporizing concentrates. With enails, you no longer have to think about what you’re doing, as the enail does all of the work for you.

Desktop and Portable Options Available

Enails come in two categories: desktop and portable. Desktop enails may be battery-powered or plug into an outlet, and they are larger in size, usually having a wider array of output capabilities. Meanwhile, portable enails have lower battery capacities, but the tradeoff is that you can take them with you easily wherever you go.

Offer Precise Temperature Control

Yes, temperature is the most crucial component of dabbing. The temperature that your dabs reach determines the potency, amount of flavor and vapor that you experience, as each compound in your concentrate has a specific boiling point at which its properties are activated. A huge benefit of using an enail is that you can set the exact temperature that you prefer and know that each and every puff of vapor will therefore be identical to the last.

Provide More Even Heating

Enails utilize advanced coil technology to deliver even heat to your concentrates, which overall benefits the user by failing to waste any of your dabs, and also produce fuller flavor and more vapor per inhale. The coil is a heating element consisting of a coiled metal wire, and modern coils are quite long-lasting so that you don’t need to constantly replace them just to enjoy a nice dabbing session.

Lower Risk of Burning Your Concentrates

All dabbers using analog setups, but especially beginners, are capable of burning their concentrates by accident from time to time. Simply holding the torch against the nail for too long can cause the nail to get too hot, thus burning the terpenes and cannabinoids that provide both flavor and desirable properties to the user, making them essentially useless. Using an enail almost completely eliminates this problem. Because the heat is completely controlled, your nail won’t get too hot unless you yourself set the temperature too high.

Allow You to Maintain Your Sweet Spot

Many dabbers have a “sweet spot”, referring to the temperature at which the flavor, potency and vapor quality are all completely in line with the user’s preferences. Each dabber’s sweet spot is unique based on what it is that they want out of their dabbing experience. Using a torch to heat your nail means that finding your sweet spot can be a hit or miss, as it’s hard to memorize exactly how you applied the torch to get that quality experience. With an enail, you can keep the setting that you like so that you always find that sweet spot with each pull of vapor that you take.

Highly Reliable

Enails are extremely reliable pieces of technology that are made with advanced materials and chipsets. Of course, some companies make better-quality enails than others, but overall, this technology is quite dependable so that you can continue to enjoy what it has to offer for a long time to come, with minimal hiccups along the way.

Come with Some Pretty Cool Features and Functionalites

Enails are so popular that companies are trying to outdo one another with unique and exciting features. Many of today’s enails utilize Bluetooth technology, or allow you to control their functions through an app on your phone. Others come with preset options and other output modes that offer desirable qualities like better power efficiency, flavor-boosting capabilities and intelligent adjustments made based on the type of concentrate you’re using.

Take Your Dabs to the Next Level with an Enail

It is hard to deny the value of an enail, which can benefit every aspect of your dabbing sessions while making your life much easier. At, you can find a rich array of quality enails from leading hardware brands, each with their own design elements and features to give you the exceptional and consistent dabbing experience that you deserve.

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