VapeBrat Tres Enail Pro Kit: On Point Recycler Glass Rig with Terp Slurp Banger, Quartz Banger, Ti Nail and XL Cleaning Kit

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Full Enail Kit Including Rig and Enail Cleaning Kit

The VapeBrat Tres Enail utilizes a Terp Slurper E-Bange, a Titanium Nail, and a Dual Size Bucket Enail Banger. This Enail Kit fits any sized rig, male or female, 10mm, 14mm, 18mm. It's the last enail you will ever need to buy!

With all the features you could ever ask for and more!

Minimum Purchase:
1 unit
MSRP: $579.99
Sale Price $324.99
— You save $255.00
  •  8" Sidecar Klein Recycler Water Pipe with 14mm Banger Kit Attribute
  • VapeBrat Recycler Dab Rig: VapeBrat 9" Swirl Black

Micro Enail Controller Box:

  • The VapeBrat Micro Enail Controller Box is able to achieve super high temps in a matter of 2 minutes or less. The Micro features a customized PID for more accurate temperature readings with a slight fluctuation of about 0.2%. Temperature can be set anywhere from 0-999 Degrees based on preference, even though you can run this thing to almost 1000 degrees, it's probably best if you stick around 500-650 degrees for a grade A dabbing experience. The digital display shows set temp and not the actual temperature of the coil or heated surface, but with the help of the Octave or Terpometer, for added accuracy, you can achieve that perfect dab every time. Just set this enail to your desired temp and dab on my fellow VapeBrat... dab on!
The VapeBrat Tres Kit also comes with a Terp Slurper E-Banger, Titanium Nail, and a Dual Size Bucket Enail Banger.

Terp Slurper Enail Banger with Marble Set:

  • The Terp Slurper Enail Banger allows for the same mesmerizing, terp liberating functions of a regular terp slurper, however this banger has an extended quartz rod sticking out from the bottom "terp dish" to secure your enail coil in place by either a cotter pin or a 8mm o-clamp, reducing the risk of the coil falling off and potentially burning you or anything under it. The Terp Slurper Enail Banger also features a beveled top to create a tight seal for a marble carb cap, When a terp slurper is paired with a marble set, the bottom terp pillhelps to diffuse the airflow and move around your concentrates so that all materials evaporate inside the heated chamber, the middle marbles used to keep the terp pill from flying out. Lastly the largest marble is used as a carb cap, capping the airflow so that all the air is directed from the slits at the bottom of your terp slurper, drawing your wax into the heated bottom chamber. For ultimate flavor and to get the most out of your terpenes its best to dab at relatively low temperatures. This enail banger is fully welded for increased durability making it less likely to break where the two pieces of quartz are normally joined together.

Note: This Terp Slurper E-Nail Banger can be used with either a flat coi or a 30mm coil.

Universal Titanium Nail:

  • This nifty Titanium Nail gets its name from its universal joint and gender fitting. The top diameter on this guy is 20mm and it fits any standard 20mm barrel style enail coil. This titanium nail is ideal to be used with a desktop enail because it features an elongated top portion just below the dish to fit the size of a barrel coil and hold it in place! The Universal 20mm Titanium Nail also features a flat top and a 4mm dish depth for those extra large dabs. Just pair this versatile piece with its designated titanium carb cap with a dab tool and you're good to go!

Bucket Enail Banger:

  • This enail banger gets its name from its joint, the top larger portion of the joint fits 18mm Female rigs and the lower, smaller joint fits 14mm Female rigs. The bucket diameter on this guy is 20mm and it fits any standard barrel enail 20mm coil. This banger is considered an E-Nail Banger because it features a quartz arm extending from the neck which is used as a holder for your enail coil! The Dual Size Enail Banger also features a flat top and an extra thick 2mm bottom for optimal heat retention.
Lastly the Tres Enail Kit comes with a 25mm Terp Slurper Enail Coil and a 20mm Barrel Coil.

20mm Barrel Coil:

  • The 20mm Barrel Enail Coil is paired up with the Universal Titanium Nail and the Quartz Bucket Enail Banger, it fits perfectly on both for optimal heat transfer.

30mm Terp Slurper Enail Coil:

  • The 30mm Terp Slurper Enail Coil is paired up with the VapeBrat Terp Slurper Enail Banger for optimal heat transfer to the terp slurper "dish". This coil design covers the entire bottom and sides of the dish to minimize pooling and waste.
Both the Terp Slurper Enail Coil and 20mm Barrel Enail Coil are made out of Nickel Chromium Stainless Steel and a kevlar sheath. Nickel and Chromium also known as NiChrome has the ability to heat up to higher temperatures however it has more resistance. Since this metal has more resistance towards electrical current, it heats up more slowly than other metals. NiChrome is known to withstand high temperatures without oxidizing, being damaged, or warping. It is also non corrosive!

On Point Glass 9" Color Swirl Recycler Water Pipe

Watch your smoke travel this color swirl recycler as it looks like a carnival game for stoners! On Point Glass offers this 9 inch tall water pipe for your concentrates with its included 14mm male banger. Torch it up and watch your dablightful smoke travel through this swirly recycler. Choose your favorite color blend from our selection and you'll be ready for a sesh straight out of the box. 

Enail Dab Cleaning Kit - Connoisseur

  • 1 x Glass ISO Station - Large
  • 1 x Iso-Shine Isopropyl Alcohol Cleaner 16oz Bottle
  • 1 x Trash Bin Storage Container
  • 70 x Terp Wipes Disposable Cleaning Wipes
  • 200 x The Depot Cotton Buds

Bucket Enail Bangers vs. Terp Slurper Enail Bangers: A Comprehensive Comparison

When it comes to the world of dabbing, there's a wide array of options available to dabbers. Among the most popular choices are bucket enail bangers and terp slurper enail bangers. These two styles of enail bangers offer different experiences, and choosing the right one can greatly impact your dabbing session. In this blog, we'll compare the features, pros, and cons of bucket enail bangers and terp slurper enail bangers, so you can decide which is best for you.

Bucket Enail Bangers

Bucket enail bangers, also known as flat-top or trough bangers, are characterized by their deep bucket-like design. The heating element is wrapped around the base and walls of the bucket, providing consistent and even heat distribution.

  • Pros:
    • Consistent heat distribution: The design of bucket enail bangers ensures that heat is distributed evenly, providing a consistent dabbing experience.
    • Large capacity: The bucket-style design can accommodate larger amounts of concentrates, making it ideal for sharing or for those who prefer larger dabs.
    • Easy to clean: The simplicity of the bucket design makes cleaning straightforward, especially when compared to more complex banger styles.
    • Insert Compatibility: Bucket bangers are compatible with the most amount of inserts, from milk jars, to terp pearls, terp wheels and so many more!
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