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​Why Should You Consider Dabbing with a Mini E-Nail?

​Why Should You Consider Dabbing with a Mini E-Nail?

E-nails have been dominating the dabbing industry for several years now with no signs of slowly down amongst dabbers and casual vapers alike. As they have grown in demand and popularity, hardware brands/manufacturers have worked harder than ever to supply enthusiasts with the highest-quality, most reliable, and most advanced pieces of equipment possible.

Another way in which e-nails have transformed is that they have become smaller. Yes, desktop options are still available, but 2021 could very well be the year of the mini enail, which stands at just a few inches while operating just as efficiently, in most cases. These smaller designs tend to offer the same features as larger ones, but simply deliver the vapor to you with more concise technology. Also, they are easier to find than ever before, as current dabbing trends seem to favor them.

Benefits of Mini Enails

Many people would mistakenly assume that purchasing a mini enail instantly puts them at a disadvantage in terms of power, reliability, or overall quality, but one should be cautious before assuming that this is the case. By and large, today’s mini e-nails are, for the most part, just as capable of satisfying user’s needs as the larger models that remain popular on the market.

Here are several ways in which mini e-nails may, in fact, be more useful to many dab enthusiasts.

#1: More Portable

Of course, a big appeal of mini enails is their portability. You can fit most of them in your pocket or purse while on the go, either to a buddy’s house or on the road. They are so small that you will not have to deal with the hassle of packing them up and wrapping them safely. It also creates more opportunities for enjoying them, as you can use them virtually anywhere, where it’s allowed, of course.

#2: They Work Just as Well

Arguably, the best mini e-nails are just as efficient as larger ones. They tend to have the same features and perform as reliably and consistently. The reason why mini e-nails are possible is because of highly advanced chipsets that allow the technology to impress the user without requiring a lot of space. This means that you won’t miss out on having a good dabbing session just because you’re using a miniature model.

#3: Cost Less than Their Larger Counterparts

Let’s face it – enails are expensive. Of course, many argue that the cost is worth it, and that ultimately, you save money in the long run by using one. However, if you are on a budget, a miniature may be your best option. They will almost definitely cost less than a larger one.

#4: Capable of Still Preserving Your Product

Smaller e-nails can help make your product last for a longer period of time. Many people end up using more product than they need during each dabbing session, because they can contain so much product at once that users fill them and then feel compelled to finish what they started. Mini e-nails have smaller capacities, or, at least most of them do, which means that you will only have as many hits as you really need in order to get the desired results.

#5: Aesthetic Appeal

Many mini e-nails are quite nice to look at. Because the designs are so small, companies can ensure that each design component is absolutely spectacular. Many resemble luxury items, and act as conversation pieces due to their beautiful shapes and materials, whether they be the more sleeksophisticated, and modern styles, or the more ornamental options that are on the market.

#6: Good to Have as a Backup

Having a mini enail can come in handy if you are using a larger one on a regular basis. If something goes wrong with your go-to device, you can reach for the mini and continue enjoying your dabs. Mini e-nails are a smaller investment, and so having a backup is more practical because of how accessible they are.

#7: Easy to Store

It goes without saying that having a mini e-nail is easier to store. Larger e-nails may not fit into your top drawer or on your shelf as easily as one that’s only a few inches in height and width. If storage is an issue for you, a miniature model is the answer. You won’t have to find a special place for it or move things around just to accommodate its size.

#8: Highly Advanced

Because of the mini enails wave, there are many stunningly advanced options on the market. Companies are investing a lot into these smaller devices, putting unique features that are not found elsewhere to ensure that their products have a competitive edge. You would be surprised by just how advanced many of these enails are with their output capabilities, presets, and other functions that greatly improve the overall experience of operating them. Plus, they’re typically more user-friendly because there is less room for various buttons and other features. What does this mean? Well, you can select the perfect levels with less effort and understanding of technology. Doesn’t get any simpler than that.

#9: Can Be Used Discreetly

Mini enails are highly discreet, which can be a big priority of many enthusiasts. You can sneak hits in all kinds of places without drawing attention to yourself and store them easily in a place in your home where no one is looking. They allow you to maintain a dabbing hobby without everyone in your vicinity being aware.

#10: Easier to Maintain

Because miniature enails have less pieces, and are generally smaller in size, they are easier to maintain. Cleaning them is a cinch and can be done in a noticeably short period of time. Also, these mini devices are less likely to require frequent troubleshooting and replacing of parts due to their simplicity in terms of inner technology and design components.

Mini Enails Have Some True Advantages Over Larger Models

As you can now see, mini enails easier to maintain, better to use in a discreet manner, more portable, and often just as capable as the ones that many of us are used to. As an added bonus, they tend to cost less, which is great for those who do not want to invest several hundred dollars in a large piece. Therefore, mini e-nails are absolutely worth considering, even if you already have an enail that you’re happy with. You might be surprised by how many times your mini comes in handy throughout your dabbing career.

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