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Top 5 Desktop E-nails 2021

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5 Best Portable E-Nails of 2021

Those who have been dabbing for a while have eagerly awaited the release of the latest and greatest e-nails which each outdo each other with fabulous features, better performance, and more consistency. In 2020, we saw some pretty phenomenal examples of e-nails at their finest, both in portable and desktop designs, and 2021 will give us even more exciting additions to the market.

As 2021 has just began, we would like to make our list of the best e-nails to purchase this year, based on ratings, reviews and buying habits over the last several months. These are the the e-nails which you will be hearing more of throughout the coming year.

Desktop e-nails will continue to be popular in the coming year, especially with the more advanced ones that are coming out on the market. Desktop e-nails of today boast many exciting features that make them well worth the cost.

#5: Galaxy Enails Quartz Banger E-Banger Kit

Galaxy Enails continues to be a go-to brand because of their reliability, quality, and exceptional mastery over vaping technology. The Quartz Banger E-Banger Kit is a particularly desirable option that’s available in both female and male joints, and silicone banger handlers that keep the coil exactly where it needs to be for perfect contact with each puff. The coil design itself maintains even heat which directly translates into better flavor and more vapor per hit.

#4: Dabber Box 3D Printed Dual E-Nail

The Dabber Box 3D Printed Dual E-Nail comes with all kinds of features rarely found on standard desktop models, including a USB charging station for your devices. The flat heating coil maintains excellent contact throughout your vapes, with Kevlar material. The nail is a hybrid of titanium and quartz, giving you the best that each material can offer to your precious concentrates, and the device maintains even heat throughout your sessions for consistency between hits.

#3: Pulsar Elite Series Mini eNail Kit w/ 6-in-1 Nail

One of the most forward-thinking e-nails out there is the Pulsar Elite Series Mini e-Nail Kit w/ 6-in-1 Nail, which offers a titanium nail known for its durability as well as its positive influence on both flavor and vapor production. The extra-long cord comes in handy, and the digital control box is simultaneously comprehensive, highly advanced, and user-friendly. It can achieve up to 1200 degrees, being easily adjustable and intuitive. A display screen lets you keep track of your settings and stats effortlessly.

#2: Stratus Analog E-Nail Electronic Nail System Starter Kit

Stratus is becoming a heavy player in the e-nail circuit, and the Stratus Analog E-Nail Electronic Nail System Starter Kit may be their most exciting choice to date. An advanced digital temperature regulation system really keeps the output consistent, eliminating dry hits and ensuring that each puff is just as satisfying as the last. A titanium and quartz nail adds to the taste of your clouds and brings out the most enjoyable compounds in your concentrates, without causing them to taste stale or weak.

#1: Galaxy Odyssey Enail Full Kit

Yet another great choice from Galaxy Enails is their Galaxy Odyssey Enail Full Kit, which was their first desktop e-nail to hit the scene. The quartz nail does a lot to enhance the taste of the vapor, while distributing heat evenly for better overall performance. It is uniquely compatible with any type of concentrate and is particularly satisfying for fans of low-temperature dabbing sessions.

2021 Offers Some Amazing E-Nail Technology Yet!

Over the last several years, e-nail technology has evolved beyond what many could have comprehended when they first hit the market. We expect 2021 to be a year of even more innovations and stellar designs as this fascinating type of product continues to become more and more popular among concentrate enthusiasts. If you’ve decided that this is the year you wish to buy an e-nail of your very own, any that we’ve mentioned in this list will give you a stunning experience, complete with sublime flavor, reliability and full customizability.

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