Puffco Peak: Quartz Bowl Insert

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  • Puffco Peak: Quartz Bowl Insert
  • Puffco Peak: Quartz Bowl Insert
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Puffco Peak: Quartz Bowl Insert

The easiest way to upgrade your Puffco Peak chamber, check out this Quartz Bowl insert. This insert is meant to replace the existing ceramic bowl that comes installed in the Puffco Peak Atomizer. Ceramic is a great material for dabbing however it may not hit quite like Quartz does for some of you dabbers. Instead of tossing your precious Puffco Peak aside for a different Electric Dab Rig that uses a quartz atomizer, opt for this Quartz Bucket Insert instead! 


  • 2mm Quartz Bucket Insert
  • Compatible with Puffco Peak
  • Not an OEM Puffco Product


  • Dab Experience Closest to a Quartz Banger
  • Easier to Clean Than Ceramic 
  • Consistent Clean Pure Flavors Dabbing with Quartz
  • Upgrade Existing Puffco Peak Atomizer


  • 1 x Puffco Peak Quartz Bucket Insert 

Quick Tip:

How to Clean the Puffco Peak: Best Methods and Cleaning Products

Step #1Take apart your Puffco Peak as much as is allowed. In other words, only take apart the components that are meant to come apart. If you need help, the user’s manual will provide more insight.

Step #2Get to cleaning. Start with the glass pieces, where the most gunk tends to develop. We recommend using Formula 710, which is a nontoxic cleaning solution that can dissolve gunk and other forms of buildup without any scrubbing required. We also recommend using the Glob Mops to apply the solution gently but effectively as needed for any smaller hard to reach places.

Step #3: You'll want to use Glob Mops  and a small amount of cleaning solution to clean the connections, as once they’re dirty they can fail to allow for a proper connection. Also, clean around the buttons of the device, and wipe down any other parts with cleaning solution dabbed onto a non-abrasive cloth.

Step #4 Allow every component to air-dry.

Step #5Put your Puffco Peak back together as required and operate it as you normally would.

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