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What is a Dab Mat and what are Silicone Dab Mats used for?

What is a Dab Mat and what are Silicone Dab Mats used for?

What is a dab mat? What is a silicone mat?

A Dab Mat, or Silicone Mat, is typically a thin medical grade silicone sheet varying in size, thickness and shape which is used to dab directly from, or as a mat to place all dabbing accessories on keeping the underlying surface clean. Dab mats, an essential part of your dabbing setup, are also used ornamentally. With plenty of creativity and artistry behind some of the dab mat designs, Dab Mats can truly add to the ambiance of the overall dabbing experience. Silicone Dab Trays are significantly thicker and have a lip on the edge.

What is a Dab Mat used for?

It’s no secret that dabbing, especially when starting off and without much experience, can be very messy. They are naturally messier than traditional means of consumptions as concentrates can be sticky and some concentrate consistencies require a bit of finessing on your part. Even still, it is annoying to have to clean up the surface you’re dabbing from, where you might end up with some waxy residue, debris, and water. A dab mat is here to take care of those problems, keeping the underlying surface clean and offering an easy clean up whenever you choose to clean the silicone mat. You can use Formula 710 to quickly clean the surface, having your dab mat look like new in seconds. Using a Silicone mat not only keeps the underlying surface area clean, but also designates an area for your accessories, keeping everything nice and neat in one area.

A dab mat, also known as a dab pad, is a silicone mat that goes underneath your dabbing setup. Here are the multitude of purposes and functions it provides:

  • Cleanliness: One of its key features is keeping your surfaces clean. As we know, concentrates, water, and debris can fall off the nail or dab tool and onto your surface which can be a pain, but no longer.
  • Heat Resistant:One of the main reasons dab mats are made of silicone is because silicone can withstand extreme heat. This eliminates any worries you would have about your rig getting too hot or damaging the surface if you were to accidentally drop very hot concentrates on it. Silicone can still melt, typically around 840 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Stability:Being that dab mats are made of silicone, they provide a non-slip surface for your rig, preventing it from tipping over spilling and possibly breaking.
  • Coaster:In some cases, the water inside the rig, if it’s cool enough, can leave a ring on surfaces such as wood, and stain them. A dab mat acts as a coaster and prevents that kind of damage from happening.
  • Easy to clean: The dab mat’s silicone non-porous and smooth material makes it really simple to clean. You can use traditional concentrate cleaners like Formula 710 or just run it under extremely hot water with a little bit of isopropyl alcohol . You can even throw it into the dishwasher.
  • Designates an area: Dab Mats help designate an area for your accessories, keeping everything nice and neat in one area.

Different kinds of dab mats

1.Size: Dab mats come in all different sizes, and shapes ranging from really small ones where you can fit just a small rig, nectar collector or dab tools, to really large ones, allowing more surface area to be covered. Larger mats allow room for your rig, dab tool, nectar collector, dab dish, concentrates, dab station and any other accessories. A dab mat of sufficient size to fit your current setup including accessories is recommended. At a minimum your dab mat should extend at least 2 inches outside of the dimensions of your rig setup, giving you plenty of space to catch any falling debris, concentrates, and water.

2. Shape: Just as there are so many different rig shapes, from square, to round, to rectangular, to hexagonal, dab mats also vary drastically in their shapes. It all comes down to how much functional area do you want the mat to have, your aesthetic preference, and the available area you have to place the mat.

3. Design: This is the most exciting part of dab mats. As time is passing more and more artists are applying their artistic skills in making creative designs, truly adding to the ambiance of your dabbing area.

4.Thickness: In addition to coming in so many different designs, shapes, and sizes, dab mats also vary in thickness. The thicker it is, the more protection it offers. Silicone Dab Trays differ from dab mats, as they are significantly thicker and have a lip on the edge.

Additional Information

We understand that there are so many different accessories coming out that apply to dabbing and it can be hard to keep up with. You may be asking yourself if this accessory is necessary to add to your collection if you’ve been able to go on without it. Dab mats are not just any other accessory. They are practical because they address specific concerns that dabbers face daily. You will not regret having one, whether you are a frequent dabber or an occasional dabber.

Here are some other advantages to owning a dab mat if you are still not entirely convinced of its classification as an essential accessory:

  • Stability: Given that silicone grips and is anti-slip, you will have peace of mind knowing your rig is on a stable surface. By preventing your piece from tipping and chipping or even possibly breaking, you can save a lot of money in the long run.
  • Shock-absorbent: Silicone is also a shock-absorbent material. If you unintentionally slam your piece or you have a banger or bowl fall onto the silicone, it is less likely to break or chip as a result.
  • Ambiance: With such an array of colors, designs, shapes, and sizes available, you can pick a dab mat that really helps you achieve the ambiance of your dabbing area.
  • Prevents Damage: It cannot be overstated how much damage a silicone dab mat can prevent. Especially on surfaces like wood, which scratches easily.
  • Catches mess: A dab mat will catch any concentrates, debris, and water spilling, preventing it from getting onto your surface.
  • Inexpensive: Dab mats are extremely efficient, so buying one is not a big investment on your part and will have you wondering why you didn’t buy one sooner.
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