High Five 30mm Axial Enail Coil 5-Pin XLR

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High Five 30mm Axial Enail Coil 5-Pin XLR 

 This High Five 30mm Axial Enail Coil is compatible with any Bucket Banger that has a 30mm diameter bottomTerp Slurper Bangers with a 30mm bottom dish, and the High Five Hybrid Nail when using the 30mm Dish.

Axial Enail Coils cover the entire bottom surface of a banger and a portion of the banger walls. Axial coils are shaped like a bucket, designed to fit perfectly to the bottom of your banger and is held in place by a cotter pin or an o-clampAxial coils are meant to heat your banger to higher temperatures and for even heat distribution.


  • Length: 6ft
  • Coil Connection: 5PIN Female XLR
  • Coil Style: Axial
  • Coil Size: 30mm 
  • Fireproof Kevlar Sheath
  • Pin Set Up: PIN 1: TC+ , PIN 2: TC-, PIN 3: Ground, PIN 4: AC, PIN 5: AC

NEVER use High Five coils with E-Nail Controller Boxes from other brands unless you use our universal coil adapter AND the wiring has been confirmed compatible. 


  • 1 x 30mm Axial Enail Coil​

Different E-Nail Coil Sizes and What they Do?

The e-nail coil size determines the size of the banger or nail that will be able to be used with it.

Consequently, the diameter of the banger, will impact the surface area available for vaporizing. Impacting the amount of concentrate able to be efficiently used at a time. For example, if using a 16mm banger with a 16mm enail coil at 450 degrees temp vs. using a 35mm banger with a 35mm enail coil at 450 degrees temp. You can put two - three times more concentrate in a 35mm than you would a 16mm while keeping the same vaporization rate and minimal pooling.

The coil size and heat able surface area of the banger or nail will determine the vaporization rate and amount of concentrates you can vaporize at one time.

Quick Tip

Hot temp Vs Low Temp – Just because you can take these devices upwards of 900 degrees doesn’t mean you would want to nor is it advised. Many dabbers have a “sweet spot”, referring to the temperature at which the flavor, potency and vapor quality are all completely in line with the user’s preferences. Each dabber’s sweet spot is unique based on what it is that they want out of their dabbing experience. Using a torch to heat your nail means that finding your sweet spot can be a hit or miss, as it’s hard to memorize exactly how you applied the torch to get that quality experience. With an enail, you can keep the setting that you like so that you always find that sweet spot with each pull of vapor that you take.

To Read More about High Temp Vs Low Temp Dabbing Click Here!

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