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​The Science Behind Vaping Flower with the Dr. Dabber Switch

​The Science Behind Vaping Flower with the Dr. Dabber Switch

The Dr. Dabber Switch is a revolutionary vaporizer device that has gotten every enthusiast talking, acting as a dual-functioning vaping system for both concentrates and flower. It’s one of the few on the market that truly brings out the best in both types of product, and it’s no coincidence that it happens to also boast some of the most advanced technology that exists on the vaping market, period.

In order to fully appreciate the capabilities of the Dr. Dabber Switch, we need to take a look at the science behind it, which goes far beyond run-of-the-mill vaporizers that you will find widely available on the market. It has an array of features and innovative components that make it a gamechanger as far as both the dabbing and flower industries are concerned.

Now, let’s take a closer look at this stellar system.

What Exactly is the Dr. Dabber Switch?

The Dr. Dabber Switch is an induction-based vaporizer, and that alone sets it apart from many other devices out there which rely on either conduction or convection to heat the product in order to vaporize it. It boasts 25 highly precise output settings that give you better control over the quality, flavor and size of your hits, and is one of the most generously customizable pieces out there, as it allows adjustments for those who like taking tiny hits throughout the day, up to those who desire enormous plumes of vapor during their sessions.

The Switch has a sleek and modern design which matches its highly sophisticated inner workings. It’s conveniently portable, and it’s also super user-friendly in spite of its advanced technology. Settings are adjusted using an intuitive LED light system, and the device keeps the selected settings for next time.

How Big a Role Does Induction Heat Play?

Induction heat plays the biggest role in the quality of this device. It works by quickly alternating the electromagnetic field in order to create electric currents within the specially designed quartz induction cup. Using the power of magnets the quartz induction cup is heated fast and evenly, and yields a better-quality experience. *Please note, for optimal results, the SWITCH must be in crystal mode to use the Quartz Induction Cup. 

Induction heat is profoundly changing the landscape of vaping, and benefits flower in particular ways. Let's dive in!

Better Flavor

The use of induction heat is monumental, as it improves tons of aspects of vaping, including flavor. Induction heat allows the material itself to produce its own self-sustaining heat, acting as its own heat source. This allows for more even heat distribution and less chance of oxidization. As a result, the terpenes really come through with each hit when you enjoy your favorite flower strain. Many users remark on the clean, rich and complex taste of each puff, which is a rarity in many similar types of vaporizer systems.

Less Carcinogens

Induction heat adds the advantage of less carcinogen production, and the importance of this cannot be stated enough. This type of heat acts more evenly, meaning that the product never reaches the stage of burning, which releases toxic carcinogens into the vapor.

More Consistency

Induction heat also promotes a more consistent performance overall, as the risk of random burnt hits is eliminated, and the output remains stable throughout the duration of your vapes.

Smoother Vapor

One common complaint with vaporizing flower is harshness that occurs from burning the product too quickly or unevenly, which causes the throat to feel irritated and promotes coughing. Induction heat by and large address this problem by making the product heat evenly, which makes the vapor silky smooth as it goes down the throat.

Longer-Lasting Product

Yet another benefit of induction heat is flower that lasts longer. The way in which the product is heated, which involves electronic oscillation throughout the cup itself, helps preserve the flower in the chamber rather than burning it quickly. Therefore, you’ll get more out of each and every hit, find that switching out your chamber occurs less regularly, and ultimately spend less on flower over time.

No Oxidization

Many types of flower devices permit oxidization of the product that slowly take away from the potency of the compounds that are desirable, including both cannabinoids and terpenes. This means that the more hits you take in a session, the bigger the risk that they will not be able to meet your demands. The Dr. Dabber Switch prevents oxidization both with the use of induction heat, and the overall design of the chamber, which is airtight and leakproof. Therefore, each hit will give you the full capabilities that flower has to offer.

Less Debris Buildup

The design of the chamber prevents the build-up of debris, and the use of induction heat prevents the burning of the trichomes which results in resin development that can interfere with the function of your device and the flavor of your vapor.

Faster Heating Time

Induction allows for a faster heating time, which means that you’ll be able to enjoy fully activated hits almost immediately after firing. Some devices require several seconds of waiting, or advanced preheat features to compensate. This type of heat naturally allows you to get full and luscious hits in no time.

Bigger Hits

The device also allows for bigger hits, as the inner workings support high power levels without damaging the product. Induction keeps the product stable as high temperatures take over, and so you will enjoy larger clouds of vapor that are rarely possible with regular vaping devices made for flower.

No Need to Replace the Atomizer

You won’t have to worry about replacing the atomizer, as it is a permanent fixture of the device. This is actually an extremely useful feature as it keeps the product contained, without the heat ever making its way into the electronics, which could ultimately result in malfunction down the road.

Automatic Cool-Down

The chamber automatically cools down after each vaping session is complete, which can play a major role in preserving your product as well as its potency level. When the device does not cool down quickly after the user is done, the compounds continue to burn, and precious vapor can be wasted while the flower gets that much closer to oxidization, in which the potency level is no longer adequate. In other words, it’s a highly efficient device that operates to help you get as much out of your flower as possible.


The Switch utilizes a self-cleaning function that gets rid of residue through a rapid heating process, much like the self-cleaning function on your oven. This allows the flavor to remain fresh at all times and prevents clogs.

The Dr. Dabber Switch Brings Engineering and Science to the Vaping Forefront

The Dr. Dabber Switch is a revolutionary vaping device that is perfect for anyone who wants to vape flower. It also doubles as a dabbing device which allows you to seamlessly switch between flower and concentrates as desired throughout the day. Thanks to its innovative induction-based heating system, it provides users with more satisfaction in a multitude of ways.

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