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5 Best Desktop E-Nails of 2020

5 Best Desktop E-Nails of 2020

Throughout 2020, the e-nail industry evolved tremendously, giving us some of the most advanced and spectacularly designed devices that we have ever had the pleasure of trying. Now that 2020 has ended, it is time to look back at the very best, top-selling choices of last year, in terms of larger desktop models.

Desktop E-Nails

Desktop e-nails remain a highly popular option for their impressive output capabilities as well as their stunning arrays of features. Today’s desktop e-nails are more advanced than the ones that were available just a few years ago, and here are the favorites according to those who purchased them in 2020.

#5: Galaxy Enails Analog Hybrid E-Nail Kit

Galaxy Enails has been a leader in desktop models for a while, and the Analog Hybrid E-Nail Kit was a clear favorite for 2020. An advanced analog temperature controller gives users more output control, and the quartz dish results in even heat distribution, better flavor and more potency due to its ability to avoid burning the precious compounds. A ceramic carb cap resists heat, and it is a refreshingly user-friendly choice for those who want a straightforward way for getting in their daily dabs. Click Here to View the Analog Hybrid E-Nail Kit or Click Here to View the Galaxy Collection.

#4: Gladiator RedLine Pro Electric Nail System

A stunningly advanced option is the Gladiator Redline Pro Electric Nail System, which is easily adjustable and goes up to 1000 degrees, while allowing you to adjust one degree at a time. This one is ideal for the very particular dabber who wants full control over their experience in terms of flavor and vapor output. It also heats at a ridiculously rapid pace and uses flat coil technology for even heat distribution and flawless contact. You can switch between the titanium and quartz dishes depending on your more precise preferences. Click Here to view 

#3: Stache Products Quartz

Among other things, the Stache Products Quartz is renowned for its consistency, which is a feature with importance that cannot be overstated. The advanced controller box heats the nail evenly and reliably, and temperature regulation can be managed with a single and user-friendly button. It is also known for boasting a reliable construction that ensures it lasts for a very long time. Click Here to View Stache Products

#2: X Vape Vista Mini

The X Vape Vista Mini is a smaller desktop vaporizer with the distinction of acting as a bubbler to cool down the vapor produced by your favorite concentrates while making the vapor remarkably smooth and more flavorful. It is easy to operate and takes up little space, which is always appealing, and even features a unique visual design that’s quite nice to look at. The ceramic oven atomizer distributes heat evenly while being heat resistant and requires less time to heat up between hits due to its ability to sustain ideal temperatures during sessions. Three temperature control settings are simple to navigate, making it a truly user-friendly choice. Click Here to View Xvape Products

#1: Dr. Dabber Switch

Dr. Dabber is a big name in the dabbing business, and the Dr Dabber Switch is the perfect piece for anyone who wants to alternate between concentrates and flower. It utilizes induction-based heat, setting it apart from other flower options on the market, and this feature preserves flavor and potency while giving you more output options. 25 unique heat settings give you enormous control over the quality of your hits. Click Here to View Dr Dabber Products

Dabbers Cannot Deny These E-Nails Were the Best of the Best

Throughout the course of 2020, dabbers eagerly explored the newest e-nail options on the market, both portable and desktop variety to find what would give them the most satisfying vaping sessions of all. It’s clear that they made their choices, as the lists above reflect the top-selling models of the year. All of the e-nails listed above can give you enormous vaping pleasure as you enjoy your favorite concentrates.

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