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Terp Slurp Marble Sets

Terp Slurp Marble Sets

The ever-increasing popularity of dabbing has led to some pretty innovative products that work hard to make the process of vaporizing concentrates more enjoyable and user-friendly than ever.One of the greatest additions to the market has been the terp slurp and its accompanying marble set, which goes above and beyond to improve airflow for better flavor, smoother inhales and thicker, more potent vapor all at once.

What is a Terp Slurp?

To understand what a terp slurp marble set is and why it’s so beneficial to a person’s dabbing routine, we need to first dive into the actual terp slurp.A terp slurp is a type of bucket that’s designed specifically for low-temp dabbing, which a lot of dabbers gravitate toward because of its glorious flavor that comes with keeping the terpenes at a relatively low temperature while vaporizing.

A terp slurp looks a lot like a bucket banger, but it has a cylinder in the middle that has slits or holes on the bottom.Below that is a dish with more slits in the design, along with a 90-degree joint angle.

Basically, all of these components work together to change the airflow when you take in a dab hit.This enhanced airflow gives you smoother and more flavorful dab hits than you ever thought possible.

Terp Slurp Marble Sets

Terp slurpers are great on their own, but you need a marble set to really enjoy this innovation to its fullest potential.Marble sets get their name from the fact that they look like a small number of glass marbles that improve the airflow of the terp slurp further.Usually, there’s one large marble that acts as something much like a carb cap, sitting at the top of the terp slurp to force the airflow to come from the bottom of the terp slurp rather than the top by sealing it.This way, the concentrate glob is forced into the heating chamber.

Then, there’s another marble that sits at the base of the terp slurp’s bucket, which further controls airflow coming through the heat chamber to condense it while also preventing any burning.And, many marble sets come with what’s known as a pill, which looks like a glass capsule at the very base of the terp slurp, below the bucket joint, to agitate the dabs while they’re being heated for more even heat, as the pill prevents the dab from sitting still in one place.Again, this also prevents burning.

Why Get Terp Slurp Marble Sets?

A terp slurp marble set is basically a must-have if you’re going to go through the effort of switching out your traditional banger for a terp slurp.Using a terp slurp without a marble set means you’ll never get to enjoy the full potential of what a terp slurp is made for, which is more enjoyable low-temp dab hits.

So, what about your dabbing experience can improve when you use a terp slurp with a marble set?

Improvement #1: Great Flavor

A terp slurp is all about getting better flavor, by improving airflow when dabbing at low temperatures.And, the marble set works to control that airflow further for some of the best-tasting terpenes you’ve ever had in your life.Terpenes that are in concentrates lose their flavor as the temperature increases, since they start to burn rather than vaporize.So, if you want a great-tasting dab session, this setup is essential.

Improvement #2: No Burning

A terp slurp already does a great job at preventing burning thanks to its airflow design which consists of strategically placed slits and holes.And, we’re sure we don’t need to talk about why it’s important to use a setup that doesn’t risk burning your concentrates.

Improvement #3: Reduction in Benzene

Low-temp dabbing isn’t just about enjoying better terpene flavor.It’s about avoiding the inhalation of benzene, a potential carcinogen that can occur when concentrates are heated at temperatures that are too high.Benzene is also very harsh to the throat, so dabbing at a low temp using a terp slurp and marble set means smoother inhales that are less likely to make you cough.

Improvement #4: The Ability to Create Larger Dabs

Dabbing with a terp slurp and marble set means less waste since the features of the design keep your dabs moving and don’t let them burn.So, this setup is perfect if you enjoy larger dabs but are trying to avoid waste as much as possible.

Take Your Dabbing Hobby to the Next Level with Terp Slurp Marble Sets

A terp slurp with a marble set is likely what’s been missing from your dabbing life if you’re all about dabbing at a low temperature.There’s really nothing else on the market that can bring out the velvety smoothness and lush flavor of your concentrates, all while making sure that they don’t burn.If you’re a low-temp dabber, get your hands on a terp slurp, and make sure you have a marble set to really take the experience to a whole new plane of satisfaction.

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