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Hight Temps Dab vs Low Temp Dab: Which is Better?

Hight Temps Dab vs Low Temp Dab: Which is Better?

High Temp Dabs vs. Low Temp Dabs: Pros & Cons

Dabbing has transformed how we consume and use concentrates. When compared to more traditional forms of smoking, dabbing concentrates feels like a science experiment and with so many complicated steps and factors involved, it’s obvious to see how that can be intimidating to some people. One of the most common concerns we face is figuring out the right temperature at which to dab. It doesn’t have to be complicated. We are here to put all your worries, questions, and quandaries to rest so that even the most inexperienced dabber can feel at ease knowing which temperatures will work best for their experience.

Why Dab Temperature Matters

Your overall experience of dabbing has everything to do with the temperature. Dabbing involves heating up your concentrates, the temperature of your dab plays a major role in determining how potent, flavorful and smooth your hit is. This is why it’s important to know which temperature is best suited for you. Dabbing at a temperature that’s too high can burn your product and throat, which destroys the flavor profile and the properties of the components that make the experience. Similarly, dabbing too low will simply not give you any experience because the compounds are not at the right temperature to deliver the expected effects. Dabbing at the right temperature not only ensures that the compounds present in the concentrates are consumed and are felt, but that you also get the potency, flavor, and vapor thickness you desire.

High Temp Dabbing

Dabbing at a high temperature is usually higher than 400, and lower than 900 degrees. Anything above 900 degrees will just burn and ruin your product and experience. Between 600 and 900 degrees is considered extremely high temp, and while this range will assure you’ll get thick clouds, you’ll also experience harshness that can be very unpleasant. This temperature range also burns away most of the terpenes, which are valuable due to being responsible for the flavor and impact on effects.

The desired temperature most high temp dabbers choose is between 450 and 600. While this range is still a little harsh on the lungs and throat, it still provides a well balanced flavor profile and good cloud thickness.

Benefits of High Temp Dabs

  • Stronger effects: Because the hits themselves will have more volume of product, high temp dabs have a stronger effect.
  • Bigger, thicker clouds: Many dabbers love thicker clouds, and higher temp dabs provide that.
  • Less cleaning: Due to the higher vaporization rate, less concentrate will remain as reclaim. However if the temp is too high and the concentrate burns (completely dries and turns black on the banger walls) it will cause a bigger cleanup. Finding that limit is important to prevent chazzing and elongate your banger's lifespan.

Reasons not to take High Temp Dabs

  • Risk of burning: Dabbing at too high a temperature can burn away the components you’re trying to introduce to your body. Terpenes burn away faster than cannabinoids and temperatures above 390 can mean you’re missing out on the terpene properties.
  • Less flavor: Because terpenes burn away at higher temperatures, this means the flavor might not be as strong or will provide a complicated flavor profile.
  • Harshness: Higher temp dabs will make the hits harsher for your lungs and throat.
  • Burning away: Products will burn away quicker and you’ll therefore burn through your concentrates quicker.
  • Chazzing: Burned (dried, blackened) concentrate on the banger’s walls will cause chazzing quicker. Chazzing, the cloudiness of a banger, reduces the taste profile of the concentrates when used.

Low Temp Dabbing

Dabbing at a low temperature is usually between 300 and 450 degrees. Anything below 300 will not vaporize the concentrates hot enough for you to experience anything. Most dabbers prefer low temp dabs and the qualities it provides compared to high temp dabs. Low temp dabs provide the perfect balance between potency and flavor while minimizing any harshness to your lungs or throat, allowing you to enjoy your concentrates longer (milking).

Benefits of Low Temp Dabs

  • More flavor: Because the terpenes are vaporized at their preferred temperature, their properties will be fully active, providing you with a full flavor profile.
  • Easier to consume: Because low temperature dabs are less harsh on your lungs and throat, the overall dabbing experience is more pleasant.
  • Longer lasting: The lower the temp, the longer it takes for your concentrates to vaporize away, allowing you to save money.

Reasons not to take Low Temp Dabs

  • Smaller clouds: At lower temperature, less product is burned, which not only means that your cloud sizes will be smaller, but that you also have to consume a higher amount to achieve the desired effect.
  • Milder potency: Because temperature directly correlates with potency, dabbing at lower a temperature will give you milder effects. This doesn’t mean you won’t feel the effects, but that the intensity will not be as strong as with higher temperature.
  • More cleanup: Lower temperature dabs will produce more buildup residue once you’re done dabbing, resulting in more cleaning.

In Conclusion

When it comes to dabbing, it’s more of a personal preference whether you dab at lower or higher temperature. You can experiment which temperature is perfect for you until you find your sweet spot, ensuring that every hit you take after will be perfect for you each time. Mixing the two forms, first taking a low temp, then finishing it off with a high temp, is what we recommend, getting the most of the terps while still consuming all of the concentrate. Overheating of the banger will cause chazzing fairly quickly, degrading the bangers taste, so be gentle with your high temp hit. You should always be able to easily clean the banger with a cotton swab, even without any cleaning solution.

Using pointed tip cotton swabs are best for cleaning a banger, if done properly, no cleaning solution will be needed.

Want to know your temperature?

Checkout these banger temp reader options, we’ve got everything from laser thermometers to touch thermometers for the most accurate reading possible.

Please Note: All Temperatures discussed in this article are in Fahrenheit, please convert into celsius if you would like those measurements. 

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