Square Silicone Dab Station - Pink, Yellow, White & Brown

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Silicone Banger Dab Tay & Dab Station with Debowler and Banger and Dab Tool Slots

This little block of silicone has got it all. Not only is it made of high-grade silicone able to resist temperatures up to 500 designer, but it has all the spaces for accessories you could ever want for. This Dabbing Station has openings for each a 14mm and 18mm banger or other rig accessory, a lighter holder, multiple openings for dab tools, a deep reservoir, and an ash-cleaning cone in the center.

Every Silicone Dab Tool Tray is a combination of colors swirled together. Measuring a mere 4.5" wide and deep by 1.25" tall, this impressive block is sure to help you announce that you mean business when it comes to your dabs. Whatever concentrates you use and however much of them, this utility tray will help see you through till the end.

Specs & Dimensions: 

Note : Silicone is very easy to clean. Simply take an alcohol wipe and wipe it down. Any resin should come out very easily. You can use cotton swabs for an easier way to clean harder to reach places.

Quick Tip:

Dabbing 101: Intro to Dab Life

If you’re going to get into dabbing, it is imperative that you know the lingo. We know getting into any new hobby can be intimidating, but with dabbing, the vocabulary is particularly confusing to the beginner.

Good news is that we’re here today to make things a bit easier for you, so let’s get started.


banger is an attachment for your rig, boasting a chamber for the concentrate that acts as an alternative to a nail. The chamber is heated with a butane torch, and then the concentrate is added to it and vaporizedBangers can be made from quartz, glass, ceramic or titanium, with quartz being the best for a number of reasons. 

Carb Cap

carb cap is a carburetor, which acts as an accessory used with a banger or nail. After you’ve put your concentrates into your nail or banger, you use the carb cap to cover it, which creates a convection-like style of heating and traps the heat in the meantime.

Dab Tool

dab tool is a device that’s used to transfer concentrates from their container to the nail or banger. They are long and thin and exist because dabs are usually messy and can sticky. A dab tool allows you to transfer product safely, without making a mess in the process.

To Read More about Dabbing 101 Click Here!

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    Silicone dab station

    Posted by Celia Coats on 29th Oct 2021

    This dab station is great quality and a nice size! The price is unbeatable here at E-nail.com

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